Mass Effect: Andromeda Features Five Different Weapon Types, Multiple Sub-Weapon Types
Mass Effect Andromeda Combat

You’ll be able to master in using pistols, shotguns, assault weapons, sniper rifles and melee weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda. After gamers started to become restless with the lack of information regarding the game’s details on combat, BioWare and EA finally let loose some details with a five and a half minute long trailer.

The trailer explains that not only are there five categories of weapons to acquire and excel in, there are also sub-weapon categories that include Milky Way weapons, which use standard projectile ballistics and ammo cartridges. Remnant weapons don’t use ammo but they can overheat since they use beam damage. And Helius weapons are plasma and charge oriented weapons. You can see each of the weapons in action in the trailer below along with the various sub-weapon categories.

Unlike previous Mass Effect titles, you’ll be able to use any weapon from any category. Weapons are no longer class restricted like they were in previous Mass Effect games.

They explain in the video that you can swap and alter weapons for different missions depending on what you feel best suits your play-style.

Mass Effect Andromeda Weapon Classes

Maneuverability is another big factor in Mass Effect: Andromeda. You can now take cover behind any object on the map with a soft wall-hug feature. They also mention that it’s possible to take cover behind the personal rover as well.

In addition to the standard loadout, there are also tech equipment as well, such as tripmines, grenades and traps. You can also specialize in Biotics to make use of gravity skills and other abilities.

Biotics can be upgraded to unlock new abilities and those new abilities can also be upgraded.

Mass Effect Andromeda Biotics

The pull and throw Biotics reminded me of the Force from Star Wars: Battlefront games or the Star Wars: Force Unleashed titles.

The characters may all look fugly and kind of downtrodden with some mild form of deep space down syndrome, but the combat actually took me by surprise.

It’s obviously faster than Gears of War and a lot more twitch-reflex oriented than previous Mass Effect games, but the combat looks smooth enough and the cover fire is fairly fluid, along with the weapon usage and Biotic powers.

My only major worry is that the game will have some dumb as nails AI who will either be bullet sponges or perfect snipers. Hopefully the AI isn’t just an afterthought to all the extensive combat mechanics they’ve implemented.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is due for release on March 21st for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Some gamers are opting to boycott it after one of the designers openly advocated for racism on social media and he claimed that the studio founders supported him on it.

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