River City Ransom: Underground Heads To Steam February 27th
River City Ransom: Underground

Arc System Works and developer Conatus Creative released a new trailer for the upcoming release of River City Ransom: Underground, a completely re-imagined take on the awesome, free-roaming, beat-’em-up RPG that helped redefine the beat-’em-up genre… mostly in Japan.

The upcoming take on the classic Kunio-kun adventures gets a completely new-school overhaul, complete with advanced 60fps scaling, smooth-as-butter animations, brand new characters to play with advanced new fighting styles and combos to master, as well as overall improved graphics for gamers looking to experience the River City franchise with a fresh new look.

There’s a sweet trailer available just under two minutes long that showcases all of the new stuff you can hope to experience when River City Ransom: Underground launches at the end of the month on Steam. Check it out below.

Oh man, I absolutely adore Bruno’s acrobatic Jeet Kun-Do inspired fighting style. It looks fantastic.

And speaking of acrobats… Capoeira makes an appearance in River City Ransom: Underground with character Provie spinning and flipping her way through baddies.

There’s also grapplers, boxers and street fighters. At first I thought Bruno would be my main, and then I saw Paul, and then I saw Glen, and well… I think this is the kind of game that will get almost as much mileage as Streets of Rage Remake.

Like in previous River City games you’ll be able to walk around, visit shops, hit the sauna, stock up on food, level up your characters and beat the ever-flowing spit out of any and everyone who steps in your way.

If you’re amped up for the re-imagined release of River City Ransom with a fresh coat of paint and enough old-school vibes to make retro hipsters scoff, you can look for River City Ransom: Underground to launch for PC, Linux and Mac on Steam starting February 27th. I’m ready… are you?

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