Pale Moon Crisis Gameplay Walkthrough
Pale Moon Crisis

The censored and uncensored versions of Pale Moon Crisis, also known as Mansion, are available right now. The censored version recently made its way to Steam, which is like a sexy rendition of Resident Evil. If you need a walkthrough to help get through the game, this guide might be able to help you out.

At the start of the game after the dialogue sequence between Sara and her partner concludes, walk to your right through the first hallway until you hear a rumbling, like the gurgling stomach of a foul Cthulhu creature who ate one too many Taco Bell burritos. Once that happens, walk back to your left and a monster will appear. Sara will need to head back to her right and then you can start grabbing items as you make your way through the mansion. Search the boxes in the hallway to grab a band-aid, chocolate and a key, as indicated in the walkthrough below provided by YouTuber Rising Superstream.

Head through the door at the end of the hallway after you get the bronze key. When you walk to the end of the hall, another gurgling rumble from an Old One will shake the house – head back through the door where you came from. A zombie rapist will be there, but you can just walk past him if you want and exit the door.

The mansion will have altered and you’ll end up in the main hall again. Head upstairs and go to the corner of the screen on your right. There’s a clockwork item on the floor that you’ll need to grab.

Head to the left and exit to the next area. There’s a chest with a bandaid inside and another rapist zombie. You can just walk past the zombie if you want and exit through the door.

You’ll need to head to your right where there’s a sexy demon maid with gross arms. You’ll find the lighter on the dresser at the end of the room just past the maid. Take it.

Pale Moon Crisis - Lighter

Head back past the maid toward the door on the left side of the room from whence you came. Walk past (or kill) the zombie and head back through the door where another zombie is near the candles on the side of a picture where a big busty painting is hanging.

Kill the zombie rapist and then use the lighter to light the candles on the right of the table.

Head back downstairs and then use the clock face from your inventory to place it into the grandfather clock.

Move the hour hand by turning it a full circle. Nothing will happen. Move the hour hand by turning it a full circle again. Something will happen.

Head back upstairs and the box in between the two candles will allow you to take a silver key.

Proceed back downstairs and head through the door next to the grandfather clock.

Head all the way to your right towards the locked door and use the silver key to open it. Down the first hallway and you can get some handgun ammo.

Continue to your right down the hallway and there’s another zombie. Kill the zombie and check the box to get the bandaid. Head downstairs to meet up with Bruno.

Another giant zombie will be down in the basement. Shoot it and grab the handgun ammo in the corner.

Head back upstairs toward the room with the corridor and the bookshelf just before you reach the corridor will have a silver key. Bend down to examine it to get the key.

Head back into the basement and there’s a door behind Bruno to the right that you can use the silver key on. Inside the room there’s another zombie that you must kill. Inside the box is a crank. Take it.

Go back upstairs and through the hallway that has the corridor passage that leads to the room with the hole in it on the right side of the double book case. Use the crank to place it inside the hole to open up the secret passageway.

A zombie will pop out, so kill the zombie and head inside.

There’s a piece of chocolate in the box to the right of the staircase. Take it. Head downstairs and avoid the licker – on the right of the staircase there is a box with a bronze key inside. Take it.

Proceed through the doors and head upstairs to the locked door next to the basement. Use the bronze key to unlock the door and head inside.

There’s some chocolate on the box and through the next door there will be a maid. Kill the maid and take the handgun ammo from the box on top of the fireplace.

There’s a box under a painting in the first floor dining room that’s locked with a three number combination.

Head to 1F to kill a tentacle monster and grab a band aid in the box on the floor.

Proceed upstairs and kill the zombie, head through the door to the right and read the book on the book shelf. Don’t take the plant or you will be poisoned and die. Light the candelabra.

Head back downstairs into the dining room where the locked box is. The combination to open it is: 1, 2, 0

You’ll gain the multi-tool for your efforts.

Proceed upstairs and go into the room on the right with the deer mounted on the wall. Use the multi-tool to take out the eye. You’ll gain a glass eye.

Go back into the previous room with the deer mounted head overlooking the staircase and place the glass eye into the taxidermy décor. It may take a while before it works but keep trying… it’s a bit buggy.

This will unlock the desk in the room to your right. So proceed into the room with the bookshelves and the deer head and to your far right the locked desk will be unlocked. Take the silver key inside.

A devil will appear; kill it with your gun or knife.

Head back to the first floor and proceed through the dining room to the locked door on the left side of the fireplace. Use the silver key to unlock the door.

On the right of entering the room, use the multi-tool to repair the door knob. You’ll still need a key to unlock it. Grab the gold key from the room to the far left after killing the licker. The key is in box sitting over the fireplace.

There’s a fat rapist man upstairs; kill the rapist and proceed to the right to use the gold key on the door and enter inside.

There are two keys on pedestals. Take the keys and place the gold key on the left pedestal and the silver key on the right pedestal. Exit the room with the bronze key and use the key on the locked door on the opposite side of the hall to your left.

Proceed through the door on the left and head downstairs. Walk through the doors and head back around and go upstairs and replace the silver key on the pedestal with bronze key. Head back downstairs and go to the right and use the silver key to unlock the door.

Head to the center corridor through the room with the staircase by using the silver key on the door to the far right of the room.

There is an iron key you can take from the desk in the next room.

Use the silver key to unlock the door to make your way back to the upstairs area and use the iron key to unlock the door to the left of the upstairs area. Head back to the room with the pedestals and replace the gold and bronze keys with iron keys. Tale the gold and bronze keys.

Use the bronze, silver and gold key in the fireplace located in the room to the left of the grandfather clock.

A rumbling will occur. Exit the room and head to your right. Defeat the monsters until you get to the locked door to the right of the fireplace. To the left of the fireplace there’s a small chest with a bronze key inside.

Head downstairs and to your right. There’s a candy bar inside the room along with a zombie. Kill the zombie and head into the next room, 1F dining room. There’s a fat rapist. Kill him and take the silver key from the box. Put out the fires on both candelabras.

Use the bronze key on the locked door in the hall of 1F. A licker will fall from the ceiling. Kill him and head to your right and you’ll find a lighter on the desk. Use the silver key to enter 1F living room.

Head upstairs to 2F staircase and you’ll find a crank in the far right corner. Use the lighter on the candelabras and take the gold key from the lock box. Head into the next room with the crank and use it on the hole to open the secret door.

Head back downstairs where the other two candelabras are located under the painting and put out the candles and it will open the lock box. Take the revolver.

Head back upstairs and use the gold key on the door where Bruno is hiding; a boss will drop down. Use the revolver to kill the boss and enter the room to complete the game. You can see what the alternate scenes look like in Pale Moon Crisis’ uncensored version known as Mansion. Warning, the video is clearly not safe for work, courtesy of Zamir Lopez.

Pale Moon Crisis is available right now on the Steam store for $4.99. The Steam version is censored, however. If you want the uncensored version, you can get it from the NSFW DLSite.


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