Injustice 2 Trailer Reveals Black Canary And Her Screeching Sex Appeal
Injustice 2

NetherRealm Studios released some new footage to IGN showcasing the sultry Black Canary, who takes on a couple of different DC heroes and villains in a spotlight trailer for the screeching heroine.

The footage arrives while NetherRealm continues to roll out beta codes for PS4 and Xbox One. You can see the Green Arrow’s flame in action with the video below.

The Canary is decked out in a leather getup, with sheer tights exposing some skin on the side and some straps on the lower thigh. NetherRealm put a bit of extra attention into Canary’s vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, giving her legs a shapely look that connects to her equally shapely hips.

The outfit hugs Canary’s curves with a bit of a PVC theme to it, especially with the vacuum suctioned lingerie she’s wearing over the leather tights.

Injustice 2 - Black Canary 2

It’s not all about the lecherous leather and lace.

Her outfit also has a biker motif to it, mixing the S&M with a bit of danger. The yellow jacket livery plays not only into the trimming on her jacket and bodice, but there’s a matching silver-studded yellow collar around her neck as well, contrasting nicely with her golden blonde hair.

Injustice 2 Black Canary

Also, is it me or does she look an awful lot like Jessica Chobot, former IGN host and Mass Effect 3 alum?

Props to NetherRealm for making Black Canary not look like a man. They gave her a lot of soft feminine features that have been lacking in some of their other characters, such as Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

As for Black Canary’s fighting style… I love her methodically timed double-kick combinations. It’s almost like she’s fighting to a metronome once the kicks get going. It’s a little slower than some other characters, but I do appreciate how you can see the technique as she transitions from a front kicks to jump kicks and spinning crescent kicks to spinning roundhouse kicks. It looks good.

It’s one of the few times where it appears as if NetherRealm may not have to go back and tweak the character visuals too much, which is what ended up happening with Wonder Woman and Supergirl.


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