Nier: Automata 2B Gameplay Walkthrough
Nier Automata Walkthrough

Platinum Games’ Nier: Automata has become available for PS4 owners and will be available soon for PC gamers via Steam. Square Enix and Platinum Games’ new action-RPG is no walk in the park, and some gamers looking to check out a walkthrough for Nier: Automata can find one right here.

The start of the game takes a different approach to what you might have been expecting from Nier: Automata. A group of androids in space ships come down and get blown out of the sky during an operation to do recon. The first mission is an arcade scroller where you’ll have to dodge some bullet hell segments and take down the baddies while avoiding having the ship blown to bits. The segment will alternate between the vertical mech mode and the spaceship shooter mode, almost like a 3D version of Thexder.

The full game is available for viewing in a playthrough that was put together by YouTuber Shirrako.

There’s a spinning enemy during the vertical mech segment that can kill you pretty quickly. Be sure to steer clear of it at all costs, otherwise it will kill you quickly and you’ll have to restart the entire mission.

Once you defeat the enemy you’ll be able to play as 2B in the third-person mode where some small trash can robots will need to be defeated.

The first part of a boss fight will ensue. Be sure to wait for it to strike and then cut off its spiked buckets. You can also use the pod to dispatch some of the incoming fire.

After taking out some of the buckets on the boss, it will retreat and 2B will be introduced to her support liaison, 9S.

Continue to make your way through the old factory, collecting the parts from defeated robots in order to stockpile money for purchasing new equipment later on.

Follow the map toward the designated checkpoints, defeating the robots along the way. The camera will automatically change depending on the area you’re in, adding an extra bit of perspective and challenge as you move through the factory.

You can modify your weapons inside the options menu. Different weapons and items have different stats that can modify what sort of damage you do to enemies. Equipment works similar to other action-RPGs.

You’ll then have to face off against the grinding-drill boss arms again. Dodge their spin attacks and attack the buckets. This will lead toward the fight against the Goliath.

Nier Automata - Goliath Boss

He has an attack that comes from underneath – be sure to use the pod to dodge out of the way.

After taking out some of the Goliath’s health, you’ll have to then have to fight it again using the mech.

Following the defeat of the Goliath some cinematics will play, explaining how the Earth fell to aliens and their robot armies, and how the YoRHa Corporation is now tasked with clearing out the enemy robot forces to pave a way for mankind to inhabit Earth once more.

Back on the base – before you take your next mission – you can choose what kind of fighting style you prefer, ranging from balanced, to close-ranged to long-ranged and several others in between. This determines what sort of affinity you have with the weapons you pick up. You can also modify the the combat style at any point while you’re on a mission.

The next mission will see 2B and 9S on a recon mission. This means that you have to do another arcade shooting segment leading to the drop zone, which is on a rooftop of a dilapidated warehouse.

Head down the to the bottom floor to exit the building.

In order to get to the meeting spot on the map, you’ll need to navigate your way through the city ruins. Be careful and watch out for the giant robots with axes, because a few good hits and you’ll die.

Move through the buildings and beyond the spring where the waterfall is and you’ll reach the Resistance Camp.

In order to to trade weapons and gear in the camp you’ll need to help the merchant get the service box running again. In order to get it up and working you’ll need four complex gadgets. You can also pick up a side quest to help the supplier get parts to repair his leg.

You’ll find main quests marked on the map while sidequests wil have small red areas on the map marked.

Completing the quest for the weapons dealer will allow you to upgrade 2B’s weapons or purchase some new ones. You’ll need about 10,000 credits to buy a new weapon.

You can purchase animal bait from the supply shop to use it to ride on an animal if you’re in need of getting across the map quickly.

Finish up the sidequests and then pick up the main quest from Anemone to investigate the disturbance in the desert.

If you have a fishing rod you can also fish in the small springs scattered throughout the maps. Simply tap Triangle to start fishing.

Follow the marker out of the city toward the desert and you’ll meet up with a supply merchant. They readily warn you that there are no resupply stations in the desert, so you’ll need to stock up on stuff before you head out there. Make sure you stock up on health supplies and other goods before taking the journey into the desert.

There are multiple paths and routes to take. The objective is to get to the waypoint on the map, but you’ll have to take a few detours to get there. There’s actually a small area off to the left of the main path that will take you through some areas where you can gather supplies and kill some robots.

Proceed through the map until you reach the mission checkpoint located near some busted pipes. You’ll meet an NPC named Jackass who will open up the pathway for you to enter the next area.

2B and 9S will be required to take out the groups of robots – be careful because some of them have some dangerously quick attacks. Be ready to evade to avoid their buzzsaws.

Also, be sure to avoid the screaming suicide bot-bombers. Use the pod to strike them down before they can get close to you, otherwise one or two of them are enough to send you to the grave.

Continue to follow the nav points on the map and wipe out the robots. One of them will take flight toward a ruined city in the desert called the Desert Housing.

Nier Automata - Android

Follow the robot through the city and take out all the robots along the way until you get to the robot haven, where you’ll need to kill all of the robot inhabitants.

The robots will create an android that you’ll have to fight. As he loses life he gets stronger, so watch out for his attacks as his HP runs out.

You can choose to go back to the resistance camp to resupply and trade or upgrade gear.

Once you get done you can then head into the black box transport system to go back to the space station where you can pick up a sidequest mission to track down 11B’s black box, if you want.

Talk with Anemone and she’ll give 9S and 2B a small room that works as an abode for the android duo. Central command will then give the androids another mission to recover the black boxes of other androids who were shot down during a surface mission. You’ll need to use the freeway overpass in order to reach the factory where the android black boxes are located.

Back inside the factory you’ll find more robots to battle, including some with projectiles, so keep that in mind as you venture throughout the factory.

You’ll need to make your way to the ??? on the map, as indicted in the image below.

Nier Automata - Factory Map

It’s easy to get lost in the factory, so don’t hesitate to use the map to find your way around.

Once you’re done at the factory you can head back into the city across the overpass toward a section where there’s a sewer access. Hop down to begin moving toward the main mission objective.

Move through the sewer toward the ladder to head up – this will lead you toward an amusement park fireworks are going off. There are robots moving around inside, so don’t get too comfortable.

The not-so-abandoned Amusement Park will see various robots moving around, throwing a party. You’ll be a party crasher, hopping in to wreck their servos and rotators like they stole something.

If you talk to the little and big brother robots off to the side in the park entryway, you’ll receive a free earring.

The main gate leading toward the resistant signals is blocked, so you’ll need to move through the alleyways and broken park rides to get to some of the more restricted areas. For instance, you’ll need to use the broken space ride as a platform to get around to the other side of the park.

A boss fight will ensue against a Goliath Tank. It can be difficult due to the fact that it fires lots of projectiles from its base but that’s where you have to attack it. Wait for it to fire the projectiles and then jump up on top and attack the robots resting behind the turret.

Go up the stairs and ride the roller coaster to the next part of the park.

Be sure to make your modifications and equipment changes because a boss battle in the opera house will commence.

In between chipping away at the boss’ life, you’ll have to do some mini-game hacking segments, too.

Once you defeat the boss follow the robot back to the village of the machines. The machine village leader, Pascal, will request 2B to return a letter to Anemone. Anemone, in return, will have 2B playing fetch quest with Pascal, sending them on a journey back to the robot village to deliver some items to them.

There are also a few more sidequest you can pick up as well, assuming you want to spend a bit of time meandering about.

When you deliver the hydraulic oil to Pascal another main mission will commence where 2B and 9S will be required to take on a Goliath in the main city ruins.

Make your way back through the city and past the giant Goliath shooting missiles at you.

Head up the building and past the other robots on the rooftops in order to get the flight units. Head back to the dilapidated warehouse building that you started in and head all the way up to the top floor. You’ll have to fight the Goliath. The fight is identical to the fight from earlier in the game where 2B and 9S had to fight the Goliath.

Be sure to use the pod to do extra damage against the Goliath, as well as shoot the projectiles out of the air. Defeat the Goliath and hop into the mechs.

Defeat the second Goliath with the mech to proceed to the next segment.

If you travel across the rooftops you’ll encounter a level 20 robot named Father Servo. He has a series of combat trials for you that involves battling against him. He’s not a pushover so be careful when engaging him.

He’ll have another quest involving retrieving warped wire. You can retrieve the wire from just east of where the cave-in occurred in the city.

The main mission will require you to actually venture into the caved in area where there are some snake-like robots below. Be careful with these robots because their weak point is a yellow orb moving behind a drill. The orb will change positions and it’s easy to get caught by the drill.

Head through the cave into the old spaceship.

Nier Automata - Goth

2B and 9S will encounter two machines named Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve – two males – reveal that the aliens who attacked Earth were actually wiped out by their own creations: the machines.

Adam and Eve managed to evolve their AI, adapt and then overthrow the aliens. They propose to 2B and 9S to go and retrieve the humans from the moon Bunker so that they can dissect and analyze the humans. 2B and 9S refuse, and thus a fight ensues.

It’s similar to the other fight against Adam when he first came out of the machine cocoon.

Following the defeat of Adam and Eve, head back up to the moon Bunker to receive the next mission from the YoHRa Commander.

You can take on some additional side-quests before venturing out to find the rogue YoHRa units. For instance, helping the store owner find his missing supplies or heading out to the Amusement Park, Desert or Forest to help a Resistance member recover her memories.

If you head to the rooftops in the ruined city, you’ll also find a “High-Speed Robot” where you can partake in a mini-game race challenge.

You can also attempt to repair the Goliath by finding a Pristine Screw.

Alternatively, proceed back to the Machine Village where Pascal is located. Ask Pascal about the aliens and the other machines.

Pascal will direct you to the Forest Kingdom through the Commercial district in the ruins. The shopping center you’ll need to pass through is located across the bridge from the city ruins.

Examine the gate and the elevator inside the ruined mall and it will trigger multiple robots who will hop down from the ceiling. Kill them and a Yako Toro head will pop out of one of them. He will pave the way for you to get to the forest kingdom.

Go through the forest and make your way to the castle by battling through the enemy robot machines.

There are various patrols for the Forest King that you’ll encounter on your way to the castle. Also, if you stop by the lake near the waterfall you’ll find the coordinates for the photograph containing the forest waterfall, which is part of the side-quest involving restoring the memories of a resistance member. There’s also a door behind the waterfall but the robot guarding it won’t let you through.

When facing off against the Forest King’s patrols, keep in mind that they aren’t pushovers. They can kill you rather quickly, so try to single them out and take out each one one-by-one if you need to.

If you use the broken aqueducts you can platform across to get closer to the castle.

There’s a giant robot with big electric legs you’ll need to defeat in the area just outside the castle drawbridge.

Head into the castle and proceed through the castle courtyard.

The castle is designed like a throwback to the old SNES Castlevania titles. Navigate up through the platforms to get through the castle.

When you reach the top of the castle there will be a machine in a crib. A boss fight will ensure against A2, another android that deserted YoHRa.

After defeating A2, she will escape and will tell 2B and 9S that Command betrayed them and that she did not betray YoHRa.

Head back to Pascal to talk to her about A2.

You can also grab a new mission from Anemone in the resistant camp. There’s also another mission from Anemone who requests to setup a satellite camp in the forest for a resistance recon op.

If you move through the sewers you can also end up at the the Flooded City.

The Flooded city is broken down with a number of platforming segments featuring toppled over buildings. The objective is to make your way toward the missile silo in the near distance. Behind one of the buildings on the opposite side of the waterfall you’ll find another secret door with a robot guarding it. You can interact with him to get a few supplies.

Once you clear out the platform another mission will commence that sees 2B and 9S head to the sea carrier that’s under attack from the machines.

Another mini-game arcade shooting segment will commence, so gird your thumbs for some bullet-hell segments.

There will be a boss fight against a level 25 Goliath Flyer.

After defeating the Goliath a super machine will emerge with a giant EMP cannon. It’s an on-rails segment, so just dodge the enemy fire and take out the machines along the way.

For the EMP cannon, fire on the small yellow orbs to weaken it and once they’re destroyed fire on the main yellow orb in the center.

A short mini-game will ensue where 2B will need to fire a mortar cannon into the mouth of the giant machine. Yet another segment of the boss fight will ensue, this time against another EMP cannon. Rinse and repeat until the life is dwindled.

Head back to the resistance camp to acquire a dynamic scanner so that you can locate 9S. Talk to Popola and Devola to acquire the dynamic scanner from the resistance camp.

Go back to the Flooded City with the dynamic scanner and use it to locate the damaged YoRHa units. Most are on the side of the bridges or structures.

The YoRHa unit you find by a dilapidated bus will point you in the general direction of where 9S crash landed.

Proceed into the chasm in the ruined city where the underground cave is located. You’ll need to head through the tunnel that leads to an elevator. It will take you to the Copied City.

There are various chests scattered around the Copied City. The dynamic scanner will alert you of any special items to pick up along the way. Follow the road to Adam, where another boss fight will ensue. Adam will explain that he built the Copied City as a way to better understand humans and their conflict.

You’ll have to battle Adam three times.

There’s nothing else in the copied city, so once you defeat Adam and kill him 2B will retrieve 9S and leave.

A couple of new missions will be activated following the retrieval of 9S.

Pascal will meet up with 2B and work as a companion as they explore the abandoned factory, which isn’t so abandoned anymore.

Inside there is a group of fanatical religious nuts who plan on killing themselves, 2B, and Pascal. You’ll have to fight the entirety of the robots.

Head through the elevator and go outside the factory where you’ll have to battle some more robots on the platform. The rest of the factory is fairly linear, and will lead you through some obstacle courses and eventually to some spider-like machines in a room.

Continue to head up the factory silos to reach the top of the factory where you’ll face off against a Goliath class unit that’s level 30. 9S will deactivate the energy grid, which will disable the Goliath’s shields. Once you defeat the Goliath you’ll need to head back down the factory and exit. A short cinematic will play showing Eve being angry over his brother’s death. Once you get out of the factory 2B will receive a message notifying her that the resistance camp is under attack from the machines and that they request immediate backup.

Proceed to the resistance camp – there will be an increase in machine activity, so be careful as you navigate the ruined city. When 2B reaches the resistant camp she’ll find that the machines have attacked and destroyed the camp, eating the remaining survivors.

Clear out all of the machines and battle the boss just outside the camp. Eve will fuse with an army of the machines, and you’ll have to fight him in a variety of different forms. You’ll find Eve in the giant crater within the ruined city, where yet another boss fight will ensue.

Defeat Eve for the final time to complete 2B’s portion of the story and unlock Ending A. This will also open up the game mode to play as 9S.


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