Media Desperately Attacks PewDiePie Over “Death To All Jews” Joke
(Last Updated On: September 25, 2017)

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has been axed from Maker Studios, the subsidiary for Disney. This followed on a crackdown investigation carried out by the Wall Street Journal’s Jack Nicas, Ben Fritz and Rolfe Winkler, who surfaced nine videos from PewDiePie’s account that contained what they claimed was anti-semitic jokes and Nazi imagery.

The three Wall Street Journal writers brought their findings to Maker, which in turn axed their affiliation with PewDiePie, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The videos containing the jokes on PewDiePie’s channel have been summarily removed.

Some of the videos have been re-uploaded by other YouTubers to give people an idea of what it was that caused Maker to part ways with PewDieDie.

Ultra Trends hosted the minute and a half long video, which features two shirtless men holding up a sign that PewDiePie paid them to hold up while attributing the message to another YouTuber named Keemstar, as part of a joke. You can view the video below.

As noted by the Wall Street Journal, the video originally aired back on January 11th, 2017.

The two guys in the videos are known as the Funny Guys. They posted up an apology a few days later explaining that they didn’t even know what the word “Jew” meant, and that they had no intentions to be part of anything controversial. Viral Videos posted up their apology.

The joke even went further than that when PewdiePie paid Fiverr to post a video featuring Jesus addressing PewDiePie about the Jews. The video was posted on Straus TV.

Disney, however, did not find the running joke to be funny and neither did the media.

The original videos were enough to get Disney to cut ties with PewDiePie after the Wall Street Journal brought it to their attention. They issued a press statement saying…

“Although Felix has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate”

According to the Wall Street Journal YouTube pulled ads from some videos but not others, and PewDiePie took down some of the offending videos but left up others as well. YouTube found themselves in a bind because despite the videos clearly being made in jest, they explained that they only step in when videos are made to purely incite hate or violence as part of hate speech and that satire and comedy should be allowed. Since it’s obviously comedy, but the media and Disney are not fond of it, YouTube has found themselves at an impasse, and decided not to comment on the removal of PewDiePie’s content.

PewDiePie did comment on the removal, however, stating in one of the removed videos…

“What I just think – and I believe strongly in – is that it is 2017 now, we’re going to have to start separating what is a joke, and what is actually problematic.


“Is a joke actually pure racism? Is something that would be considered a joke purely homophobic, or anti-semitic and all these things? Context-ing matters.”

In a world where the media is ran by SJWs, conext does not matter.

Game Informer editor Michael Futter decided to rewrite history, painting PewDiePie as an enemy to the media, writing on Twitter.

Sites like IGN framed the situation as PewDiePie engaging in “questionable content” tying it to Nazism, failing to mention that the entire thing was a ridiculous joke.

Kotaku ran with the fear-mongering tactic, citing Jonathan Vick from the Anti-Defamation League. They go a step further by adding their own commentary, stating that even joking about racism helps the “resurgence” of real-world Nazism…

“It’s an especially poor choice on Pewdiepie’s part in a time when, remarkably, people are having very real discussions on how to deal with a resurgence in real-world nazism.”

The Verge followed suit with Kotaku, also claiming that the joke has helped neo-Nazis latch onto the message.

Thankfully, the people reading the messages aren’t daft to what’s going on. Many normal people who aren’t Social Justice Warriors are pointing out the absurdity of the media’s response given that PewDiePie’s point was to point out the absurdity of the media’s current hate-bait fear-mongering and nanny-state censuring. Heather left a comment on Variety, stating…

“So now YouTube is censoring people as well. Felix does things like this to point out the absurdity of them and he himself said this was the case with this video. This is ridiculous. YouTube and Disney are virtue signaling and they know it. Felix has posted many many crazy and absurd things before now. If he was truly anti-Semitic it would permeate his videos. You can’t hide something like that in your personality, just like you can’t hide true racism.”

It should be noted that YouTube has indeed taken on a stance against “hate speech”, as outlined in their initiative alongside Twitter and Facebook. They were recently joined by Disqus in their initiative.

It’s interesting Maker Studios would be so quick to come down on PewDiePie over this obvious satire, but they did nothing about Zoe Quinn who admitted to the corporate sabotage of a $400,000 game jam production they invested in.

I suppose that old Voltaire quote rings truer by the day…

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


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  • fnd

    Jews and pedos are off limits Felix. Oy vey remember muh six gorillion(puts hand in mouth).

  • Disqusted

    Ah yes, good ol’ Mike Futter. He was in GameJournoPros, wasn’t he? I stopped visiting Game Informer when they hopped on the SJW bandwagon. So sad.

    Jokes can’t exist in a world where everyone has to bend over to whoever decides to get offended for whatever reason.

    I think it also shows how selfish people are: Whether the other person intended to offend or not is no longer relevant. No need to attempt to understand other people. The only thing that matters now is how you feel personally.

  • MusouTensei

    Should have been “Death to all SJWs” insted.

    • durka durka

      Man you mock it but we got alot of commies in my country. I would like to see them dead. “No borders” and all the crazy shit included.

      • Disqusted

        They’re not going to understand until they become victims themselves. By then, it’ll be too late.

    • Smug

      it’s like asking to cut the weed without taking care of the root

  • durka durka

    I remember watching that, i was like NO WAY LOL, THEY DID IT. ,obviously they dont know what it means but LOL.

    I was wondering how come nothing happened, i was beginning to question if PC is dead.

    Well there you go.

    Sometimes i am jealous of the jews. no one can say anything about them or its “antisemetic”

    Anyway replace death to all jews with death to all straight white males and its perfectly ok to say.

    • Disqusted

      Playing the victim is profitable. I think a lot of people are itching for some kind of “historic incident” to occur, so they can use it as an excuse to escape responsibility and get free goodies. And those people always end up screwing over real victims, but nobody cares.

    • fnd

      Oy vey delet this :^)

  • Alistair

    Ahhh we getting into the nitty-gritty a impasse in deed, we reach that. Google youtube owner and pro censorship God decided not to commet.

    While removing content and leave other questionable content alone declined to commet. Comedy gold.

    • Disqusted

      Everything is “hate speech” to people looking for excuses to play the victim. That’s why those people should never be taken seriously to begin with. They’re like an army of “the boy who cried wolf”, except despite getting busted for lying over and over, people just keep showering him with more and more cash and attention.

  • Alistair

    Yup hear it on BBC News, but what they didn’t tell you what was it about.

    The only anti-Semitism is not what he said but what two guys other side of the world had said. But Disney want a scapgoat and what is closer to hand but Pewdiepaw.

    Funny that eh and fucking silly but that the BBC for you a half arse attempt at the news.

    • Disqusted

      “but what they didn’t tell you what was it about”

      The BBC in a nutshell. They are so full of shit. Always misreporting, intentionally misleading, and covering up rampant pedophilia. And people think they’re the most reliable and trustworthy.

  • Ax

    Oh boy imagine if Felix discuss the JQs , a “race” that represents 2% of the world population controls well over 55% the WORLD fortune, all banks and media. But i’m not suppose to question anything because racism/nazism/islamophobia/ ISMS etc…

    • Smug

      oy vey goy remember those 600 gorillion

      • Unrelated to the article, but you’re in France right?

        If so, what’s Marine Le Pen like? Proper conservative or just another leftist SJW-feminist in disguise?

        • Smug

          She’s the best candidate we have right now, even if she’s less far-right than her dad (the previous leader of the FN political group). Again, be aware that the FN and Le Pen family have been treated as “literally Hitler” by the media and normalfags for decades

          Macron (the one the french media is currently shilling, since Fillon’s scandals, despite the guy has no real program) is a literal Rothschild banker and pro-EU candidate who will fuck us in the ass for good if he gets elected.

    • durka durka

      Honestly man? If Israel can stop the Muslim invasion from middle east and Africa, i welcome our jewish overlords.

      • Smug

        That’s ignoring that emptying the middle east to let it flow into white countries isnt part of the jewish/globalist plan

        killing two birds with one stone

        • durka durka

          You can never empty middle east. So i think this is a pretty stupid conspiracy theory.

          • Smug

            and “conspiracy theory” is a term invented by the CIA to make you stop thinking

          • Cats736
          • Smug

            >muh illuminati

            i bet you think white genocide is a conspiracy theory too

      • Ax

        Israel stop the invasion? is that a joke? Israel helped instigate the Muslim invasion and the spreading of rapefugees and muslim “acceptance” propaganda via PACs, “ONGs” and even Rabbis, Israel profits on wars and will now push hard for one against Iran.