Senran Kagura Only Features Japanese Voices To Avoid Triggering Westerners
Senran Kagura XSeed

During a recent interview with, an XSeed Games rep explained what the challenges and differences are with trying to get Japanese games localized and made available in the West. One of the questions centered around the adjustments that XSeed had to make for Marvelous and Tamsoft’s Senran Kagura actually involved keeping the Japanese voices in the game to avoid triggering Westerners.

Ken Barry from XSeed explained that given the sexual nature of Senran Kagura, it’s just safer for them to keep the Japanese voices in the game to avoid coming under the wrath of the regressive media and SJWs who are quick to smear a company at the slightest provocation toward their ideology and sensibilities. Tom states…

“[…] all our Senran Kagura games have only the Japanese voices in them because not only were we extremely lucky to get them, but also because we weren’t quite sure how the sexual nature of the content would be received in the West when first bringing over the series years ago. Seeing something lewd happening onscreen and hearing a girl say something in a different language while the sub-title “Don’t touch me like that” appears is very different from hearing a girl in English verbally expressing her objections.”

It might seem like a silly thing to avoid – hearing someone voice their objection toward a sexually suggestive situation – but in today’s society it’s something that you really have to be careful of when releasing a game in the West.

NIS America was pelted by their own community after they opted to remove art, censor art and alter a game like Criminal Girls and Criminal Girls 2 under the claims that they had to modify the content to suit the standards of the Western view on “consent”. This resulted in the North American releases of Criminal Girls being butchered from top to bottom with plenty of censorship. When the game finally arrived on PC, modders took the time out of their day to not only restore the original content but also go the extra mile and add new mods to the Steam version of Criminal Girls.

There’s also the infamous situation involving Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, where Koei Tecmo opted to not release the game in the West to avoid coming under the wrath of feminists and SJWs, but even by restricting the release to Asia only there were still Western journalists who had a meltdown over the game..

XSeed has actually managed to avoid a large amount of the SJW brigade. They’ve tried keeping their heads down and focusing on just giving gamers the content they crave. It’s worked for the most part.

It’s also interesting that they know how to work the tables to avoid inciting the outrage machine from the SJW-controlled mainstream media. This is both a blessing and curse for XSeed because it keeps their games only in the line of sight of a niche market, which greatly limits their sales; but it also keeps the company from getting blasted from all sides by a relentless propaganda machine.


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