Prey Video Shows Mimic Enemies, Shotguns, Wrenches And Exploration
Prey 2017
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2017)

Bethesda and Arkane released an hour’s worth of footage for Prey, the upcoming first-person sci-fi action-adventure game. Players get to see the combat, interactions and some of the odd weapons and the environments that you can explore.

PC Gamer managed to post up an entire hour’s worth of the beginning of Prey, giving gamers a look at the video settings, the options menu and the gameplay. You can check out the full video below.

The video starts with Morgan in their apartment (you can choose either male or female at the start).

You can search through objects in the house, pick up just about anything and throw it around, seeing the physics on full display. It’s very similar to Half-Life 2.

The first 10 minutes or so is just mostly dicking around in the apartment with various fixtures, objects and appliances. The interactivity is similar to System Shock, insofar that there are objects located inside storage containers, drawers and other interactive objects.

During the game’s intro there’s some really cool synth music that plays, hinting at the game possibly having an awesome soundtrack even if it doesn’t seem to match the game at all. I was expecting some kind of electronic ambiance – it seems like it would have fit better with the post-modern sci-fi themes, but I guess Arkane wanted some sexy sounding synth to make Prey sound as cool as possible while you play.

After the initial tutorial phase the game puts players back into Morgan’s apartment, only this time they get a hold of a wrench that can be used to break the glass and escape the simulation pod. It’s almost identical to the start of System Shock.

One of the actual neat things about the game is that the mimics, the black gooey enemies, can actually inhabit and embody random objects. This means that you have to be careful what you pick up to .

Combat and exploration most certainly reminds me of Dishonored – it’s kind of frenzied and unwieldy.

After the 40 minute mark you’ll begin to access the more open structure of Talos I, the space station you’re on. The environment is setup similar to the original BioShock, with a large hub that players can use to get around and explore other sections of the station.

Visually there’s an odd mix of art deco and 1950’s vintage sci-fi décor. It sort of works, but I’m not quite sure if it’s supposed to be horror, lavish or just… there.

Anyway, if you like slower, methodically paced exploration FPS titles, Prey might be a game for you. It’s due for release on May 5th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • LurkerJK

    The player is certainly doing his or her best to make the gameplay be as boring as possible

  • Wisdomcube2000

    Friendly reminder that Bethesda robbed us of Prey 2 for this boring game.

    • Doubt the game would have been anything special after having to downgrade it for the 360 and PS3. A lot of tech demos back then were cool and could have ended up the way they were demonstrated if they were led on PC (like Crysis) but there’s no way that would have happened with the concepts of Prey 2. It likely would have ended up being some kind of dumbed down, nav-point shooter with light RPG elements.

      • Wisdomcube2000

        I would have rather held out hope that they could pull it together in a rough, but decent (and more inspired) game instead this new take on the Prey IP. That’s just my opinion though.

      • ScarredBushido

        don’t remind me…..still salty at the awesome tech demo of infinite 🙁

  • ScarredBushido

    man that was a long 1hr.

    it honestly looks like they are just putting bioshock/system shock and half-life together to make a game. it looks reallllly boring and those mimics are fuking more annoying then those head crabs from half life . Also the music that starts playing during a enemy encounter really kills my ears.

    looks really meh imo.

    • Game definitely looks boring from what they’ve shown. Then again, I really hate slime monsters because it feels so displaced from having a satisfying enemy to dispose of. I almost feel like when you’re fighting goo monsters you need either a proton pack to zap them and put them on fire or a vacuum cleaner.

      • durka durka

        I thought that too, but this is like reverse system shock. instead of worrying what lurks in the darkness, you never know which object around you might be an enemy.

        • I did like that the enemies can inhabit objects. I just wish the mimic designs weren’t so derivative.

      • ScarredBushido

        also when he/she/they use a wrench they moan lmfao i can see that getting annoying, Anita bitch about the way women moan sexually when they get hit now i can see her bitching when a women use a wrench lmfao

    • durka durka

      1.Thats the point 0451. never know when they appear to get you, you get paranoid.
      3.The music is nerve wrecking.

      I dont see how this is boring? The player sucks he is too slow, it took him an hour to get to his office?

      • ScarredBushido

        1. imo it just a mess of ideas ( prefer prey 2 )
        2.they didn’t make me paranoid or scared. they were annoying

        3. again it doesn’t make me nervous or scared. it just hurts my ears.