Polygon’s Readers Turn On Them Following PewDiePie Nazi Fear-Mongering
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2017)

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera penned a piece on February 15th, 2017 titled “PewDiePie versus the media: Why he’s so mad to be losing the fight”. The article advocates a censurable stance against politically incorrect jokes, memes and content creation. This comes after Felix “PewdiePie” Kjellberg did a parody video poking fun at another YouTuber named Keemstar by having another set of YouTubers dance and joke while raising a sign saying “Death to the Jews”.

Kuchera criticizes PewDiewPie, real name Felix Kjellberg, for taking an active stance against the “politically correct police”.

Kuchera quotes one of PewDiePie’s recent videos where the content maker stated…

“I truly believe these articles slamming people like me for these topics, they’re doing more harm than good, they’re doing more harm than I’m doing by saying them. I think being the political correctness police is essentially just going to fuck us all over, and this year, 2017 I decided I’m taking a stance back, I’m going to be true to myself. I want to do the sense of humor that I enjoy, and this is the price for it, I’m fine with that.”

Kuchera ties all of this back to Nazism and white supremacy, citing links to the Daily Stormer and talking about how this is empowering hate groups, writing…

“Kjellberg is empowering and emboldening hate groups. Ignoring that fact is irresponsible for everyone from PewDiePie to YouTube itself, and especially the press covering online gaming culture.”

Kuchera ends the piece by attempting to use minatory language about what PewDiePie should do next, writing that this can be the beginning of a more positive story if the popular YouTuber just changes his ways, writing…

“This isn’t the end of the story, it can be the beginning of a much more positive chapter for the popular entertainer. Just as before, he has all the power necessary to do the right thing.”

Polygon’s own audience didn’t seem to be buying what Kuchera was selling.

User expcondrum was not amused with the misrepresentative tone taken by Polygon to paint PewDiePie as some sort of right-wing propagandist, writing in the comment section…

“It wasn’t more than one day before Polygon was willing to label Felix an Anti-Semite. Not looking into the bigger picture that corporations like YouTube (let’s not pretend they aren’t harboring far worse right-wing speakers).


“And defending a long ranting piece about media’s soft place in this that includes scare quotes that label him a right-wing agenda pusher (which he has never fucking ever in his life done) and that this shock humor is pushing the limits.


“There’s a problem in our country. PewDiePie is not it.”

Some users stated that it was just a joke and that it was being taken out of context. Others said that even joking about anti-semitism is still anti-semitism.

Others like Adrian Bliss simply called out Polygon, writing…

“polygon [embarrasses] itself again. His point was pro-pc, that that kind of content and messages can and has seeped into and throughout our modern entertainment and in using that iconography in an absurdest manner he was metaphorically taking a piss on it the complete opposite to what you believe of him and painted him. But you didn’t get any of that did you.”

Some users began exercising self-awareness and their own research, realizing that what some of the larger outlets like Polygon have been peddling doesn’t quite synch up with reality. Sumthin_gud writes…

“So after reading further into it and watching a video from h3h3, I don’t think this guy deserves the nastiness coming in his direction. Sure, he did something a bit tasteless, but that’s all it really was. He’s not an anti-semite. I think the best thing he can do at this point is to make a serious video against the white nationalists.”

One user, named Ofx360 literally called Ben Kuchera out for lying. A screen cap of the comment is below along with a link to a video from H3H3 Productions where they discuss the situation and explain how the media has been misrepresenting the entire thing to the general public.

While some of the comments attempt to defend Kuchera’s opinion piece, others just weren’t having it. They even called Polygon out on their Twitter profile page.

There are literally dozens  more tweets all lambasting Polygon for the hit-piece against PewDiePie, and Kechura’s their attempt to tie him to far-right Nazi white supremacist.

Times are definitely changing.

Audiences are no longer sitting back and drinking in the propaganda as if it represents truth. Loyalists are no longer standing by the side of pundits pushing misinformation, and opinion pieces trying to smear a YouTuber for a tasteless joke as some sort of right wing Nazi element has helped wake a lot of people up to the media’s SJW agenda.

And for those who forgot… here’s a little reminder of Ben Kuchera’s “Rape is funny” sense of humor, courtesy of the Ralph Retort.

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  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Ah, PolyGONE…the website that also does NOT know how to play a video game (e.g. Doom (video game)? Star Fox Zero?)…


  • Alistair

    Others that defending polygon Ben, are white knighting so hard I can hear them from here.

    other think I loath more in a SJWs frenzy culture is their white knights.

    But what got me riled up more is the

  • Raging Papist

    “He’s not an anti-semite. I think the best thing he can do at this point is to make a serious video against the white nationalists.”

    Take note from this cuck, who just wants to “help him”. This is the exact thing that Pewdiepie should NOT do. What he is saying is that Polygon and SJWs will stop attacking if he just apologizes. That never works, as SJWs see is as an omission of guilt. Even then, he is telling Pewdiepie to get on board with Polygon and say “Nazis aren’t cool man.”

    Never be a slave to their fucking narrative. GamerGate should have taught all of us that by now.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      It does not matter how much Felix apologises…as the mainstream news media drones will often aggressively portray themselves as the “truth” (lol) by deliberately ignoring Felix’s message, and then the mainstream news media drones will continue shilling for the mainstream news media’s crazy deceit, even though they know full well that the mainstream news media is a propaganda centre. Mainstream news media must be closed down!

  • Fyrex

    WSJ = White Supremacist Journal as the WSJ is now being endorsed by the Daily Stormer, their number 1 fansite.

    • Someone should do an article how the WSJ fed more hits and recognition to the Daily Stormer and white nationalism than PewDiePie ever did (or could).

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Trying to shame one of the most popular YouTubers for promoting nazism isn’t a clever idea, with the fans defending their beloved YouTubers with passion and not buying media’s bullshit. Didn’t they took their lesson from James Rolfe’s “controversy” regarding Ghostbusters remake? How many readers believed media’s bullshit regarding James Rolfe being sexist? Zero.
    Only a tiny minority of feminazi Ghostbusters defenders would attack him.

  • Outrunner

    it’s becoming ridiculous.

  • Nanya

    He and his clique attacked gamers.

    I have ZERO sympathy for the fallout of this article.

  • SevTheBear
    • TheOnceAndFutureKing

      Death to all jews = Hate speech, controversial, not just a joke, and racist

      Death to white males = LOL its just a joke you neckbeard MRAs

      • Smug

        hahaha fuck white supremacists I want to get out of this racist country

        what me in a brown/black country? hahaha no I’ll move in another rich country with a greater density of white people hahaha

        • TheOnceAndFutureKing

          I wonder how leftists would react if there was some kind of a haven like a separate country or planet that all white conservatives could escape too.

  • Disqusted

    Thanks for the writeup. Propygonda can’t die soon enough. It’s sad that it takes years and years of blatant ridiculous lies before people start to get redpilled.

    And that slimey piece of shit Kuchera is still alive? It says a lot that he was quick to use the SJW/Soros favorite propaganda terms “Nazism and white supremacy”. Helps push their “Trump is a Nazi white supremacist” narrative. I see it on the television, too. Whenever the news talks about Trump supporters, they try super hard to smear them as insane “white supremacists”.

    You can tell who the lying pieces of shit are just by them using that bullshit, because it’s complete utter nonsense. FAKE NEWS.

    • Chad Tyler Meadows