Mai Shiranui Honey Select Mod Shows The Evolution Of Boob Physics
Honey Select - Mai leather Swimsuit

Oh boy, if you aren’t sitting down for this one… you better take a seat. Illusion Soft’s Honey Select may be a niche title sitting in the backwoods of the internet’s belly, but it’s a lovely piece of software that has been utilized by various modders to recreate some of the most popular female icons in gaming history… including super-hottie Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series.

Modder roy12 put together a recreated version of Mai Shiranui, which you can download from roy12’s website. You’ll also need to download the Wide Slider mod from Hong Fire.

The mod features a faithful recreation of Mai, complete with her bangs, high ponytail and all of her heart-stopping curves. The one thing that absolutely stands out above everything else is just how accurate he managed to get her measurements to look. Warning, the image below may not be safe for work.

Honey Select - Mai bikini

However, it’s not just the measurements that matter; there’s also a matter of physics.

For Dead or Alive 5 we saw how Mai Shiranui made the leap from King of Fighters to Team Ninja’s 3D fighter, but the bounce and jiggle wasn’t quite the same as how SNK typically made Mai move.

Well, with some tweaking and some changing, they managed to get Mai to look and move just like her King of Fighters counterpart and captured it on video. You can see the blood-pumping demonstration in action courtesy of Betsujin.

He managed to capture Mai dancing to the mambo pop song from Helena Paparizou, appropriately titled “Mambo!”.

You can also see Mai being used in the actual Honey Select program with various outfits and backgrounds thanks to Mezamero KIRA. He put together a near three minute video just slowly examining the mod for the program, and how it can be utilized.

One of the things that really stands out is just how dedicated they were to putting time and effort into Mai’s boobs and their accompanying physics. There’s a lot of near-soft body physical deformation, bounce, wiggle and flex going on, giving her chest more of a dynamic sense of weight as opposed to just moving up and down like springy bones, which is how most boob physics are used in games.

Developer Rathren also happens to be working on advanced boob physics as well, attempting to achieve something almost akin to Team Ninja’s Soft Engine 2.0. What he has accomplished is rather impressive with the tech demos for Boob Simulator.

One thing that Honey Select appears to be missing that Team Ninja took care in adding was also thigh and butt physics, something that’s present in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 but was missing in the video above by Betsujin.

Honey Select - Mai Shiranui

One thing is quite obvious, though, a lot of people are using Honey Select to soft of give various characters from popular games an anime an outlet in which to simply… admire their aesthetics.

Then again, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is so darn shallow on the gameplay front, it’s practically the same thing as Honey Select without the actual nudity. And yeah, Honey Select was the same program used for modders to recreate 2B from Nier: Automata and snap a photo of her sphincter and spread it around on Twitter.

Fun times.

As for Mai Shiranui, you can grab her right now from the link provided above and add her to your version of Honey Select. If you don’t have the program, you can grab it from over on the Illusion website.

Honey Select - Mai Leather Leotard

Also, it seemed kind of weird, but in that one pose above, does Mai kind of look like Ariana Grande?


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