Resident Evil 7’s Violence/Gore Heavily Censored In Japan
Resident Evil 7
(Last Updated On: February 13, 2017)

I know a lot of people complain about how American culture has been pussified by SJWs, and how the censorship brigades have locked up content tighter than a nun’s hymen, but sometimes we get a small slice of culture from other regions where the censorship is even worse. Case in point: Resident Evil 7 in Japan.

Censored Gaming put together a short comparison video showing the differences between the Western release of Resident Evil 7 and the Japanese release of the game. It’s only two minutes and 40 seconds but it’s enough to get the gist of what’s changed.

The clips show a couple of different scenarios that have been vastly altered between both versions of the game.

For instance, the black deputy’s head is no longer severed and in the refrigerator in the Japanese version of Resident Evil 7.

Additionally, you no longer have to reach inside the deputy’s neck and pull out the snake key in the Japanese version either. When Ethan gets his hand cut off by his crazy girlfriend Mia, it’s no longer a bloody stump on the floor but instead a hand covered in black goo.

I was really hoping to see if the actual arm severing even stayed in the game, because those are some serious censorship changes they’ve put into play.

Typically, for some Western releases, we see various types of sexual innuendo and suggestive content being censored out of the game that was originally present in the Japanese version, such as Fire Emblem: Fates or the pelvic bones being removed from Tokyo Mirage Sessions: #FE. In this case, we see that in order to maintain a more acceptable CERO rating, Capcom ran the gamut of censoring out a lot of the more extreme violence in Resident Evil 7.

In the comment section gamers began comparing what would be worse to have censored in a game: the violence or the boobs?

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