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Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s Nioh has officially launched for the PlayStation 4. You can get your hands on the game right now. For gamers looking for a walkthrough of the game, there’s one available.

At the start of the game you’ll have the option of playing in Action Mode, which focuses on a stable frame-rate, or movie mode, which sets the frame-rate to only 30fps. Once you get the basics setup it’s time to dive into the game.

YouTuber MKIceandFire offers a full walkthrough of the game that you can check out below.

The game starts in the prison of the Tower of London.

Square is for quick attacks while Triangle is for strong attacks. You can sprint using ‘X’. You can lock onto targets by depressing the right analog stick (also known as R3).

The combat is very similar to Dark Souls. However, the enemies attack very quickly. You can find a bastard sword in a chest that you can equip after you break out of the cell. Simply beat up the wall and break through it, exit the cell, head into the guard’s room and take the sword. Kill the guard and take the dungeon key.

You can dodge enemy attacks using L1 + X.

You can assign taunts and items to the digital pad for quick access… once again, just like Dark Souls. When an enemy is weakened, you can perform a “Final Blow” by pressing Triangle.

The first main mission involves escaping from the Tower of London.

Follow the corridors, kill the guards, collect the keys and exit by going to the top of the tower. You can tap R1 and the left or right direction pad to quickly cycle through your weapons. Be mindful of your stamina because once it runs out you’ll no longer do max damage. So pace yourself and time your attacks.

The first boss at the top of the tower is Derrick the Executioner.

You’ll have to fight Derrick twice… the first time in his human form and the second time in his final form.

Derrick’s second form has a quick spinning AOE swipe attack and a dash attack. Upon defeating Derrick and watching the cinematic, you’ll be able to choose which weapon you’ll have an affinity with, including a sword, dual swords, a spear, axe and a kusarigama.

You can also choose one of three guardian spirits, including Kato, which gives you a Strength +1 bonus; Isonade, which gives you Spirit +1 bonus; and Daiba-Washi, which gives you a Skill +1 bonus.

You’ll have the choice of training with your weapons in a tutorial if you wish. They’ll also teach you how to turn your guardian spirit into a living weapon by pressing Triangle and Circle together.

You can visit the shrine to unlock your first Jutsu ability.

Make your way through the shore – be sure to take all of the items from the nearby village and proceed up the hillside.

Head through the burning village and there’s a ladder that will take you up to the rooftops where you’ll need to fight off more enemies and kill a fierce demon.

Move toward the gates and head down toward the beach. You’ll need to clear the beach and the enemies on the docks and make your way onto the boat.

A cinematic will play before you encounter the next boss fight against Onryoki.

Following the completion of the Shrine, you can then proceed to the next areas on the map. A store shop will open up where you can buy and sell the items you’ve gathered on your journey, as well as forge new gear or modify William’s look.

You can use the materials you’ve acquired to forge new weapons. If you’re missing some materials you can actually use the disassemble option to break down weapons and armor you no longer need in order to craft new weapons and armor.

The sub-mission Death to Bandits should open up, which you can take on next if you want.

It’s still set within the burning village by the shore and you’ll need to take out the leader of the bandits occupying the location.

Once you defeat the leader the mission will end. You’ll find him at the top of the village at a hut overlooking the shoreline.

The next mission is Deep In The Shadows, a level 12 quest that sees Hanzo and William searching for an old woman’s son amongst the caverns under the Nakatsu mountains.

From a cat spirit, William learns that the Aratama, the evil demon fiends, are born from the darkness of the human soul, such as grudge, rage and anger. It’s explained that the yokai and demons have grown in power and have now managed to walk the earth.

Proceed through the cave to the outside ledges and make your way down the mountain.

The caverns will eventually descend into narrow corridors and ledges where you’ll have to face off against enemies in dangerous locations.

There will be some sub-bosses you’ll have to defeat along the way.

You’ll find several of the sub-bosses looming around the waterway.

Hino-Enma will be the main boss you’ll fight at the end.

She has quick diving attacks and an aerial projectile attack along with a standing version of the attack that you’ll need to look out for.

You can attack her in between her AOE spin attacks and dives. Always keep your distance and be on the ready for her projectile attacks, which happen very quickly.

You can take on a sub mission called Finders, Keepers, which unlocks another gesture and new armor that can be smithed.

You’ll face off against a mutant ninja turtle who will run around the levels. Just chase him down and whittle his life down until he dies. The mission is quite simple.

The next main mission is The Spirit Stone Slumbers. This mission requires you to be level 19.

You’ll travel to the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, where the frame drops are so frequent that Dark Souls plays are calling it the new Blight Town.

Be careful moving through the crevices and corners because enemies will try to trap you in the corner and lock you into a seemingly impossible situation.

Moving through the village, you’ll encounter another sub-boss, this time patrolling the streets like a boss.

Head to the main temple and open the doors to fight Nue. As demonstrated in the video, it’s best to wait and watch for Nue’s pattern before you jump in to fight him.

The doors ahead are sealed by a power, so you’ll have to move down into the catacombs via the stairs on the left.

Moving further down into the catacombs will lead you to a teasure room filled with ancient status. There are some hard-hitting enemy statues you’ll have to fight, but they’re slow, so as long as you don’t get hit you should be okay. They do take a lot of life, though.

Defeating the enemies will eventually unlock the doors sealed throughout the catacombs. You’ll then be able to open the doors and head back to the area where the door was originally closed after defeating the familiar Nue.

You’ll be accompanied by the Princess by the time you reach the doors and she’ll help you take down nearby enemies to find Tachibana.

The evil sorcerer will transform into Tachibana Muneshige and a boss fight will ensue. He’s not very difficult. You can use the pillars to force him to strike and then counter his attacks.

The video above is a collection of side missions, assuming you want to see how to complete them.

Near the end of the video at the 46 minute mark, another main mission is undertaken.

A cinematic will play as the crew encounters Umi-Bozu for the first time.

The Mohri clan will require aid and you’ll end up in the Chugoku region. The first main mission is called The Silver Mine Writhes. You’ll need to be at least level 27 before you take it on. As the name implies, you’ll be traveling deep into the cavernous chasms of a silver mine called Iwami-Ginzan.

The trick to getting through the mines is that there’s a poisonous mist and you’ll need plenty of antidotes to deal with it. You’ll also need to clear out the poisonous and avoid getting too close to the stones otherwise you’ll be poisoned. There are air purifiers located around the area that you can activate to suck up the poisonous mist within an area.

Before heading into any of the areas where the mist is prevalent, be sure to look for the machines so you can clear it out, otherwise you’ll fall down into an area and get poisoned.

If you follow the poison mist and continue to dispel it, it will eventually lead you through the mine tunnels toward an open area where you’ll have to fight a giant centipede monster.

Cutting and slashing at its body will chop it down to size, literally.

Activate the flame to proceed forward.

The video above goes through a few more sub missions, including The Three Angry Gods, which is designated for those level 31 and higher, but then quickly gets back to the main mission by taking on the level 38 quest, The Ocean Roars Again.

The mission is still the typical travel through the stage and kill everything in sight. Be careful, however, as moving around corners has a tendency of containing nasty surprises in the form of men wielding swords who will strike before you have time to react. So literally, be on guard.

Also, use the platforms to your advantage – you can knock enemies off into the water.

The stage is rather lengthy, and some water slimes can definitely prove to be difficult as they move from water to land, giving you a tough time. If you have enough proficiency with a long range weapon, it doesn’t hurt to kill them from afar.

Move through the level and light the torches and gather up all of the Kodama spirits in order to fight the main boss.

There’s also an alternate playthrough provided by Shirrako, using different skillsets and equipment in order to battle through the yokai in Nioh.

Additionally, there is a 42 video playlist featuring all of the boss fights – and only the boss fights – from Nioh on the PS4.

YouTuber PowerPyx has a video guide for fighting and defeating each of the bosses. You can check out the playlist below, which covers each of the fights from start to finish, along with the special second boss in the true ending.


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