Milo Resigns From Breitbart While Media Continues Assault Against #GamerGate
Milo Gamergate

During a press conference held on February 21st, former Breitbart tech editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, announced his resignation. This comes amid a media blitz attacking the editor based on some flippant remarks he made about sexual discovery as a homosexual during an interview from last year in 2016 way back in January.

CNN Money posted up the video where Milo stated…

“It would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues’ important job, which is why today I’m resigning from Breitbart effectively immediately.”

During the press conference Milo apologies for some of the things he’s said, but also notes that the media grossly misrepresented some of his statements by taking them out of context, not unlike what happened with PewDiePie recently, who was labeled as a white supremacist and a Nazi sympathizer.

Milo goes on to say…

“I’m implacably opposed to the normalization of pedophilia, and I will continue to report and speak accordingly. To repeat, I do not support child abuse. It is a disgusting crime, of which I have personally been a victim.”

Milo essentially reiterates talking points brought up by PewDiePie: that the media doesn’t care about justice for kids (as is evident with them lying to cover-up #Pizzagate) but they do care about defaming political opponents and doing hit-pieces to tear down those who are ideologically opposed to their narratives.

The media did not take any of Milo’s comments lightly, and decided to not only attack him, but also further their opposite to anti-media campaigns like #GamerGate.

In fact, Reddit user B-Volleyball-Ready compiled a list of excerpts from recent reports from the media’s coordinated assault against Milo, attempting to paint him as a pedophile.

U.S. News claimed Milo rose to prominence through #GamerGate by targeting women.

Express paints Milo as an advantageous provocateur who took charge of #GamerGate leading a harassment campaign against women.

Stephen Silver from Blasting News reiterates old talking points from 2014, claiming that #GamerGate is/was a harassment campaign against women with Milo being a “vile” voice amongst the throng. This is despite the fact that even the FBI didn’t have evidence showing that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign. Silver fails to cite any evidence for the claim, but it doesn’t stop him from making it.

The New York Daily News reiterated the same talking points of Silver, the same with Dorian Lynskey from The Guardian. They also completely ignore the fact that every study done on #GamerGate, including a peer reviewed report from WAM!, couldn’t find evidence to support the claims that it was or ever has been a harassment campaign.

And of course, everyone’s favorite fact-denier, The Washington Post, was also quick to get in on the smear, continuing to repeat the same falsehoods as all the others… almost as if it were some sort of coordinated attack put together in secret by a journalist list or something. Oh wait…

The message on /pol/ was actually posted a day before the Monday smear campaign. So either that poster is a lucky guesser, a pre-cog or part of the JournoList 3.0. And given that this is identical to the GameJournoPros attack on game culture back in 2014 when they systematically claimed that “gamers were dead”, it’s not hard to spot the patterns… again. Another journalist on the newly remade GJP 2.0 even admitted that they had reformed the list and culled the unsaintly.

This is just more of the typical brandishing from the media as a way to get people to stay in line. Obedience through dogmatic duress.

Meanwhile, Milo has announced that he will be starting his own media venture of his own, and will continue to tour college campuses around the United States, as part of his “troll academy” tour, which is bound to keep journalists apoplectic given their failure to silence Milo for good.

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