Kamihime Project, High-Quality JRPG With Uncensored Sex Scenes Is Now Available

Now here’s something you don’t often see combined together: a turn-based, Japanese role-playing game featuring more than 100 collectible heroes, high-octane boss fights, a full-on story mode and cinematic voice acting, combined with uncensored sex scenes. That’s the hook for Kamihime Project, the newly released online JRPG from Nutaku.

The free-to-play JRPG features fully animated, fully voiced, hentai sex scenes. Crazy, right?

Nutaku worked hard to bring the game over from Japan, where it’s the number one selling adult game. The title is available exclusively on Nutaku, where players can gather their party, work with other players via online co-op, recruit monster girls, mecha girls, panzer girls and magical girls, and even manage to have sex with them. No joke.

There’s a safe for work promo trailer available that you can check out below, featuring a few of more than 100 characters you can encounter, recruit, level-up and upgrade through your journeys.

Kamihime Project (Nutaku) by nutaku

The summoning of the various characters is dependent on cards collected throughout the game. There are standard cards, rare cards and legendary cards to acquire.

It’s fascinating to see that more developers are getting confident with adding in adult-themed content to games that are actually themed around being real games.

Oftentimes eroge in interactive titles or H-games, as they’re called, don’t offer much in the form of playability. But in this case there’s actually something there for players to sink their fingers into.

Kamihime Project is currently available for the first time in English. They don’t say if the voiceovers are in English or just the text. Based on the trailers it sounds like all the voice acting is still in Japanese, which should make sub-enthusiasts happy (sorry dubs guys, you’re out of luck this time).

You can start playing the 18+ JRPG, Kamihime Project, right now for free by heading on over to the game’s Nutaku page.

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