Soda Dungeon: Guide To Learning The Basics

The popular game for iOS and Android devices entitled Soda Dungeon has made it over to PC via Steam as of recent. If you are new and are a beginner to publisher Armored Games and developers An Production and Poxpower’s Soda Dungeon, hopefully this guide will help you out. The game is out now for free for PC and mobile devices.

The pixel game, Soda Dungeon, is all about gathering adventures and venturing forth into the local dungeon to raid it for treasure. Upgrading your tavern will be essential so that you can purchase new sodas and attract new and more powerful members to your party.

The game will present you with a bevy amount of classes that span across titles like a Knight, Healer, Thief, Darkmage and Shifter, among others. If you want to see all the classes and all the basic stuff, a video by Bobby Bucket not only covers that, but he also details some stuff regarding how to play Soda Dungeon.

After recruiting and gearing up your team you also have the option to enable Auto-Combat, where you can watch your team automatically fight enemies for you. The ideal behind this feature works in one of two ways: when you become lazy and wish to speed through enemies, or you have to make a short run.

Speaking of battling, as you advanced through new dimensions you will face tougher enemies and bosses, which upon defeating these enemies you will be granted better unlocks and ancient soda relics.

If you want to see the game in action and the very beginning of Soda Dungeon, YouTuber Gameplayvids247 has a near 20 minute gameplay video up for you to look over.

If that wasn’t enough, a full rundown on the Environment, Compendium, Pets, Sodas, Tavern Upgrades, Party Members, Relics, Equipment, Currencies and Dimensions can all be researched more in-depth thanks to Gamepedia.

The game is out now for free for PC via Steam, and is available for free for iOS through the App Store and Android devices on the Google Play store.

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