Nier: Automata PC Release Date Set For March 10th
Nier Automata

When Platinum Games said that the PC release for Nier: Automata would be soon, I don’t think many people thought that they literally meant three days after the release in North America.

It’s been announced that Nier Automata will be available on Steam for PC starting March 10th. This was confirmed with a new weapons gameplay trailer that clocks in at two minutes, which you can check out below.

There will be a variety of different weapon types and upgrades available in Nier: Automata including spears, large swords, small swords and combat bracers.

The trailer does a superb job of showing off the amazing fluidity of 2B’s combat movement and animations. She moves graciously from one attack to the next while dealing major damage to her foes. The ability to seamlessly transition from a combo to a dodge move makes the fights look progressively smooth and as if players will never miss a beat.

What’s more is that each weapon appears to be devastating in its own way. We see how 2B swats away a robot with a long sword, pummels other robots with the combat bracers, and uses the pod to pepper foes with continuous projectile fire.

The fighting mechanics in the game appear to be similar to the speed and intensity found in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The main difference is that there’s no super over-the-top silliness taking place every so often.

Combining the game’s highly intuitive combat with a compelling story put together by creative mastermind Yako Taro, and featuring a protagonist that has managed to capture the attention and imagination of the gaming audience, Nier: Automata is one of those rare games coming out that actually feels like a throwback to the PS2 era when developers actually made good games that you could have fun with.

You can look for Nier: Automata to launch on PS4 in North America starting March 7th. You can look for the game to arrive on Steam starting March 10th.

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