Political Climate And Social Media Has Raised Stress Levels In America

With the media constantly peppering major social media networks with lots of manufactured controversies and hit-pieces against anyone they feel needs to be taken down a peg, it has created an actual adverse effect on people using social media. According to the American Psychological Association, they released a study where they revealed that 57% of Americans admitted that the political climate has contributed to a somewhat significant amount of stress in their life. That number is up from 52% of Americans feeling the political climate induced stress in their life from back in August, 2016.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a lot of Americans are undergoing stress due to the fact that 65% of Americans use social media as of 2015, compared to just 7% from back in 2005. That’s a massive 58% jump over the last decade.

Those aged between 18 and 29 years of age have seen an even bigger jump, with 90% of respondents admitting to using social media compared to just 12% from a decade ago.

All of this social media usage – and the turmoil that comes with it – has significantly contributed to raised stress levels in young and older adults alike. That’s no surprise given how much Twitter and Facebook have created social divides with manufactured segregation between political sides. They’ve purposefully filtrated out certain trends or keep certain people from viewing certain kinds of hashtags in order to control the message. This ranges from censoring topics like Pizzagate, to ensuring that certain Conservative viewpoints are squelched from the public view on Facebook.

Major social media corporations have also gone a step further, using things like message throttling and shadowbans in order to prevent certain people from engaging with others. This creates a lot of hostility, echo-chambers and negative information feedback loops.

Even more than that, the report indicates that the high-stress factors in American life have also raised expectations in the employment field, forcing a lot of people to constantly check their e-mail and work load remotely. The report indicates that on a 10 point scale, people who constantly check their work e-mail on their days off have a stress level of 6.0.

It’s kind of sad that the report seems to indicate that Americans are over-worked and overly worked up regarding the divisive political climate that was made this way thanks to corrupt media outlets. In fact, 70% of Americans think that the mainstream media has done nothing but contribute negativity to the nation.

Of course, there is one way to fix the problem with the perception of stress and social media, and I think Tyler the Creator had the right idea five years ago.

(Main image courtesy of CandraPopokStudios)

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