Resident Evil 7’s Violence/Gore Heavily Censored In Japan
Resident Evil 7
(Last Updated On: February 13, 2017)

I know a lot of people complain about how American culture has been pussified by SJWs, and how the censorship brigades have locked up content tighter than a nun’s hymen, but sometimes we get a small slice of culture from other regions where the censorship is even worse. Case in point: Resident Evil 7 in Japan.

Censored Gaming put together a short comparison video showing the differences between the Western release of Resident Evil 7 and the Japanese release of the game. It’s only two minutes and 40 seconds but it’s enough to get the gist of what’s changed.

The clips show a couple of different scenarios that have been vastly altered between both versions of the game.

For instance, the black deputy’s head is no longer severed and in the refrigerator in the Japanese version of Resident Evil 7.

Additionally, you no longer have to reach inside the deputy’s neck and pull out the snake key in the Japanese version either. When Ethan gets his hand cut off by his crazy girlfriend Mia, it’s no longer a bloody stump on the floor but instead a hand covered in black goo.

I was really hoping to see if the actual arm severing even stayed in the game, because those are some serious censorship changes they’ve put into play.

Typically, for some Western releases, we see various types of sexual innuendo and suggestive content being censored out of the game that was originally present in the Japanese version, such as Fire Emblem: Fates or the pelvic bones being removed from Tokyo Mirage Sessions: #FE. In this case, we see that in order to maintain a more acceptable CERO rating, Capcom ran the gamut of censoring out a lot of the more extreme violence in Resident Evil 7.

In the comment section gamers began comparing what would be worse to have censored in a game: the violence or the boobs?

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  • Smug
    • Alistair

      And every smug commet sounding more and more like them.

      • Smug

        I really mean it when I say I barely understand your posts
        You should practise more the way you write sentences, assuming english isnt your native tongue too

        • Alistair

          Whatever you the one that got banned, not me and i know why too.

          As for my posts that not your concern.

          • Smug

            you mean I got banned because I upset-ed a hotpocket mod (MJ) while Brandon was virtue-signaling on twitter/reddit?

            “we got over 3000 complaints”
            “he couldnt stop saying nigger”

            “muh ads”

  • Alistair

    Japan loves lolis in very light clothing that is fact.

    In western games we go all out with the boobs exposing nipples Japan does Not so why then do you need censorship in the west for those Japanese games.

    Because retarded SJWs deem it so, that it self is another flaw of them.

    It gives out a signal that boobs is allow, but semi-Naked isnt allow shows them as out of fucking touch.

    1 place out of the whole world did get GTA5 banned. Antia make whine videos but didnt get them banned but for Japanese ones they need to go.

    Shows what closed minded and hypocrisy they are.

  • Disqusted

    Was curious about these changes. Thanks. I’m personally not that big a fan of gore, so I don’t mind if they tone it down a little (like in this game, it’s still pretty gory), but it does irritate me if they completely remove/change stuff that should be there or isn’t that big of a deal (eg. when they bitched about MK1-2 and replaced blood with sweat, removed the spinal cord fatality, etc).

    Some of those changes are pretty weird, though. Like, why bother changing the blood on the hand from red to black?

    I do think that they should always give people the option. JP people who really want to get the full gore can always import the US version, which from what I’ve heard still has Japanese language options. No region lock either, because it’s not stupid Nintendo.

    But when it’s about censorship, the West often does not get an option. It’s either Japanese version in Japanese language without censorship, or Western version with censorship. Or Asian version without censorship, sometimes with English language. Until, of course, a fan makes a mod or undub or English patch or whatever. Because companies keep failing to.

    • Yeah I was curious about the limb loss in the game as well. Those scenes were extremely gruesome, so it wouldn’t make sense to censor out stuff like the deputy but leave in the other mutilation.

      • Alistair

        Ahh well they cant complain as the game did got diversity, unfortunately the black cop did got killed by having his head slice open by a white man spade.

        Oh noes capcom what did you. “Shame on you” lol.

        Censorship or no censorship you cant change the fact. 😀

      • Disqusted

        They should make an extra nice version, with a colorful toon filter, happy music, laugh tracks, and toys for weapons.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Hot babes are all that matters. Couldnt care less about violence.

    • Alistair

      I dont mind graphic violence as i grow up in a video nasties era pre 1984.

      Don’t mind the fanservice too, so why have both, I want to see a SJW lose they shit over both in a game.

      The issue i got is, is Not what you said or disqusted said.

      You “couldnt care less, & “not a big fan of gore” But it not what both of you and disqusted didnt say caught my eye.

      Is you didnt ask the dev to banned or censored it. Unfortunately those SJWs would deem it so. It is that i got a issue with.

  • Laytonaster

    Japan’s views on graphic violence is particularly inconsistent. Public broadcasts of anime tend to be censored if it has particularly graphic violence, like in Terra Formars, but are left in once they hit Blu-Ray. The manga versions almost always have the violence left in.

    When we get to video games, however, graphic violence is almost always censored in Japan. Only niche markets or explicit adult games from DLSite or Getchu get some semblance of a pass, and even then it’s usually covered in mosaic.

    • Alistair

      There are manga that not censored in japan hentai is one of them.

      It only in video games that CERO got a say what is Not allow. The Japanese CERO hate violence more and extreme sexual themes but light sexual of lolis innuendo is allow.

      So surely the west should be thankful of CERO. But no SJW needs more censorship on top of already censorship.

      And yes it is censorship a default censorship required by CERO.

      It like PEGI Saying no to those stuff. So it makes those SJWs wanting censorship Inrrevert.

      • Laytonaster

        It is quite irritating how SJWs demand censorship on top of already cut-content to fit rating-requirements. But it’s also highly telling that they don’t understand what it’s like having to remove parts of your ideal vision in order to appease who’s effectively an oversensitive ninny.

    • Disqusted

      I always thought Japanese stuff used to be more violent and nudity used to be more acceptable, but they started to tone it down a lot in the past few decades.

      But I recently realized that anime/manga that were first localized in the West, such as Battle Angel Alita, which were often very gory and had nudity, may not have been that popular or well-known in Japan.

      • Nah, it’s not just you. I’ve noticed the same thing as well.

        Like I was recently going back and watching a lot of older stuff from the 80s and 90s, and they just had a lot of casual gore and nudity. And these days, it’s extremely rare to get it out of a property that isn’t expressly about that sort of stuff. They’ve REALLY scaled back unless it’s purposefully designed to be ecchi.