SeaBed, Lesbian Themed Visual Novel Set To Release In Late 2017
Seabed VN

Developer Paleontology and publisher Fruitbat Factory have been working on a new yuri visual novel centered around a mystery involving memory loss and psychosis.

Originally SeaBed launched in Japan back in 2016, and it managed to gain such a strong critical and commercial following that Fruibat figured they would try to their hand at launching the game in North America.

The title centers around a lesbian named Mizuno Sachiko who suffers from hallucinations. She runs a business in Tokyo and is in love with Takako, however the hallucinations Sashiko suffers from has disrupted her life. Things aren’t much better for Takako, who suffers from developmental amnesia, where she has trouble recovering her memories.

A third character, a psychologist named Narasaki Hibiki, also pops into the picture in order to help Sachiko with her hallucinations, and Takako with her amnesia.

You can check out a look at the game’s art and a get a small taste of the story with the trailer below.

The game will receive some minor updates for its release on Steam, including 1440 x 1080 resolution options for Steam. Additionally they’re adding Steam achievements and trading card support.

The visual novel will be available in late 2017 at some point for $14.99. There’s also a pre-order bonus for those who pre-order the game from the Fruitbat Factory digital store.

The concept of the game seems like it’s going to target both the visual novel crowd who lose sexy yuri stories and gamers who want a psychological mystery with a deep-rooted story.

A lot of the game’s appeal is obviously going to depend on the game’s art and how well the story plays out. We’ve been seeing a strong surge of visual novels lately so it’s not surprising that more visual novels that made their mark in Japan are finding their way onto the store shelves of Western distributors.


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