Marvel’s Hellcat Cancelled Following 81% YOY Sales Decline
(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

Previously we reported that there were rumblings happening at Marvel where they planned on ending their Social Justice Warrior-themed comic runs for their major heroes and lesser characters. Throughout the year Marvel will supposedly be moving away from SJW topics and back toward good storytelling. Well, they seem to be putting the gears in motion because a number of comics are no longer being solicited, while others seem to be outright cancelled. For instance, Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat is ending this upcoming May following an 81% dip in year-over-year sales.

According to Bleeding Cool, Marvel has opted not to solicit new issues for various comics, including Silk,  Black Panther: World of Wakanda, Ghost Rider, Gamora and Thunderbolts.

A post on Kotaku in Action pointed to a series of tweets from comic writer Kate Leth, where she explained on Twitter that her and her team opted to cancel Hellcat on their “own terms” and that the series will end in May with issue 17…

“Hey friends! You may have noticed that Hellcat is absent from May’s Marvel solicitations. It’s true, we’re ending at issue 17! On our terms.


“We’ve known it was coming, and Marvel has been spectacular enough to give us space to wrap up the story exactly how we wanted in 3 volumes. I know it might come as a shock, and our whole team will miss the book too, but 17 issues with one team is pretty wild! We’ve been lucky!


“SO there are two more to come out (#16 and #17) and then the final collection a few months after. If you want to send a letter – do it! 🙂


“I think the story wraps up in a very real and satisfying way (I hope) with 16, and then 17 is like a fun BONUS EPISODE at THE MALL It, like our audience, is queer, fun, weird, delightful and almost purely made of joy. So, thank you! Thank you with all my heart <3”

Leth doesn’t bring up the sales, but according to Comics Beat there was a 82% drop-off in year-over-year sales.

When Hellcat debuted in December of 2015 it had a strong start, moving 46,198 units. However, by January there was a near 55% decline by January, 2016 where it dropped down to moving only 20,836 units. The declines just kept on going from there. By July, 2016 it was only moving 12,561 units a month.

Things took an even more abysmal dive by December, 2016, where Comichron reported that Hellcat only moved 8,675 units, down approximately 81% from the 46,198 units that were moved back in December, 2015.

Such a huge drop-off in year-over-year sales likely had Marvel reevaluating where they were invested time, resources and money in their comic book line, which has been getting trounced in the sales department by DC Comics.

I was unable to ask if perhaps the sales performance of the Hellcat comic had any role in its rather abrupt cancellation by the team – especially given how steep the drop-off was since its debut at the end of 2015 – but Leth has me blocked on Twitter.

(Main image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment)

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  • Atlanta Black Harts

    Well that’s too bad.

  • Dweezil

    Kate Leth is a really horrible human being, it’s nice knowing karma is finally catching up to that bitch for making the comic industry absolutely horrible. Now karma needs to punish Anita, Zoey, and the rest of the sjw scum.

  • She probably blocked you because you’d written about the SJW stuff before. If I was a successful creator I’d probably block people who post stuff like that too. Not because I can’t take criticism or because you’re bad, but because when I’m on Twitter I’m not looking for negative things to pop up and make me sad.

    I don’t have much time and don’t need to be bothered with that in my timeline or notifications. I’m just on to promote my stuff, catch up on news and then back to work. Now, that could be totally off base but that’s just a possible explanation haha

    • She probably blocked you because you’d written about the SJW stuff before. If I was a successful creator I’d probably block people who post stuff like that too.

      Well she blocked both my personal account and the main OAG account. The main OAG account has a lot of stuff posted, from signal boosting cool indie artists, to sharing fanart, to the standard news, and a lot of indie development stuff.

      I mean it’s possible she blocked both accounts because she came across some mention of “SJW” but that seems terribly infantile given that it makes up such a small part of the output from the site.

      • Uncle Joey

        These people tend to follow general blocklists, so it’s possible your accounts are on one of those, but she actually has no idea who you are. Leftists and tumblrs tend to do this with alt-right and trump supporter twitter accounts too.

  • Jay Fournier

    There seems to be a little error in this article… as far as I know, Marvel isn’t currently publishing any Thundercats comics, since DC is the one that currently has the Thundercats comic license.. You have “Thundercats” listed up there between “Silk” and “Black Panther”.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I was supposed to have removed that a while back since it was supposed to be “Thunderbolts” not “Thundercats” but somehow I added Thunderbolts but forgot to remove Thundercats.

  • ExhaustedSquid

    Thank fucking God. I’m one of those people who does support ‘diversity’ but holy fucking shit, I felt like bringing my fist to the faces of the characters created and ‘rebranded’ in the wake of this shit.

    When your ‘heroes’ are made out to be insufferable Tumblr-types why the fuck should I root for them or more importantly, waste my fucking money on this shit? And the SJW sure as hell didn’t buy their shit either so the titles being dropped is sweet justice (beat) because when have they ever, EVER supported the change the forced on people? When has SJWs, with most of their trust fund baby money, given ANYTHING to support the outlets they keep infesting?

    Every times, every FUCKING time this happens I see the same pattern:

    1) SJW/Tumblr complain about a non-issue or try to infect an issue and claiming they can fix it.
    2) SJWs force themselves into an industry and force changes with threats of defamation of those who don’t go along with them.
    3) SJWs create mediocre product which they do little to no shit actually promoting, supporting, and passing around to the mainstream
    4) SJWs cause company to lose money, shut down, ect
    5) SJWs leave and then go on to try to overtake another host.

    They’re PARASITES. Just PARASITES. They come, they infest, and when they leave there is nothing but a weakened shell left of their target.

    • Couldn’t have said it any better. You’re absolutely right. I just want them to be gone from media. I guess they can keep infecting Hollywood because they only make trash anyway, but games are actually good (or used to be) and it would be great when SJWs just get out and go back to Tumblr.

      • Dweezil

        Man, I remember when Tumblr was considered good for business or self-careers…stupid Sjws…

    • Smug

      I’m against “diversity” because that implies that you cant have diversity in a cast of characters if you dont throw several different kinds of color skins, racial facial features, sexualities, etc.

      • ExhaustedSquid

        Oh, I am against Tokenism diversity. That shit sucks and is the lazy man’s way out of writing characters. When I say actual diversity I mean people wanting to make characters and not being scared about Tumblr shitting themselves because they didn’t make the ‘diverse’ character a protected class Mary-Sue.

        • Cinj

          Sadly, the only outcome of this whole diversity hysteria – to me, anyway – is that whenever I see a non-white or woman in any given entertainment medium, my first thought is “meh, forced diversity bullshit” instead of “oh, that’s interesting”. SJWs have done nothing to lift anyone up, they just poisoned the well.

          • Sadly, I agree with you.

            Back before it was fluid; transparent. I didn’t think about race or gender or whatever… a character was a character. Now, due to SJWs, every time someone pops up on screen it’s like “Ah, they must be the token [insert race, gender, sexuality here]”.

  • Dreiko

    Never been a fan of marvel, so unlike those other less smart people who proceed to tell others what is wrong with their fandom when they know nothing, I will just say I hope things get better for those who care for marvel stuff since it sounds like they’re having a tougher time than gamers are.

    Now back to my anime and manga I go.

  • Disqusted

    You can always tell who’s an unreasonable piece of shit asshole by how they widely block people they don’t know anything about and have never spoken to.

    They’re closing themselves off to protect their selfish delusional fantasy world, and will attack anyone who might shatter that by introducing facts of reality.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      You know, if the were as strong and as confident as she claimed to be she would have FOUGHT to keep the comic going. She would have FOUGHT to keep her name in the company. She would have FOUGHT to prove whatever point she was trying to make but she said she ‘ended it’.

      She was in a position that many artist, especially female artist, often wish they could be in and work for but she dropped it as if it were nothing, despite her and others like her screaming from the rooftops how HARD it is for women in an media industry yet she left like it was easy.

      Come the fuck on. It screams she was let go because Marvel thought the book as a liability, not because it was her ‘choice’.

  • RichardGristle

    A shame that even if Marvel completely reverts back to normal, they’ll always have this giant CURRENT YEAR cuckstain on their record.

    • That’s a good point. Earning trust is hard. Breaking that trust and driving away your core audience for people who don’t even read comics is a huge blow to their long term capital. How many comic book fans are going to readily throw their money back into Marvel’s ring after this stunt? They’ll likely try indies or just go with DC in the interim. It’s going to be a long, slow hill climb back up to the top.

      • ExhaustedSquid

        I have enough faith in Marvel to go back to them because I’m willing to read the books before I purchase them. If I don’t like what I see, I’ll put the book down and keep my money which is what I have been doing with the slew of crap that has come out.

        If Marvel does go through with this and drop titles (not characters but rather the shitty books) I can already BET that the slew of SJWs are going to cry that the company is ‘racist’ for not continuing the crap they were never planning to support ANYWAY. Like a lot of people have said, if SJWs want their shit to continue they have to pay and support like EVERYONE ELSE DOES, not just whine and order people to make them shit all the while offering nothing in return.

        What is happening now, what Marvel is doing now, at least to me is GLORIOUS because it’s a massive middle finger (though a classy one giving how Marvel managed to wrap it up in flowery language to make it seem that the drops were ‘nice’ and not at all connected to they were bleeding money over nothing) to SJWs who can’t write or draw shit when it comes to actually making statements.

        What these assholes don’t know is that Marvel has ALWAYS strived to make statements since their inception and while yes, there have been hiccups over the decades but SJW made it out what Marvel and other companies have been INHERENTLY racist, sexist, whatthefuckever for not including shit tier characters they make up (aka, their fucking Steven Universe fan character they know will never make it in the show or some other OC they made up for another series they tried to ‘progress’ up) and tried to fix something that was either never there or completely missing the mark in what they were trying to accomplish.

        I’m one of those person who does want more diversity but a SJW is the last person I would trust when it comes to it because they’re not for diversity. They’re for….well, they’re for nothing because they have nothing. They’re stereotypes of freaking stereotypes, a mass of people who create stock rules and other things you have to follow in order to be ‘real’ and ‘progressive’. Note how all the most ‘progressive’/SJW creators have the same fucking art style because they deemed it ‘safe’ or the same writing style which is the ramblings of an annoying asshole that an person in real life would be creeped out over yet they try so fucking hard to push this forward as the only way to be a good person and creative. Marvel giving them a massive kick in the ass was glorious because I’m tired of this shit and so are a lot of other people, both readers and other content creators.

    • Disqusted

      They brought it upon themselves, though. They deserve that shame. The rest of us are suffering from SJW bullshit because companies like them value the batshit insane SJW assholes far greater than the rest of us. They can’t undo all of the hell that SJWs have put people through.

      Just how much people have suffered, will hopefully come to light if history rightfully records Soros as the primary instigator of attempting to destroy society via SJW brainwashing nonsense.

      • RichardGristle

        They did bring it upon themselves for sure, and as Billy said a company can be great for 50 years, have an awful one, then lose a massive amount of trust for it. Fair? I don’t know – but it is a fact.

        I certainly don’t mind seeing a lot of these SJWs fall (Gawker certainly springs to mind) considering how much they bully, ostracize, and act condescending towards people with differing opinions. It’s one thing to be misguided or misinformed, but it’s a whole other thing to be a genuinely malicious person.

  • SevTheBear

    It’s really no wonder. If all their comics as the same SJW theme crap and it’s in the reader’s face none, it’s only natural more don’t buy them. If it’s ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.

  • Uncle Joey

    Ah yes, the obligatory twitter block, the first line of defense for any SJW.

    Mavel’s really been pushing it with their forced SJW bullshit in recent years, starting with making ultimate Spider-Man half black/latino a few years ago. Same with making Thor a woman and Ms. Marvel a muslim, it all caters to the same demographic. An obnoxious trend that needs to die.

    About it time it backfires on them.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      I will counter and say that Miles is at least a good character and his entrance into the Marvel franchise wasn’t to replace Spiderman in the main universe; he has his own storyverse that doesn’t completely intrude on the main one nor has it (at least until now) implied that you HAVE to like him rather than going for SM classic. Granted now, I’m sure if you were to say you’re a fan of the main Spiderman SJW will act like you’re racist for not gushing on about Miles.

      The other shit however? It’s all complete GARBAGE. Forced moral BS, characters who are more bullies than the heroes they’re supposed to be and hamfisted inserts of ‘current events’ that date comics not in years but in mere WEEKS they are printed (the voting fiasco comes to mind which made it seem like Hilary would win if you knock down the bad White dudes but OOOOPS!) and overall turning characters, good and bad, into a massive wank-fest of Tumblr assholes that no one could ever like.

      There is a reason why people say never build your stories around Tumblr suggestions because their idea of a good protagonist in the long run is an aggravating, aggressive asshole who acts as if they’re better than everyone else, demands to be worshiped and get away with shit they would RIGHTFULLY be called out for, all the while crying over how bad their lives are when in their own universe they have people walking on eggshells for them.

      They don’t want characters, they want Mary-Sues to make themselves feel good because they can’t stand the idea of relating to a character who isn’t perfect or isn’t treated like a god. Their only idea of satisfaction is the idea of total humiliation of people who are not in line with them 100%.

      FUCK DAT.

  • Raging Papist

    The rainbow flag on a portrait has become a warning sign of SJW.

    • Smug

      the artstyle / design is also a dead giveaway

    • Disqusted

      “All the colors of the rainbow… except yours”.

      Very ironic that those trying to portray themselves as diverse are the least diverse.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        The SJW audience, interestingly enough, matches the colour saturation of white sand. XD. And yet they trash minorities, referring them as so-called “white supremacists”, just because the minorities discussed the evil reality of feminism.


    • Dreiko

      Whoever owns the care-bears IP should sue SJWs for damaging their brand.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      So is the typical Steven Universe-lite artwork.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      They pretend that they are “egalitarian”, yet they display their discrimination. It is too hypocritical

      • “diversity” and “inclusivity” = no straight white males allowed

        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

          That’s SJW logic for you…

  • Typical SJW blocking people who may have a difference of opinion.

    • Richard

      Well, Yes. Otherwise they might actually have to have a dialogue or maybe a debate, instead of the lecture they want to give.

    • Disqusted

      It’s even more disgusting when you realize they don’t even know if someone actually has a different opinion because they’re preemptively blocking everyone.

      I grew up with everyone calling me “anti-social” for trying to be nice and befriend everyone. Blocking tons of people that you don’t even know is the most anti-social thing I can think of. Bizarro backwards world.

      • ExhaustedSquid

        It’s ironic isn’t it? You join a social media site with millions of people on it and the first thing you do is use a bot to block people you have NEVER been in contact with nor would even care about you in the first place.


        • Smug

          My favorite example in this is Deviantart

          • ExhaustedSquid

            dA was the first place I ever encountered the whole ‘Block before you know’ thing since I ran into a LOT of accounts I had never seen that had me blocked. It’s just funnier on Twitter because the ones who seem to be doing it on there are adults rather than a bunch of kids who don’t want to hear people pointing out about their traced screen-capped recolored artwork.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      They probably use a bot because they’re convinced its the best way to save themselves from ‘trolls’.

      Fucking cowards.

      • Don’t forget also saving themselves from “hate speech”.

        • ExhaustedSquid

          Hate Speech usually
          = some stupid 12 year old shit spewing

          I learned early on that the interwebs is not a ‘safe space’ and trying to make it one makes it broken and worthless (ie Twiter and whatever the fuck they’re trying to do now). Of course there are going to be raging assholes and yes, if they get out of hand you SHOULD block and report but mass blocking BEFORE you even begin? What is the point? There’s even less of a point when it’s a blockbot aimed as specific shit that more or less brands people for no reason (once again, ie, GG Blockbot)

          Seriously though, these are the thinniest skinned assholes I have EVER seen. They rage out, act upppity and then block when someone throws their shitty attitude back at them for a glance in the mirror.

          A friend of mine was blocked by one of his favorite animators FOR NO REASON (while strangely enough, I’m NOT on the block) and he never spoke to him or argued with him so fuck the blockbot and fuck the morons who use it.

          • Avaccount

            I called out a SJW I knew irl for being a long time bully, only now having an ideology to back it up. She then proceeds to block me and trash-talk me with all of her friends, only supporting my claim that she is a bully.

  • Bitterbear

    All I can say is that something is wrong with your comic when it is not even worth pirating.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


    • Dweezil

      Some forum pirated Tumblr Squirrel to make fun of it, and they gave up halfway because it’s way too ugly and shitty to go through.

  • jlnod15

    Well see if you can drop a email to them.

  • EroBotan

    i’m jealous with her patreon lol .. 2k+

    • lucben999

      SJWs are always circulating money among each other on patreon, everybody is donating to everybody, like some big money laundering scheme or a clique of circlejerking hipsters.

      • mikebrand83

        *clique of circlejerking trust fund baby hipsters.

        Whatever permutation of privilege theory they espouse (whether it be race, gender, or sexuality), by and large the SJWs just seems to have a bad habit of turning out to be hipster douches who were privileged to be born into (or lucked into) enormous wealth.

        • ExhaustedSquid

          And they never want to call out their own privilege or use that money to donate to other causes. They just want MOAR.