Phoning Home Gameplay Walkthrough
Phoning Home Gameplay Walkthrough

Ion Lands’ Phoning Home is a classic throwback to old-school 3D adventure games, not unlike The Legend of Zelda during the N64 age, or the Dreamfall games. For gamers looking for a little help getting through the large, sandbox-style adventure title, Phoning Home, this walkthrough just might help.

The game starts with a cinematic where the ship that Ion is on crash lands on a planet. After the crash players are put into the driver control of Ion on crashed ship.

You’ll first need to grab a weapon using ‘E’, which is a pipe on a ramp. Head over the platform and past the burning wreckage toward the patch mushrooms. You can scan and acquire the mushrooms and red flowers to extract seeds. You can see how this is done thanks to the walkthrough put together by YouTuber Nokzen.

Open your inventory with ‘I’ and craft the Mytox to restore Ion’s fuel. You’ll need both mushrooms and flower seeds to craft fuel for iOn.

The next task is crafting a circuit for EU_18 so that they can phone home.

You’ll also need to acquire the acid from roots for circuit coatings. You can then craft a circuit purge once you acquire the roots. Proceed back to the crashed ship in order to fix EU_18’s circuit board. Simply head into the ship and repair the circuit at the far back of the ship.

The next task involves initializing the long range transmission array, which requires traveling to the top of a hill. Simply follow the marker.

Move through the field and collect as many different resources as possible. You’ll then need to head up to the top of another plateau to reach a relay system that’s defunct. You’ll need to gather up resources in order to build a teleporter.

Use the marker on the map to find the hull wreckage. Acquire the resources from the wreck and build the teleporter.

Use the teleporter to get the other side of the chasm to gather up the resources.

Continue to follow the yellow marker.

You should find some Thuranon while heading toward the marker that leads you to the private cruiser in the field.

You’ll need to gather resources in order to build a solar module for the downed private cruiser. This will require extracting more material from nearby objects just outside the ship.

You’ll find a lot of photonics by heading west, following the resource symbol on your compass.

You’ll see where you can acquire the necessary materials with the Phoning Home video walkthrough below.

The rest of the materials will be located on a small, rocky hill just south of the private cruiser.

Once you build the communications array you can enter into the ship and repair the control unit so you can find ANI, the mobile unit, as per PC_2’s request.

Head northwest through the ravine and follow the marker up the hill until you reach the giant rock boulder monster. You may want to float around and avoid confronting him. You can move along the edge of the area to jump up the platforms to bypass the rock monster. Be careful because when he smashes the ground he can still harm you.

Follow the yellow nav marker south.

And continue to gather resources so you can build a photon pulse and an attractor. You’ll need a power cell and nanos for the attractor.

If you continue to head south you’ll happen upon a tree with platforms made of light. Platform up to grab some additional resources and then head toward the trees where the giant bird is nesting.

Use the pulse to shoot the bird away from the nest. It will require several shots. Once it leaves simply platform up to the top of the nest area and enter into the portal.

You’ll find Ani just to the northwest of the portal.

You can activate and deactivate the follow mode by tapping ‘F’ on the keyboard.

You can help Ani get to areas that can only be reached by jetpacks by using the teleport function.

You can also equip Ani with a weapon can be crafted from your inventory. You can use ‘C’ to have Ani fire at hostile lifeforms.

The Attractor can be built once you reach the junk pile the end of the chasm and collect all of the resources. .

Once you’re done crafting and collecting, head all the way back to the opposite side of the chasm and climb up the mountain along with Ani by using the Attractor. It can be tedious and tricky, so take your time.

Continue through the gorge and be sure to use teleporters in areas where you can’t manually boost up or roll, or where the jump is too far or too high to make. You can only use the teleporters on the shiny rock formations, so keep an eye out for them.

There’s a corrosive storm that may come through the desert area. If you don’t have the full plating and hull protection added to Ani, you can wait out for the dust storm to pass and then proceed toward the small desert town.

Search through the houses to gather up supplies. You’ll need to repair the generator to get the beamer on the roof working. You’ll find the generator on the side of the house. Following the generator repair you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade Ion’s memory.

Watch out for red glowing piles of bug debris flying in the air. You can zap them out of the air.

If you examine the texts on the walls and on the sign you can then decipher their language. Fly up to the roof of the building with the solar panel on it by using the generator on the back of the building. Repair the solar panel.

Head inside the workshop building with the sign on it to turn on the search light to see the tumbler sprites blocking the path out of the town.

Use the teleporter to head back to the forest so the samples gathered in the town can be taken back to the PC_2 ship.

Sister will analyze the material Tetrerium.

The next mission involves going back to the desert town. However, in order to see the enemy bug swarms, the tumblers, you’ll need to build a light probe.

Follow the yellow marker up to the portal and head through it.

There’s a radio tower up in the distance, so Ion and Ani will need to travel up the mountainside to reach the tower. Simply follow the marker southwest up to the top of the mountain.

You’ll need a circuit purge to repair the transmission array’s generator.

Proceed back down the mountainside to toward the west, as indicated by the marker. If you head past the tumblers trapped in the light, you’ll find some more Tetretrium.

Continue west through the desert. Use the teleporters to avoid the sand traps.

The video above shows you where to place the teleporters and how to get through the desert area.

Once you get through the rocky area of the desert you can move along the edges near the small mountains to avoid any dangers.

Head toward the giant skeletal structure in the distance while still proceeding west.

Just past the skeleton of the giant creature is a pathway that leads up into the mountains toward the next communications array.

The terrain leading up to the array is extremely hazardous. Have Ani stay at the bottom of the mountain and reach the top where there’s a teleportert rock. Place it down and then head back down to Ani so she can use to reach the higher ground.

The ability to upgrade Ani with a thruster is also available.

Up near the station are several tumblers that you’ll have to fight, so be sure to clear them out first before fixing the transmission array.

Once you get the transmission tower repaired you’ll only have one more to fix to the south.

Proceed down the mountain to the south toward the next radio station.

The journey will take you across the desert where mammoth scorpion-looking monsters are doing battle.

Be sure to avoid them.

After they finish fighting the monsters will roam around. You can watch the patterns and avoid having any interactions by staying out of the way.

You can use the Attractor to keep Ani close by your side in case you want to speed through the desert area. A sandstorm may also take place, so be sure the corrosive plating is upgraded.

The mountain area can be tricky because there are tumblers up along the path. You can either have Ani wait at the bottom of the mountain while you clear out the tumblers or you can use the Attractor to take her up with you. There are about three tumblers in the area, so be mindful of that.

The broken solar panel will require a solar module in order to repair the transmission/communications tower.

Before all the craziness with the towers is completed you’ll need to proceed to one more radio tower, a smaller one, and synch up the other three towers.

The smaller radio station is northwest from the position of the southern radio mast.

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