Mass Effect: Andromeda Forfeits Showing Gameplay To Market European Space Agency
Mass Effect Andromeda

With around a month and a half to go before release, and no info or thorough footage of the multiplayer, EA and BioWare have decided to take a new marketing approach for Mass Effect: Andromeda. They’ll be bringing in YouTubers from all over the world for a European Space Agency initiative.

The marketing stunt will be done in collaboration with the European Space Agency, featuring six YouTubers from all over Europe, including:

  • Squeezie from France
  • TheGrefG from Spain
  • Pietsmiet from Germany
  • Jane from Outside Xbox from the UK
  • SciFun from Poland
  • Steffan from the UK

They put together a short video promoting the initiative, where the six content creators will spend some time going through aeronautics training in order to become a Pathfinder.

The press release explains…

“Before embarking on this mission to explore a new galaxy, they must prove themselves through a series of training sessions within the European Astronaut Centre, home base for all European astronauts. They will discover what it means to be courageous, bold and adventurous, and may be weightless as well.”

The comment section was filled with fans of Mass Effect who weren’t thrilled with the news.

They acknowledge that this is likely to bolster pre-order sales for the game, but does nothing to showcase the actual gameplay, something that’s been rather thin and absent from the marketing material leading up to release. It’s true that we still haven’t seen much of the combat, and what we have seen hasn’t been terribly impressive. We’ve also received very little in the way of what the multiplayer will be like, and almost nothing when it comes to how the actual exploration system will work.

An argument broke out where fanboys claimed that BioWare has shown us plenty of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Others shot back that we’ve actually seen less of Mass Effect: Andromeda than we have of Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild, with magaldi explaining…

“Nintendo showed more actual gameplay from Zelda than Bioware did with Andromeda. And Nintendo is known for keeping things close to their chest.


The game is little more than a month away and all we’ve seen was some highly edited gameplay that is “representative”, but not the actual, game. This is way fucking weird for a triple-a game, especially an EA game. This is the exact time where maketing should be going crazy showing the game to hype up consumers. And again, showing the game doesn’t mean spoiling it. Take Dragon Age Inquisition for instance and compare the amount of gameplay and information about the game near release.


“We know next to nothing about basic gameplay mechancis (not story!). We know that multiplayer is a take on horde mode, but not much else. We know the game will support multiple classes like previous games, but we don’t know what are those classes or how they play. We know there is some sort of base bulding, but again, zero concrete information. All we know came from interviews and leaks. No real info from Bioware.”

It brings a tear to my eye when gamers start using common sense and hold the wallet.

It is true that with just under a month to go, there isn’t much that has been put on display to really make Mass Effect: Andromeda stand out as a must-own title. Things look even worse when we see BioWare’s designers on social media making racist remarks against their own audience, leading to some people claiming they’re going to boycott Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It’s all a bit of a mess at the moment, but we’ll see if EA can pull it all together when March 21st rolls out and the sci-fi action-RPG launches for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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