Mass Effect: Andromeda Forfeits Showing Gameplay To Market European Space Agency
Mass Effect Andromeda
(Last Updated On: February 13, 2017)

With around a month and a half to go before release, and no info or thorough footage of the multiplayer, EA and BioWare have decided to take a new marketing approach for Mass Effect: Andromeda. They’ll be bringing in YouTubers from all over the world for a European Space Agency initiative.

The marketing stunt will be done in collaboration with the European Space Agency, featuring six YouTubers from all over Europe, including:

  • Squeezie from France
  • TheGrefG from Spain
  • Pietsmiet from Germany
  • Jane from Outside Xbox from the UK
  • SciFun from Poland
  • Steffan from the UK

They put together a short video promoting the initiative, where the six content creators will spend some time going through aeronautics training in order to become a Pathfinder.

The press release explains…

“Before embarking on this mission to explore a new galaxy, they must prove themselves through a series of training sessions within the European Astronaut Centre, home base for all European astronauts. They will discover what it means to be courageous, bold and adventurous, and may be weightless as well.”

The comment section was filled with fans of Mass Effect who weren’t thrilled with the news.

They acknowledge that this is likely to bolster pre-order sales for the game, but does nothing to showcase the actual gameplay, something that’s been rather thin and absent from the marketing material leading up to release. It’s true that we still haven’t seen much of the combat, and what we have seen hasn’t been terribly impressive. We’ve also received very little in the way of what the multiplayer will be like, and almost nothing when it comes to how the actual exploration system will work.

An argument broke out where fanboys claimed that BioWare has shown us plenty of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Others shot back that we’ve actually seen less of Mass Effect: Andromeda than we have of Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild, with magaldi explaining…

“Nintendo showed more actual gameplay from Zelda than Bioware did with Andromeda. And Nintendo is known for keeping things close to their chest.


The game is little more than a month away and all we’ve seen was some highly edited gameplay that is “representative”, but not the actual, game. This is way fucking weird for a triple-a game, especially an EA game. This is the exact time where maketing should be going crazy showing the game to hype up consumers. And again, showing the game doesn’t mean spoiling it. Take Dragon Age Inquisition for instance and compare the amount of gameplay and information about the game near release.


“We know next to nothing about basic gameplay mechancis (not story!). We know that multiplayer is a take on horde mode, but not much else. We know the game will support multiple classes like previous games, but we don’t know what are those classes or how they play. We know there is some sort of base bulding, but again, zero concrete information. All we know came from interviews and leaks. No real info from Bioware.”

It brings a tear to my eye when gamers start using common sense and hold the wallet.

It is true that with just under a month to go, there isn’t much that has been put on display to really make Mass Effect: Andromeda stand out as a must-own title. Things look even worse when we see BioWare’s designers on social media making racist remarks against their own audience, leading to some people claiming they’re going to boycott Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It’s all a bit of a mess at the moment, but we’ll see if EA can pull it all together when March 21st rolls out and the sci-fi action-RPG launches for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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  • BubbaHoTep

    I never understood these types of marketing campaigns. Maybe I’m just a grouch, but watching a bunch of e-celebs doing activities doesn’t exactly get my blood pumping.

    • Nah, you’re not alone. These things are usually aimed at kids (which is odd since ME:A is aimed at a mature audience) and most people on the YouTube video commented about how silly this whole thing is.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    All the youtubers need to be ugly for a proper ME:A experience.

    • Well they already failed because Jane looks better than any of the monstrosities featured in ME: A.

  • ptitty

    The game hasn’t even been released and it’s already crashing and burning. Zilch on story and (more importantly) zilch on gameplay. Do they want their game to fail?

  • MusouTensei

    What are they afraid of? It’s almost like they know it sucks.
    Also besides the german one, because that’s my lousy country, I don’t know any of these YTers, and even Pietsmiet I only know from hearsay, like Gronkh, and for a long time PewDiePie as well, I don’t watch this shit.

    • I know of Jane from Outside Xbox… only person from Outside Xbox I remember.

  • ShepardRahl

    If my senior game-play designer was a raging racist and I refused to address it I might want to hide the game-play too.

    • durka durka

      Hmm, say, if a well known european youtuber supported GG would they invite that person to this event?

      • ShepardRahl

        I doubt it. Not if he’s been consistently vocal about it.

    • They didn’t refuse to address it, they supported him on it.

      • ShepardRahl

        I must have missed that.

      • SevTheBear

        I think they hope by ignoring it people would forget about it. If you think about, must people don’t stay up to date with everything that happens in the gaming industry. Like most of us here don’t give damn about reality stars, X-Factor, dumb pop-stars and Hollywood snobs.

        • I think they hope by ignoring it people would forget about it.

          Which is precisely why I make it a habit to mention it in every… single… article. 😉

  • Keystone

    Bold strategy showing next to no actual gameplay from the final product. I wonder who they’re taking PR and marketing advice from…

  • SevTheBear

    So they allow a designer to be racsist on social media, show jack real gameplay and bribe YouTubers… yup, something really weird is going on alright. I don’t get why some of the hardcore fans of the old titles defend the new one. But even EA has their fans, though one must wonder why.

    PS. none of the YouTubers names says me anything. Never heard of them

    • Keystone

      I agree. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be No Mans Sky Lite.

      The gameplay (and animations) are going to look barely better, if not the same, as ME2/3’s. Shit-tier animations like that one gif of Fem Ryder grabbing the gun out of the person’s hand is going to be what we can expect. I’d put money on that scene looking the same in the final release. I fully believe Bioware is *that* fucking lazy and untalented.

      • I fully believe Bioware is *that* fucking lazy and untalented.

        Most of all the people who made BioWare great have left. It’s only a shell of its former self. They decided to go full progressive and… well… this is what we’re left with.

      • Keystone

        It’s a great feeling looking back on past comments and seeing how right they turned out to be. Just wanted to say that.

    • ShepardRahl

      I used to be a huge Bioware fan until I realized how huge of an SJW hive it was. I still like some of the older games and I love the original ME trilogy, but my expectations for Andromeda are so low.

      PS. none of the YouTubers names says me anything. Never heard of them

      I’d rather it be a bunch of no-namers than the ones who think they deserve to be there.

      • AceOfAces_Mod

        Outside Xbox is a quite known YouTube channel (according to their subscriber count). They mostly talk about games released on the Xbox platform.

        • SevTheBear

          Ah so that’s why I have never heard of them

        • alec j

          Yeah, they are pretty big, especially with the Euro set. I used to think they were kind of cool, especially Jane, but this year they dropped the mask of sanity to Tweet pictures of themselves at vapid political protests of the US. Its clear they buy into fake news and are typical minions of the sjw dumpster fire.

          Its virtually impossible to find a decent games podcast that doesnt at least subtly veer into coastal progressivism regularly.

          Can anyone recommend some or even one?

    • Phasmatis75

      According to an AMA conducted by a member of EAs marketing team on 8chan (grain of salt this), EA expects Andromeda to completely fail and are planning on shuttering Bioware after it does. This was mixed in with some obvious pr bs, but was expressly stated.

      • SevTheBear

        Just sounds a bit weird to let them make such a big game to shut them down afterwards. The last Dragon Age game sold well enough from what I can understand.
        I don’t think they will shut down Bioware until they make at least 2 games that underperforms. EA froze the Dead Space series because the third game didn’t sell like 7 mil copies. If the same happens for bioware and they fail to meet the sales expectations of their next 2 titles it mighty happen.

        • Phasmatis75

          Bioware isn’t a marketable brand anymore. Even the average consumer complained about SJWism and Virtue Signally in Inquisition which didn’t turn a profit. This is why so many features were to be reused in Mass Effect 4.

          You can look at screenshots that dropped recently (link below) and the look awful. Jagged textures, bad design, and even beard textures that look like they are recolored textures for the debris on the ground. Typically I don’t find things bad to be funny, but these look so ameturistic that it was hilarious.

          The problem with Bioware is that all the original talent are gone. Either they left over the years, retired, or jumped ship within the last couple years. From what we see in every preview of Andromeda what’s left are nothing but diversity hires with horrible programming skills.

          With the brand worthless, and the studio lacking talent, it is likely they are planning to can it. They’ve already shut down the forums, and the only announcement out of a three studio brand is an unnamed IP.

          My money is on this. Main studio is shut down, side studio working on new IP is renamed DICE or given some other moniker. Bioware as a brand is shuttered. It’s all going to come down to how well Andromeda does and given how absolutely bad everything they release about the game looks, it’s going to bomb.

          • I can’t get over how unremarkable and fugly the characters are. Thanks for the link. I’ll post up something about those screenshots.

          • Phasmatis75

            No problem. I like talking about gaming.

          • SevTheBear

            You make some good points.

            It’s pretty clear this is Dragon Age: Inquisition in space. Not only are art style and human design ripped directly from it, but the trailers shows that the story could be much the same.
            With all of the original talent gone, is clear that Bioware has no vision of new ideas but sticks to the same beaten to death story telling. Save world or Galaxy, Bang left and right and heavy political commentary. I hope am wrong and it won’t be this bad, but I am not very optimistic about the game at this point.

            I hope that CD Project RED’s CyberPunk 2077 will do it (they did it pretty well with The Witcher 3) and shows how it should be done. Dirty, naughty and dark B-)

          • Phasmatis75

            Thank you very much. I do enjoy these quality conversations. Even if we disagree, when the other person is reasoned, the conversations are always fun.

            I’ve been looking at gameplay and screenshots. The latter look horrible. I even joked that the beard texture look like debris texture with a color swap. Jagged edges, clipping, it all just looks horrible. Games don’t have to look good to be worth playing, but this looks like a step backward from even Inquisition.

            The gameplay trailer they just launched is heavily edited and yet still the AI looks absolutely brain dead. The combat easy and engaging to a point where grad students final projects have had more depth. You hit the head on the nail, they haven’t a clue what they’re doing and flooding their studio with diversity hires instead of hiring people capable of doing their jobs is what ultimately killed them .

            Moral Bankruptcy is what they call it, going bankrupt for political correctness and virtue signally. I fully expect a lot of refugee commentary from a game written by a man who advocates for white genocide on his twitter account with zero repercussions. My guess is that EA is desparately hoping the SJW community buy into Andromeda, but they’re going to learn like Watch Dogs 2 and Mafia 3 before them that virtue signally doesn’t sell.

            I’m looking forward toward CyberPunk 2077, but I wonder what kind of game will it be. Now that they don’t have to focus on developing a combat oriented game they can make a truly spectacular RPG, with a real play it your way style with a world that responds to you, rather than is just cakewalk (coughUBISOFTcough).

          • SevTheBear

            So do I 🙂

            Yeah now that you mention it, none of the gameplay so far looks particularly interesting. If the AI is anything like their previous games, I expect horde mode like combat with very little thinking.

            What puzzles me the most is how quiet they have been around the game. For the last 10 years they have shown off as much as possible whenever a new title was coming + let’s not forget the poor human design. They aim for the casual market, no doubt about that, but I am pretty sure even casuals likes good look people on their screen.

            But yeah, if this flops BIG time it could be the end of Bioware 2.0 SJW Edition

          • Phasmatis75

            I know I keep referring to the same AMA, but according to Mr. Marketing Electronic Arts has zero faith in the game, so they’re not going to throw their money away on a marketing campaign. I don’t blame them. Bioware’s name no longer sells, the game looks like a hot mess that needed editing for a gameplay trailer (I’ve seen where they’ll remove bits or skip sections for spoilers or jump between different aspects of the game, but never edit the same combat sequence), and it comes on the heals of Mass Effect 3.

            Calling gamers entitled may have salvaged some sales, but it destroyed the Mass Effect brand. Sad to see Bioware go, they used to make some pretty decent games, but now they just produce virtue signally garbage.

          • SevTheBear

            Yeah the low effort in marketing for the game is not a good signal. Unless they have some grand ace in their sleeve (whatever that could be). It’s sad but I agree with you that the Bioware name no longer holds as much weight as it use to and as you pointed out, virtue signally garbage sells very little.

          • Phasmatis75

            Despite what big companies like to say, while they’re shamefully hiding their sales numbers and putting out other metrics like shipped or percentage better. Learned when you hear that the games a flop.

            I mean I’m willing to say that Horizon might sell well, but Mass Effect Andromeda will be dead on arrival.

          • SevTheBear

            Horizon has tone of hype and a huge amount of PR behind it. So yeah I think it’s save to say it will sell well.

            EA seems to more focused on BF1 and Star Wars these days. MEA right now gets the same treatment as Dead Space did. But who knows, they might throw a big PR stun 1 week before sales begins.

          • Phasmatis75

            Agreed, Horizon will likely sell well, but fall short of internal projections because of word of mouth. Still profitable, but it will be a blemish on the company that will hinder sales going forward of other titles. About the only time I’m glad about the console war feuds that will bring this to the limelight. Last time footage leaked, even pro sony Neogaf was laughing at how bad it was, so word of mouth is going to be brutal for this game.

            EA doesn’t have the Star Wars license anymore. Their marketing department AMA revealed Disney rescinded all of them, except I guess Battlefront. EA had two other star wars games in development, that they are now saddled with that they cannot sell. I imagine though they’re desperately trying to get back those licences. Especially after spending millions on two games developments, but the fact that they should have been announcing them around now, and all they have is a ME:A and Battlefront announcement is telling negotiations aren’t going well.

            AMA again says EA has zero faith Andromeda will sell, which shows in the bare bones marketing it is receiving. Given how bad their gameplay trailers and screenshots look, I fully understand their sentiment. Even corporate which is worse than normies can see this game is horrible.

          • SevTheBear

            Didn’t knew that EA had lost the rights to their 10 years deal Star Wars milking fest plan. Which after EA Battlefront I only see that as a good thing.

            I will say the MEA gameplay is nothing amazing, since it just looks like a more open version of the old. Which was okay but sure did had it’s limits. The early screenshots was indeed horrible and still puzzles me they would show that of. But I guess they needed to show something to prove they were working on it.

            But if what you say is true, the series has a dark future. I guess we will see when it hit us in late March.

          • Phasmatis75

            Yeah, now they haven’t made that public and are probably fiercely negotiating the returns, so they might announce some new games later. Marketing anon said it was something Disney was known to be do and had done before (which has been confirmed), but honestly after Battlefront bombed so hard, Disney probably didn’t want the liscence locked up with a dying publisher as they realized that Star Wars would only be profitable for probably 5 more years before it dies because of the progressivism they’re shoving into it.

            Look at the last major entry. The most popular character was an unnamed storm trooper who had basically one line of dialog: TRAITOR. Rey was so poorly received her toy line bombed. Rouge One launched without any buzz, and already have confirmed to have underperformed after making a billion dollars.

            It’s obvious that Star Wars is simply coasting on the name for now, and eventually it will just dry up. They’ve already given a Guardians contract to Square Enix, so if any deals are made it will probably be on a game to game basis with EA.

            You know I typically expect to be at least partially wrong on many things. That there is some redeaming quality even if I don’t value it enough to purchase the product, but ME:A is probably the first game in a long time that not only looks horrible, but will fail as bad as well.

            I’m looking forward to the Horizon launch fiasco and the ME:A fiasco. Perhaps after they fail companies can stop trying to insert politics into games and get back to just making good experiences.

          • SevTheBear

            I can see what you mean with ME:A but Horizon seem to be okay. Nothing great but not bad either.

          • Phasmatis75

            Look for the footage not released by shills. It’s positively horrible. Even the reviews who attempt to be moderately honest use the word but more times than porn hub to a point where you can TLDR it with: The game is bland garbage but it’s a good game.

          • SevTheBear

            So what we can expect is a game around 7/10 that don’t offer anything but a pretty fusion version between Assassins’s Creed and Far Cry is what you are saying?

          • Phasmatis75

            I’d say probably a 6/10, maybe 5/10 depending on how bad the main narrative is, but that’s out of a proper 10 scale where 6 is mediocre not the if it’s under 7 it’s basically a 2 scale.

            Yeah though it looks like the game was basically made by Ubisoft.

  • Ghost

    Cocksucking youtubers.