Sakura Agent Uncensored Version Gets A Walkthrough
Sakura Agent CG

Winged Cloud decided to go the extraterrestrial route with their latest visual novel outing… Sakura Agent. The new game sees players taking on the role of Akira, an agent working for a secret organization that protects the world from otherworldly threats. The uncensored version was recently released along with the censored version over on Steam, and a walkthrough featuring the former has actually popped up online.

While the version of the game may be uncensored, the images displayed on YouTube are censored… otherwise the powers that be would kick it off the video content creation platform. Nevertheless, you can still most definitely get the gist of what’s going on even with some of the naughty bits censored from view.

If you have the game and you want the uncensored patch, you can download it the file from the Winged Cloud website. It adds more hardcore scenes as well as uncensors some of the scenes from the Steam version of Sakura Agent.

Youtuber LudaAaGames offers up a 16 video walkthrough for the newly released visual novel from Winged Cloud that you can check out below and it’s obviously not safe for work. It also contains all of the CG images from the uncensored version of Sakura Agent. You will have to actually buy the game if you want to see all the uncensored CG images in action.

The game starts off pretty slow, introducing players to Akira and his assistant Kimiko. The two have to stop incursions for the agency. Many of the monsters they fight are the things of which Google searches are made of.

The first encounter includes using Akira’s assistant, Kimiko, to lure out a tentacle monster hiding in the alleyway called the Entangler… leading to a scene where Kimiko as bait results in a torn clothes scene about 15 minutes into the visual novel.

Sakura Agent - Entangler

The game continues on, mostly with Akira and Kimiko conversing about where the Entanglers came from, and how if things didn’t go over well in the report, the board members would have Akira’s mind scrubbed and send him packing to an office job.

Luckily, he manages to escape desk duties.

Kimiko and Akira get attacked again by a swarm of gremlins, and they quickly fend themselves off from the the incessant horde. However, to no avail are they able to dwindle the numbers until Masumi shows up, Akira’s new rookie partner.

Sakura Agent - Masumi

The rest of the episode is a bit of bickering between Kimiko and Masumi as the two adjust to working with Akira as a trio.

There’s more talking and conversing between the three, as Akira, Masumi and Kimiko deal with their idiosyncracies, the bureaucracy of the board, and Masumi causing some trouble for Akira.

Masumi manages to get Akira into some trouble, and while it puts Akira in a bad place it actually helps build a closer bond between Kimiko and Akira.

Things finally start to pick up by the fourth video in the playlist, which his about an hour and a half into the game.

Sakura Agent - Seductive Banana Eating

The segment starts with Masumi seductively eating a large banana.

The segment continues on with Masumi and Kimiko still being at odds with each other. This also gives Masumi and Akira some time to bond, as they develop a bit more of a friendship throughout the episode.

More talk ensues throughout the fifth video. The trio take a vacation to the beach, where Kimiko continues to be catty with Masumi. Akira attempts to bridge the relationship between the three of them but it still doesn’t help.

Near the end of the episode we finally get some more fan-service, this time in the form of Masumi doing a little bit of body painting.

The young agent brushes herself down in teal bodypaint, giving viewers a real sight to see.

Sakura Angel - Masumi Bodypaint

The next episode is still even more banter between the trio.

We learn more about Masumi’s past, and that she was an unemployed slacker living in her parent’s basement. Kimiko brags about her education while later in the video we get to see Masumi strip down into a bikini with suntan oil spilled all over her body.

Sakura Agent may be way slower than some of the other games when it comes time to getting to the action, but it does it a far more satisfying, slow-build sort of way. Winged Cloud seems to have learned how to pace the build-up toward all the naughtiness… and build it does.

The rest of the visual novel begins to crank up the intensity leading toward the finale.

You can pick up Sakura Agent for only $9.99 from over on the Steam store.


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