SJW Male Feminists Have A Misogyny Problem

I think it’s been too long without pointing out the elephant in the room occupied by Regressive Left Social Justice Warrior male feminists: they’re misogynists.

I’m not talking about the “misogynist” that the media throws around. I’m talking about guys who actually hate women, who hold ingrained and repressed contempt for women; those want to control women against their will and want to dominate them through their own selfish sexual gratification, either via sexual assault or rape.

The media have long buried this fact because in some cases they’re the very misogynists perpetuating these acts.

As noted by Crime & Federalism, former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi was a women’s study major, advocated on behalf of feminism against #GamerGate and called it out as being a harassment campaign. He was deeply involved in BDSM fetishes that resulted in some women accusing him of rape. He was later found “not guilty” of his alleged crimes, as reported by The Globe and Mail.

Another women’s rights advocate and male feminist, Sun Patel, lost several book deals and publishers after multiple women came out and accused him of abuse, mostly in regards to using his position to allegedly manipulate women. Unsurprisingly so, Sun Patel is another anti-#GamerGate critic, using Twitter to virtue signal as a way to archway to Venus. His gender-specific machinations caught up with him, and he paid dearly for it.

Devin Faraci, one of the most outspoken critics of #GamerGate – penning various articles and attacking anyone who associated with the tag – ended up losing his job as editor-in-chief at Birth.Movies.Death after sexual assault allegations surfaced against him. In an attempt to virtue signal against the disgusting act carried out by his friend, content creator “MovieBob” Chipman inadvertently admitted that the sexual assault allegations that were originally made public against Faraci weren’t the only ones, and that others had also made similar claims.

Starting to see a pattern here?

The most disturbing of the group is Matt Hickey, another tech journalist who was also an SJW male feminist and, surprise, surprise, an anti-#GamerGate critic. He’s been charged with a decade’s worth of rape and sexual assault spanning the likes of many women. Multiple victims came forward to give their testimonies against Hickey, who was also charged by the Attorney General for his catfishing scam he used to lure women to his apartment where he allegedly raped them.

That’s not even including the pedophilia seemingly rampant within the Social Justice Warrior community.

A lot of insecure women latching onto “feminism” and regressive Social Justice Warrior politics are being used as useful idiots and easy prey for legitimate sexual predators. Of course, many of these same harpies screeching online are too busy blocking everybody and opening the legs of social media accounts wide open for the very kind of perverts, predators and rapists that they claim is rampant in the world.

And as pointed out by Best Mom Eva on Medium in a piece published on August 7th, 2016, yet another male feminist and anti-#GamerGate advocate going by the name of Robert Marmolejo, literally used Crash Override Network, an anti-abuse organization, to sexually harass women. CON’s founder, Zoe Quinn – for all the yelling and self-promoting about being a victim of abuse and harassment – literally invited a harasser into her very midst to work for her, giving him an opportunity to fulfill his misogynistic tendencies from an anti-abuse platform.

No matter how you cut the custard, SJW male feminists appear to be misogynists hiding in sheep’s clothing. If any guy online claims to be a male feminists, he’s likely doing so to harass, abuse or rape women… just like all of the guys above, and likely many more in the SJW community who haven’t been caught… yet.

And let’s not forget this little gem… “satire” that accurately seems to depict what SJW male feminists really think about their opposite sex.

(Main image courtesy of Goldencornflakes)