Kolin Becomes Playable In Street Fighter 5 February 28th
Street Fighter 5 Kolin

At the end of the month gamers will be able to play as the instigator of the story mode for Street Fighter V, Kolin. In the game they referred to her as Helen at one point but as part of the roster her name is Kolin. She becomes available to play as part of the season pass starting February 28th.

She’s the right hand woman to Urien, another character who ended up joining the roster of Street Fighter V later on.

The sexy Russian still sports the shorter than short-skirt and a bevy of ice powers that can be used in a number of different ways to subdue opponents. You can check out the reveal trailer below.

Kolin will be yet another new fighter joining the roster as part of the Season 2 crop of DLC. Some people sort of complained in the comment section because she was already heavily featured in the story mode, but you couldn’t play as the curvaceous assistant to Urien.

Technically, it was a-okay to keep her out of the limelight because by Season 3 things could really heat up if they plan on expanding the story further. It turns out that Kolin isn’t really working with Urien.

**Spoilers Ahead**

The reality is that Urien’s brother, Gill, actually had Kolin work under Urien to set things in motion for his return. Kolin was intent on getting an undead Charlie to power-up enough to take down M. Bison, but Charlie failed at every attempt he was given.

Kolin at the end of the story mode finally revealed who she was really working for in an end credits scene.

Players will be able to take control of the Russian pugilist using four different outfits, including her standard outfit, her story mode outfit, her battle costume and her nostalgia costume.

Kolin is also part of the Season 2 pass, so if you purchase the pass you gain access to her, Akuma and four new characters that haven’t been introduced yet into the Street Fighter V ecosystem.


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