Kimochi Red Light Crowd-Funding Platform Lets You Fund Adult Games

Kickstarter won’t allow people to fund pornographic material. Games Kickstarted through the platform that have adult themed content have to substitute it with non-adult material. This means that visual novels that are Kickstarted featuring 18+ content must have that content patched in post-release. Well, some developers don’t like the hassle and others simply want to make adult themed games as they’ve always intended. It appears Nutaku has come to the rescue.

The adult gaming portal announced recently that they’ve opened up Kimochi, a red light crowdfunding gaming platform, designed to allow players to host their 18+ games and fund them through crowd sourcing.

Nutaku communications manager, Mia Mason, commented in the press release about what the goal of the platform is and how they plan to use it to help bridge adult themed gaming and mainstream audiences together, saying…

“Kimochi Red Light is going to carve a new path for artists and game developers to create content as part of the rapidly emerging mature gaming market,”


“Not only that but this platform is unlike any other because it’s uncensored and uncompromising, just how art should be. We’re thrilled to act as a non-profit catalyst for the industry and the gaming community.”

Nutaku has been beta testing the platform since January, running various campaigns to see how well it works and what public feedback would be like, but they decided to go live this February with a number of adult-oriented gaming projects.

Also, unlike Kickstarter, developers receive 100% of the funds for their projects, save for payment processing fees.

The platform has opened up with more than a handful of games seeking funds at the moment, including: Episicava, The Tower of Five Hearts, Virtual Ro:Mance, Dimlight City, Karmasutra, Battle Girls, Echo Tokyo and Phantasma Magic.

You can learn more about the platform and the products they are currently hosting that are seeking funds for development by visiting the official Kimochi website.


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