King Of Fighters XIV Getting New Character DLC; Fans Are Hoping For Yamazaki
King of Fighters XIV
(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)

During the King of Fighters XIV World Championship Grand Finals, SNK revealed that they have new characters and DLC inbound. This includes costumes for Angel, a classic KoF outfit for Iori on February 23rd, new outfits for Kula in March, a Little Red Riding Hood costumed for Sylvie and a pajamas outfit for Meitenkun.

Niche Gamer quickly rolled through the details of some of the upcoming DLC, including noting that there will be new stages and characters as well, but we don’t know who the characters are nor do we know when they will be released for PS4 owners.

What we do know is that there is a poster image with a silhouette of the characters that will be coming.

Based on the image, there appears to be four characters. The one in the back on the far left looks a little bit like Shion from King of Fighters XI (easily one of my least favorites).

The one in the far back is difficult to make out, but they’re obviously wearing a jacket with puffy hair. Based on the styling of the pants, it could be Ash, who was first introduced as the main protagonist in King of Fighters 2003.

The one character bending over in the middle, I have no idea who that could be.

However, the one character on the far right, slightly squatting with one arm in his pocket and the other dangling – well, there’s only one fairly beefy character like that who wears gloves, and has slicked back hair and that’s Ryuji Yamazaki, my favorite character in the whole King of Fighters universe. Others also suggested that this is likely Yamazaki as well.

How can anyone know it’s him? Well, he has a similar size to Maxima, but without the armor. He also appears to be wearing a t-shirt and dress pants based on the silhouette, which is what he wore in Capcom vs SNK 2.

The other giveaway is that he’s in the ready stance to perform the Hebi Tsukai: Gedan, sometimes referred to as the snake-eyes strike or the Sadism, the former of which would allow him to strike at an opponent with a lightning fast strike. The latter allows him to absorb and auto-counter an opponent’s jumping or neutral physical attack. You can see in the animation screen cap below that his stance is quite similar while performing the Hebi Tsukai.

Now technically, this could be a completely new character. It’s possible it’s someone dressed similar to Yamazaki but totally new. We know for sure it’s not Oswald – who also has a similar haircut to Yamazaki – because the character in the silhouette is to bulky to be Oswald. It could, however, be Seth, who was first introduced in King of Fighters 2000, but I’m really hoping it’s not Seth because, let’s be honest… no one cares about Seth. Hopefully it’s Yamazaki! King of Fighters XIV would be very complete with Yamazaki.

We’ll likely find out soon enough.

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