Homebound, VR Space Sim Coming To Steam February 16th

Quixel’s upcoming first-person realistic space simulator called Homebound has received its official release date. It’s set to arrive on Steam starting February 16th.

Similar in design to Three One Zero’s ADR1FT, Homebound sees players on a damaged space station in a damaged space suit attempting to get back home.

Unlike ADR1FT, however, your space station actually manages to fall out of orbit instead of staying adrift in space. No matter what, you’re home bound… dead or alive.

It’s up to players to scavenge the necessary equipment, make the necessary repairs and attempt to salvage the mission by staying alive when you touch down. You can see the foreboding new launch trailer below, featuring some breathtaking visuals and an impressive showcase of the virtual reality technology.

The game utilizes a mixture of controls, giving gamers an opportunity to play with either the motion controller, the gamepad, or the keyboard and mouse. That same level of versatility also applies to the headsets, enabling VR enthusiasts to play through the game either with the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift.

We don’t get to see a whole lot from the game in the teaser video, but they’ve been releasing various other trailers over on the Steam page for the game, one of which includes a lot more gameplay and moving around in the space station in order to repair oxygen leaks, seal off compartments and attempt to survive being jettisoned out into space.

Homebound is only around half an hour long, but there are various secrets to uncover, a time attack mode and a free roam mode.

They don’t give a price but you can expect to see the title on the Steam store starting February 16th. It’s tough to tell if it will be anymore immersive or fun than ADR1FT, but there’s no way that it can be worse given that it’s only 30 minutes long.


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