GTA 5 Mod Adds Mai Shiranui From King Of Fighters
GTA 5 Mod - Mai Shiranui

I don’t know what’s been going on lately, but Mai from King of Fighters has really been making the rounds lately. Could it possibly be due to King of Fighters XIV and the resurgence of one of the sexiest female video game characters in the history of gaming? Possibly. She’s also made recent guest appearances in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, which prompted for modders to include her in a bunch of other properties recently, including Illusion Soft’s Honey Select.

Well, modders alex189 and saldin93 collaborated together to port over an HD model of the sexy kunoichi Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters.

You can download the Mai Shiranui mod from over on

d94327-Grand Theft Auto V 02.14.2017 -

The mod contains four different outfits for Mai, along with four different hairs, one of which is showcased in the screenshot above. She also comes with 12 different textures that can be applied.

Her other hairstyles includes bangs with a ponytail, the stylish wavy hair, and the parted bangs while her hair is let down straight. Her outfits include the classic ninja garb, which comes in several different colors; a classy getup with a vest, t-shirt, tie and dress pants; a sports outfit; and a Nike workout outfit.


Of course, all this talk about what she’s wearing and how she looks is kind of pointless unless you get to see what she looks like in GTA V. She’s a fully modeled and fully rigged port from Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on PC, and she sports full LOD support for both distant viewing and HD up-close shots.

You can see what she looks like in action in GTA V with a video that was put together by Social Emblem, who used an ultra realistic ENB mod to showcase the queen of cleavage in Rockstar’s open-world action title.

This is only great news for SNK because Mai getting more exposure in hugely popular games like GTA V will help gain more exposure prominence in pop-culture for King of Fighters XIV. Heck, this will also help put more eyes on the product at this year’s EVO.

You can check out Mai right now in GTA V, Honey Select, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round or King of Fighters XIV.

Mai In GTA 5

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