RealPolitiks Cheats Remove Debt, Gives Infinite Money, Action Points
Realpolitiks Cheats
(Last Updated On: February 19, 2017)

Being a politician is hard work. There’s all that filibustering, schmoozing with lobbyists, making false promises during media tours, and basically finding any which way possible to be the most humane sycophantic sociopath in order to become a public-facing representative for all the corruption hiding behind the bureaucratic veil of the powers that be. Well, with Jujubee S.A’s RealPolitiks, you get to deep dive into the geopolitical controversies that fuel global conflict, diplomacy and the thin balancing act to maintain civil democracy.

For gamers who have been having a hard time trying to maintain peace, influence and progress in RealPolitiks, don’t sweat it. There are cheat trainers available right now to help you become the next Putin, Stalin, Lenin or Trump.

RealPolitiks - Donald Trump Room Service

The first set of cheats are available in a free trainer available for download over on the Mr. Antifun page.

There are eight cheats available that you can check out below.

  • Infinite Money
  • No Debt
  • Infinite Nature Resources
  • Infinite Action Points
  • No Unemployment
  • Super HDI Level
  • Instant Project
  • Instant Building Progress

I’m pretty sure Obama wish he had the “No Debt” cheat before coming into the office; but he was probably grinning ear to ear knowing it wasn’t in the Oval Office’s repertoire as he was packing his bags and leaving the White House for good.

Anyway, Each of those cheats will help you in the long run, paying off people, removing debt ceilings, utilizing an infinite supply of natural resources, and of course having infinite action points so you can upgrade and maximize your prowess to a near limitless state.

In order to use the cheats, first you’ll need to start a game world and select the country you would like to begin in. Let a day day pass so that it’s registered in memory and then open the cheat trainer. In order to utilize the instant building progress, you’ll also need to first start a building project and once it begins to make progress proceed to activate the cheat.

The same applies to some of the other cheats available from the Realpolitiks premium trainer available from the Cheat Happens download page.

The major difference between the two trainers is that one is free and one is not. However, you do gain access to more Realpolitiks cheats from the premium trainer. You can check out the list of cheats below.

  • Unlock Developer Mode
  • Fast Project Progress
  • Change Resources Modifier
  • Change HDI Basic Level
  • Change GDI Modifier
  • Change Population Modifier
  • Change Army Limit Modifier
  • Lose War
  • Add Money
  • Add Action Points
  • Add Score
  • Add Warmonger
  • +8 Editor

The developer mode could definitely prove to be useful for those who like tinkering with the stats under the hood.

Speaking of the stats… the user reviews are quite mixed, with some people enjoying the game for the amount of control and depth it gives you over empowering or enslaving a region, while others decried that RealPolitiks doesn’t give you enough control and all the under the hood stats just sort of roll on their on.

The user reviews are definitely polarizing.

Nevertheless, the game is available for $24.99 over on the Steam store for those of you actually interested in global diplomacy, fear-mongering, progress, development or tyranny.

(Main image courtesy of Napulione Buonaparte)

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  • Disqusted

    Saw some screenshots of the GUI earlier, and it looked like ass.

  • durka durka

    I tried that game it does not worth that money its horrible, especially the HUD, it is so intuitive and confusive. Its not complex just badly design and without the EU and NATO, it really makes for a unbalanced game. I tried playing as Germany and i was attacked by italy, no one helped me. I tried playing as Greece and i was attacked by japan….does japan not have a pacifist policy? Also they removed ISIS in the last update, that is kinda of a downgrade.

    Anyway now that you can remove debt, i can play as Greece and take over Europe or turn Ethiopia into a futuristic city.

    • Disqusted

      Japan attacking Greece is so unlikely in reality that it sounds hilarious.

      • durka durka

        It did happen though, men i wasnt hurting anyone i was just minding my own business lowering unemployment from 30% by hiring more troops for the military and japan was like “yup gonna attack yo ass”

        Aside from the fact japan has a pacifist policy, i highly doubt they even know what Greece is let alone how to get there, but somehow i was attacked as if their are right next my borders…seriously this game is messed up. There is no NATO or eu but you can start your own bloc and invite other countries, but you cant join other countries, so Germany France and Luxembourg started their own bloc but no other country joined.

        It is seriously messed up, like it exists in parallel universe.

        • Oh man, if you can edit the scripts you should force other countries to join the bloc and make up a fake EU, and then let get it flooded with terrorists, and then make Britain Brexit. Use the no debt cheat on Greece, and then watch as they rise to power again and philosophy becomes the main force of knowledge spread in the education systems around the world.

          • durka durka

            Well in order to do that i am gonna have to switch to a authoritarian system to fight the commies.


            They seem to be antiGreek Culture as this guy says.

            It is weird how sjws are responsible for every country going to shit and good people fearing to be called fascists and racists.

            As for terrorists, well this game commits another game sin, you can get attacked by terrorists in your own country that have more tanks and fighter jets than you.

            How the fuck is that possible? Did they smuggle airplane and tank parts when they entered the country?

            I am struggling to buy tanks and jets and wait over 100 days till they are built but terrorists seem to be able to pop up new ones out of their butt hole.

            Seriously this game is messed up it needs cheats.

    • Anyway now that you can remove debt, i can play as Greece and take over Europe or turn Ethiopia into a futuristic city.