Revolt 1917 Focuses On The Arab Revolt During World War I

Revolt 1917

The upcoming Revolt 1917 is a game inspired by T.E. Lawrence, the infamous “Lawrence of Arabia”. It centers around the life and times and adventures of Lawrence and the Arabian rebels, starting with the Turkish attack at Yenbo in 1916, and working through various campaigns leading up to the battle of Akaba in 1917.

Players will battle across vast expanses of the Sinai desert, take down the convoys using the railroad supplying troops through Hejaz, and battle against Ottoman tanks, cavalry and ground troops through forts, outposts and burning cities.

The game may be an indie project but developer Josh Burnette wants to pay homage to the Arab revolt during the 100th year anniversary since it concluded in 1917.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the teaser trailer below.

Burnette promises multiple chapters to play through in the single-player campaign mode, as well as deal with various objectives and challenges that alter the nature of each chapter, giving the game a slightly fresher feel as you progress through each level.

There’s also a full day and night system, as well as dynamic weather effects that can affect your vision, the clarity of firefights and the disposition of your character. And yes, there is a health and hydration system, so you’ll have to find water to stay hydrated.

The entire map will span the likes of 2 square kilometers, giving gamers plenty of room to move around in, and a lot to explore.

At the moment the game is seeking votes over on Steam Greenlight in order to certify enough interest to make it onto the Steam store.

Given that we don’t get World War I games very often, and even fewer games set within the Middle East that isn’t an industrial military piece of propaganda like Call of Duty or Battlefield, this could end up being interesting depending on how the story unfolds and how solid the gameplay is.

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