Injustice 2 Trailer Reveals Black Canary And Her Screeching Sex Appeal
Injustice 2
(Last Updated On: February 4, 2017)

NetherRealm Studios released some new footage to IGN showcasing the sultry Black Canary, who takes on a couple of different DC heroes and villains in a spotlight trailer for the screeching heroine.

The footage arrives while NetherRealm continues to roll out beta codes for PS4 and Xbox One. You can see the Green Arrow’s flame in action with the video below.

The Canary is decked out in a leather getup, with sheer tights exposing some skin on the side and some straps on the lower thigh. NetherRealm put a bit of extra attention into Canary’s vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, giving her legs a shapely look that connects to her equally shapely hips.

The outfit hugs Canary’s curves with a bit of a PVC theme to it, especially with the vacuum suctioned lingerie she’s wearing over the leather tights.

Injustice 2 - Black Canary 2

It’s not all about the lecherous leather and lace.

Her outfit also has a biker motif to it, mixing the S&M with a bit of danger. The yellow jacket livery plays not only into the trimming on her jacket and bodice, but there’s a matching silver-studded yellow collar around her neck as well, contrasting nicely with her golden blonde hair.

Injustice 2 Black Canary

Also, is it me or does she look an awful lot like Jessica Chobot, former IGN host and Mass Effect 3 alum?

Props to NetherRealm for making Black Canary not look like a man. They gave her a lot of soft feminine features that have been lacking in some of their other characters, such as Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

As for Black Canary’s fighting style… I love her methodically timed double-kick combinations. It’s almost like she’s fighting to a metronome once the kicks get going. It’s a little slower than some other characters, but I do appreciate how you can see the technique as she transitions from a front kicks to jump kicks and spinning crescent kicks to spinning roundhouse kicks. It looks good.

It’s one of the few times where it appears as if NetherRealm may not have to go back and tweak the character visuals too much, which is what ended up happening with Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

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  • Wow. Ed Boon better watch himself. With female character designs like this, he runs the risk of SJWs not using lube. And he’ll be REALLY sorry then.

  • Not gonna lie, but this is definitely one of the better female character designs I’ve seen in terms of attractiveness coming from the Western gaming industry. It’s almost like we’ve forgotten what it’s like to ogle at a good-looking chick, what with seeing so many female characters looking like men – Ms. Male Character, am I right? – and doing nothing to revel in their femininity because it’s seen as a weakness.

    • what with seeing so many female characters looking like men – Ms. Male Character, am I right? – and doing nothing to revel in their femininity because it’s seen as a weakness.

      Deep down at the root, it’s never really been about femininity being a “weakness” or “empowering women” with masculinity for them.

      It’s more to do with making sure that straight men do not get to enjoy cute/sexy women.

      • True, but it is interesting that SJW women look more androgynous and are more aggressive than an average female. It’s like once they become indoctrinated in their ideology, their outward behaviours change how they present themselves and changes their attitudes toward what makes them a woman.

        I dunno, I just kind of find it interesting.

        • A lot of them suffer from gender identity issues, likely due to a lack of a positive reinforcement from a father figure for their femininity. In result, a lot of the SJWs seem to try to mimic the opposite gender (and vice versa for the males with females — I would be willing to bet most have some serious mother issues).

          They feel threatened by traditional female beauty standards because it was a standard likely never reinforced in their own home. They don’t feel “pretty” because a father figure never told them as much, or perhaps did the opposite and consistently either denigrated them or their mother, creating a negative reinforcement loop.

          It catalyzes resentment towards standards they feel they may not ever achieve, especially if a father figure or men they may have liked found other women who may have typical beauty standards to be very attractive.

          What do they do? Wage a war against male sexuality centered on traditional beauty standards.

          It’s almost identical to how Hitler established his hatred for Jews, growing up poor, seeing his family lose out to them, having his finance leave him for another man. Lots of negative reinforcement loops that turned into unrequited hatred.

        • I just kind of find it interesting.

          I don’t, I actually find it disgraceful and an attack on natural human biology. They disguise it as “empowering women” but behind the mask it’s trying to get rid of something they personally dislike.

          To me it’s a just a bitter, hateful and venomous attempt to erode and get rid of femininity and it’s biological values and roles, and of course to stick it to the men who like these values in a woman.

          Always remember that these SJW women have been taught by feminists to believe that anything feminine that appeals to men is “bad” and “degrading”, and the way to stop it is to stop doing things that would be deemed attractive to straight males. This includes stuff like wearing make-up, long hair, high-heels, revealing dresses, lingerie, etc.

          Don’t get me wrong, I think a woman should get to choose to be anything they want in life. The problem here are SJWs and feminists pissing on the more “traditional” women’s roles. There actually are women who genuinely want to stay at home, raise her children and look after the family. It is not a shameful thing and women should not shamed for it.

          A while ago, there was an actress named Kaley Cuoco who was hammered by the Twitter feminists for having the temerity to say that she wanted to cook dinner for her husband. What a heinous crime eh? Throw her in jail, beat her, electrocute her, hang her, etc.

          And of course, the double standards of SJWs come in when you find out that they actually want to force men to be women and force men have the traditional women’s roles.

          • I probably should’ve expanded on what I meant by this being interesting. I don’t mean interesting as in I like it – I mean it’s interesting to contemplate and think about the circumstances leading up to the point where you get someone like Trigglypuff. I agree with everything else you said, though.

          • No problem man. I tend to make the mistake of seeing the word “interesting” as something that equates to liking something.