SJWs Are Furious E3 2017 Is Open To Real Gamers
SJWs Hate Gamers
(Last Updated On: February 10, 2017)

Most so-called “game journalists” at major mainstream media outlets aren’t real gamers. They don’t know how to play games (as evident with Polygon’s video of DOOM), and many of them have no history of gaming (as evident with all the major sites reiterating falsehoods spread by charlatan culture critics). The reality is that most game journalists aren’t real gamers. So you can imagine the furor when they realized that real gamers will finally get to attend E3 this year.

The news recently went out that the ESA will open up E3 2017 to everybody. All gamers from all walks of life and all backgrounds, from all over the world, each one coming in different shapes and sizes, will be able to attend the event. Tickets will be available between $150 and $250 for a three-day pass.

Typically, some SJWs were not pleased that real gamers would be able to finally bypass the uninformed, fascists gatekeepers known as game journalists, and see and experience the games and technology for themselves. No longer would gamers have to rely on misinformation, sociopolitical commentary and identity politics pervading the coverage of E3.

Various individuals, many of whom identify as SJWs, took to social media such as Twitter to sound off against gamers making their way to E3.

Jim Avery sounded off with a pithy but jocular remark about the whole thing being a brainwashing exercise.

Others, however, were hoping that this would be a short-lived exercise in pro-consumerism, hoping desperately that the legs of opportunity would close shut tight on gamers in years to come.

Other SJWs – some writing for various blog sites or having a small toe slipped through the door of the gaming industry – were a lot less poetic about their intentions. They simply do not like gamers and hate that real gamers have an opportunity to meet and greet some of their idols in the gaming industry.

There’s a quantum of solace for the embittered who snidely remark within the safe spaces of Twitter about the death of gamers… such as the self-proclaimed male feminist, Jonas Hakansson, who repeated the infamous 2014 line that helped kick-off the explosion that was #GamerGate.

Other SJWs found it to be a mistake, a blasphemous call for the hydra of consumerism to emerge from the far corners of the interwebs; a stake to the heart of game journalism’s oligarchy; a raping of the gated clique that once controlled the foyer of information that lactated from the bulbous PR udders dangling from the publishers’ visceral bloat that drips begrudgingly through the sphincter of the media and out through the curdled lips of their blogs.

Others tried defending the old guard, pretending as if the cavernous opening in the rectum  major gaming sites’ advertising opportunities makes them reliable, trustworthy, independent journalists with the interests of gamers in mind.

That above tweet is also assuming that indie developers showing a little sexual interest in pasty, unattractive games journalists wouldn’t also sway their convictions toward the dark side. In the case of Kotaku, it swayed them into a culture war that spawned a hashtag that opened the eyes of the public to the incestuous nature of journalism’s clique.

Regardless, other SJWs continued on with the whole “gamers are a hate group narrative”, the same narrative that made gamers hate journalists in the first place, and the reason that they would rather attend E3 in person than trust the likes of anyone reporting for a website who was attached to the Game Journo Pros.


However, even some journalists seemed salty about gamers being able to attend E3 and bypass the need to read blogging reports about what’s happening on the show floor. Kyle Orland from Ars Technica bemoans the drudgery of working the booths and the hassles of navigating the throngs, nearly giving the impression that the piece is trying to deter gamers, lest they fall prey to the beast.

Techspot managed to sneak in a jab about how gamers attending E3 could affect the media’s role in the iconic expo, writing…

“How it will impact the media’s ability to do its job, however, remains to be seen. If there’s a lot of pushback from reporters after the fact, it could very well go down as the first and last E3 open to the public.”

Moreover, those who actually play games still managed to get the last laugh, with a WAM! report revealing that #GamerGate wasn’t a harassment campaign; an FBI report revealing that #GamerGate wasn’t a harassment campaign; and the FTC working with #GamerGate to help bring down Gawker and improve ethical standards for all media outlets.

Gamers’ milky victory secreted onto the tongue of SJWs’ pride, languishing there like a badge of honor that can’t be rinsed away; all while the pole of ethics lodged its way down the orifice of corruption, filling the gaping hole with improved policies and updated disclosures, changing the landscape of media journalism forever.

And now that the ESA has opened the doors to the public, it’s time for real gamers to make E3 great again.

(Main image courtesy of AntiFemComics)

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Billy has been rustling Jimmies for years covering video games, technology and digital trends within the electronics entertainment space. The GJP cried and their tears became his milkshake. Need to get in touch? Try the Contact Page.

  • Megan

    SJWs suck.

  • Maniate

    Ban journos next year, tbh.

  • Ignaceous

    So the gaming industry is finally rejecting the 3rd Wave feminist infestation? Am I reading these stories correctly?

  • I’m guessing the two people in the middle of the picture behind the gate are McIntosh and Sarkeesian. The one on the left…. Brianna Wu? But why does the one on the right look like James Rolfe? Am I wrong and that’s supposed to be someone else? But if I am right, then what did he ever do to deserve our ire?

    • Nah, it’s Arthur Chu. James Wolfe got attacked by SJWs because he didn’t want to see Ghostbusters, so he’s definitely not among them.

      • Thanks for clearing that up. I did consider Arthur Chu after a minute of thinking on it, but the glasses, white shirt, and hair cut really made me think of Rolfe. But so long as there’s nothing against him, it’s all cool.

  • Donkey Hoetay

    When a PR rep tells me his game is going to be good it’s because he’s paid to. You can kinda ignore the shilling for what it so openly is.

    When a game journo tells me a game is going to be good, however, you have to wonder if he’s done it because he’s fucking one of its developers, or because its publisher threatened to withhold ad revenue and future coverage if he didn’t, amongst other possibilities.

    I mean, yeah, of course there’s a chance that journo genuinely likes what he sees, but these fuckers can’t do what they’ve done for as long as they have been and expect to get the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it sucks, but that’s the world that they’ve created for themselves.

  • bob

    “All gamers from all walks of life and all backgrounds, from all over the
    world, each one coming in different shapes and sizes, will be able to
    attend the event.”

    but isn’t this what SJWs always wanted? Nah of course not, they just want control.

    2017 looking good already

  • I P

    also, gamergate helped the Society of Professional Journalists create an entire new set of awards for ethical journalism.

  • Neko Majin

    What on earth is wrong with these people?
    I’ve never seen anyone more hateful than the people complaining about hate.

  • Larowyn

    They can cry and moan all they want. I have a long list of YouTubers and bloggers I respect and trust more than outlets like Polygon and Vice.

    If it offends them so much, by all means don’t go to the expo. Stay home and say nothing; that will sure teach us a lesson. With all of the walkthroughs and reviews that hit YouTube on the day of release for most popular titles, how will we as consumers cope without the all-benevolent gatekeepers dictating their opinions down to us? How?!

  • Whoever was the fucker that saw this article and decided to attack my friend Connor (SeafoamGaming) can go fuck off

  • Lumi

    I’m so mad about a tweet chain that I’m writing this shlock of an article just to not be owned.

    Jesus christ kid, get a day job.

  • So salty.

  • GodBowser

    Their upset that the folks at E3 are letting in real gamers?… At least they’ll still have GaymerX unless they decide to let in people who don’t agree with their fucked up ideology

    If real gamers are going to be able to interact with developers and if Menveer Heir was there would he get people asking about his racism?… Unless for some reason him or any of the other SJW’s that work at Bioware won’t be able to attend the event

  • Gerg Arata

    What ARE real gamers? I feel like people don’t even know what it means… I sure as hell don’t anymore, because it seems to be less about whether you play games and more about your political leanings -_-

  • Gaijin-

    There are very few game journalists. What there’s plenty of is kids texting game “reviews” and copy-pasting whatever this or that developer tweeted.

  • jlenoconel

    Games journalists are no longer needed in this day in age. These people are being left in the dust. The salt is hilarious.

  • Pratim Gupta

    SJW era is over, Praise Talos!

  • Ms_Fortune

    Journos are mad gamers can get the news unfiltered and through hipster hacks.

  • TylorW

    I’m just kinda salty that they announce this not too long after I got stuff reserved for Evo for this year, but I’m glad that they’re doing it now nonetheless.

    Hopefully this strategy works well enough to convince them to do this for a few more years, because E3 has been my dream to go to for THE longest of times, and now I can finally make that a reality soon! 😀

  • durka durka

    jesus christ man and i am a atheist, i have forgotten how insane nutjob cunts these people are. These twitter profiles are fucking “oppressed” cancer. Their mommy definitely molested them when they are kids, thus they can never have fun and most do social justicing to feel better about themselves.

    As a proud kekistani i will always remember the day they invaded our home and we pushed them back.

    War of the keks!!

  • TT

    They seem upset. Good.

  • Cats736

    ‘Game Journalists’ don’t have to be your gatekeepers. ‘Game Journalists’ are over.

  • Megamatics

    The only reason publishers dealt with journalism was because it was a way of talking to gamers. What publishers saw from #gamergate was a division between what gamers thought and what major gaming news sites thought. Publishers don’t care about journalism, they care about money. If Game’s Journalism has any right to morality or ethics in this matter, it is gone. Game’s journalism has transformed from what used to be a way of translating all the bullshit from publishers to the audience; It was never about rubbing elbows with gaming’s elite developers. The Game Industry does not like dealing with the media – as is true with any industry. Publishers, Devs, and makers of all kind want their audience to understand when they talk about specs or new ideas – and gamers are that audience unlike the standard crowd waiting in line for a movie. I would venture to say that gaming is a hobby for the highly educated, because a game is nothing but a slew of problems to solve.

    Game’s journalism was just a convenient go between for consumers; consumers have always been the driving force for the survival of game’s journalism. Nintendo Power, Playstation Magazine, and Xbox Magazine are extremely untrustworthy. The reason those things stayed around for so long was because gamers were interested in those magazines. So game’s journalism loses its place at E3, good. This is just a further changing of the guard from mainstream gaming sites to Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, and twitter personalities.

  • These angry schmucks should’ve seen the writing on the wall a long time ago the moment Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Directs. They cut out the middlemen (the journalists) to talk to the consumers directly. They even opted to skip doing physical press conferences at E3 in favor on the Directs. It’s also become more expensive than ever to even do anything at E3, with Sony holding their own press conferences (Playstation Experience), and Nintendo revealing the Switch during their own conference. E3 is a dinosaur right now, and opening to the public might be the only thing that saves them.

  • Hey Arnold

    I see they are all tweeting to that piece of shit 9volt_88. Reminder: That guy was part of the dox group that tried to go after mombot. He also loves to go after gamers while pretending he is one.

  • Laytonaster

    Predictable. It’s been said countless times, and it’ll be said countless more.
    When SJWs claim they want something to be approachable for everyone, they only mean themselves.

  • giygas

    Games journalists are dead. Games journalists don’t have to be your audience.


    They used to have limited tickets available at specific events throughout the years but it was not open to the general public. If you have some inside knowledge beyond the ESA’s own FAQ on their website, feel free to share it.

  • anopolis

    “Gamers’ milky victory secreted onto the tongue of SJWs’ pride, languishing there like a badge of honor that can’t be rinsed away; all while the pole of ethics lodged its way down the orifice of corruption, filling the gaping hole with improved policies and updated disclosures, changing the landscape of media journalism forever.”……eeewwwwwwwwww…..

  • StallChaser

    Even if a game’s PR department was being dishonest, it’ll work for exactly one game. Case in point: No Man’s Sky. If they do pull some sort of shenanigans and don’t deliver what they’ve promised, they’ve burned their reputation to the ground.

    Also, in the case of games, your average gamers know what kind of games they’re interested in, and know more than your average game journalist. Especially considering that a large number of the journalists don’t care about games at all, and are just writing thinly veiled and grossly ignorant political rants disguised as game journalism, as a way to get their foot into the door of mainstream journalism.

    Developers have figured out by now that game journalists are not their audience. If they want to buy tickets, that’s fine, but they’re no more important than any other common pleb.

    • If anything, they’re actually worse than the common pleb. See their pathetic playthrough of Doom, or the way they grossly misconstrue gaming history to make it seem like their patriarchy conspiracy is for real, or just their general method of focusing on political bullshit that nobody cares about. Actual gamers, those who are genuinely passionate about the hobby, are ready and willing to polish their skills with the controller, to look into the history of their favorite companies, to praise a game on its merits of quality and not be so hung up on some irrelevant bullshit such as whether or not the game meets some quota of featuring a black, paraplegic hermaphrodite who’s trying to come out as a poor, misunderstood pedophile.

  • ShepardRahl

    I wonder how many people have contacted the ESA to “warn” them that opening E3 up to real gamers makes it unsafe and invites terrorism.

    • They’ve probably already started their bot campaigns. It’s not enough of them to do a standard e-mail campaign and they’re way too lazy to collectively work together to e-mail, write or phone the ESA… it would interfere with spending daddy’s trust fund on an afternoon mocha latte.

      • MSJ

        A brown guy playing a fighting game with a white girl, with a female character that covers most of her body. Perhaps the author of this article should look into the mirror to find an SJW?

        • Clayton Weaver

          Thanks for making me laugh. That image was created by an anti-feminist artist. Though I don’t think they are a SJW artist as the body is covered in a skin tight body suit, which SJWs hate as they want appropriate body armors for the games (cover everything). If it was an SJW representation of gamers it would be two white male characters showing their view that gaming is a “cis white male only patriarchal stereotype enforcing hobby”.

          The picture is supposed to be showing Wu, McIntosh, Anita, and Chu freaking out over gamers just enjoying gaming. Outsiders being offended by what they don’t understand and telling insiders they should be offended too.

          • Stephan Brun

            Indeed. And #NotYourShield was a thing from the earliest days of Gamergate since SJWs were fond of claiming gamers were all white. Seems silly to claim gamers should pretend to be all white just because SJWs pretend to support brown people.

  • EroBotan

    I recently heard that they reviewed Nioh by watching others’ playthrough at youtube or something like that lol

    • Disqusted

      That is sad as hell, if true. Got any links?

      • EroBotan

        no, i read that in twitter a while ago. I don’t think i will be able to find it again but I’ll let you know if i succeed.

        • Disqusted

          Thanks. Reminds me of how IGN played God Hand for ~10 minutes and then gave it a low score. Why do people even trust mainstream sites? They’re so full of shit.

          • EroBotan

            yeah, i wonder why too .. they’re still big sites even when they’re dong half assed journalism.

          • Disqusted

            It’s probably because devs/publishers are basically forced to go through them as part of marketing, and consumers probably think “well, if the devs/publishers are talking to them, then they must be legitimate!”

          • EroBotan

            so naive . >.>

      • EroBotan

        sorry there is a mix up. It’s kotaku with their RE7 review. As for nioh, it’s about something different, Polygon delay it’s review because they can’t finish it.

        • Disqusted

          Ha ha. Thanks. Still great. And sad.

          • EroBotan

            yeah, someone compared it to writing a review about a car but the reviewer simply sitting on the passenger seat & never drive it. It’s not acceptable for a quality review.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Ahahaha! The salt is real!

  • Alistair

    *I know what to give them SJWs this xmas plenty of tissue papers boxes.

  • Alistair

    It good to see that salt tears never stop, how much salt they got Amazed me.

    It like a tap broken and cant stop crying.

    • Disqusted

      Because money and attention flows out of the same tap, they have no reason to “fix the broken tap”, so to speak.

      People will keep doing terrible things as long as they’re rewarded and not punished for doing so.

  • Disqusted

    Who the hell is Jim Avery? He’s advocating for all gamers to be locked in a room and brainwashed? Says a lot about his mindset. “All people who disagree with me should be locked up and brainwashed!” Sounds like Gender Studies, to be honest. Or most college courses nowadays.

    Headline may as well say “SJWS ARE FURIOUS” because they will always find something to bitch about and play the victim over. Profiting from self-victimization deserves severe punishment.

    • Disqusted

      I just realized the header image seems to depict specific individuals? I recognize what seems to be Sarquasar (sans patented checkered shirt) and John Flynt. Hard to say who Generic Neckbeard ™ is, and no idea who that Asian guy is supposed to be.

      • no idea who that Asian guy is supposed to be.

        Arthur Chu?

        • Keystone

          The Rasian himself.

        • Disqusted

          Forgot about him for a bit. The ZQ stalker guy who won Jeopardy or something.

        • Keystone

          The Racian himself.

  • King of Zeroes

    “That PR guy will be honest, I’m sure.”

    You’re right. He WILL be. Because I know what the PR guy wants from me. There’s no real deception there. He’s trying to convince me to buy his product.

    Journos on the other hand, have a completely different agenda. They don’t want me to buy a game. They want me to submit to their ideology, and they’ll use any tactic they can think of to force me.

    I’ll take the PR guy.

    • Alistair

      Yup i rather a dev, a PR that wants my money so bad, and sell the things i like. Without them telling me Im sexist, racist etc etc.

      From regression lefts that dont want my money. Any regression dev doesn’t want my money go ahead and censored your shite tailor made SJWs friendly game.

      I shall boycott it.

      • Disqusted

        I still don’t clearly understand why companies are so eager to market to people who will never buy their products. Only explanation I can think of is that companies increasingly believe they HAVE TO market to SJWs, or they’ll get bullied into non-existence. Some also seem to think SJWs are absolute correctness, and everything else is on the side of evil.

        If that’s the case, it really shows how someone like Soros can throw money around to manufacture hate groups that bully companies into complying, effectively influencing economics and all kinds of social interactions. Most of the useful idiots don’t even want to admit that they’re being used in such a manner.

        • Bitterbear

          The general idea around MBAs is that those who will never buy their products are potential customers, while the fans are nothing but dead weight because despite their complaints, they’re still going to buy the products anyway.

          Just look at Hollywood and how profitable it has been throwing loyal fans under the bus.

          • Disqusted

            I did consider that they were trying to get more “potential customers”, but the whole “kill fans, aim for zero interest” seems so… not worth the risk, for a tiny gain? I had a suitable term in mind, but forgot as I was writing.

            Personally, I’d be even more disgusted with myself if I kept supporting people who are screwing me over.

          • Bitterbear

            Just take a look at NuStar Trek. They shat on entire generations (there’s always that I’m over 60 years old and I like the reboot outlier, but still) that supported the franchise. And it was a profitable endeavor.

            AAA publishers found that catering to the hard-core crowd is not profitable anymore, they might care if you are a parent with at least two kids. It’s a better gamble to do what Hollywood studios do and invest a whole lot more money on advertising than in the actual game.

          • Disqusted

            Never heard of NuStar Trek. I just know Star Trek decided to collectively attack Trump, and I personally think it’s really stupid for fictional universes to go so blatantly political.

          • Bitterbear

            I’m talking about the rebooted Star Trek movies.

          • Disqusted

            Oh. I saw the first reboot, thought it was okay, but I’m not a Star Trek fan. It did seem different from previous Star Trek stuff I’d seen, ie. leaning more towards the recent braindead-ish Hollywood blockbuster stuff, so I think I know what you mean.

        • Only explanation I can think of is that companies increasingly believe they HAVE TO market to SJWs, or they’ll get bullied into non-existence.

          Yes, that is one of the main reasons, and it’s due to SJWs having control of the biggest mainstream video games media.

          It’s basically the same for politics and entertainment media outside of video games.

          SJWs have control of the MSM, news media, news publications, academia, education and entertainment media. These are the sectors which can influence society and culture. They use these to push their propaganda and agenda.

          Basically, anyone who doesn’t conform to their ideology will be shamed using these sectors. All it takes is just one hit-piece article/news on the target and the whole country and world will see it. That’s the power of MSM.

          Unfortunately, there are still loads of brain-dead sheeple normies who suck up and believe everything the MSM feeds them.

        • Wisdomcube2000

          “I still don’t clearly understand why companies are so eager to market to people who will never buy their products. ”

          You’ve never heard of devs chasing that “wider audience” money? Plenty of games have happily watered down/altered their series in an attempt to court that imaginary audience, only to lose all their real followers/customers in the process.

          That said I think the negative PR is a factor too, as it is easier to just say tweak some sh!t instead of going on damage control because some “”journalist”” retard got triggered (and their ranting/bitching scared the investors/etc in the process because they don’t like drama).

          • Disqusted

            Well, to me, there’s “wider audience”, and there’s “people who will never, ever become an audience”. What I meant is, I don’t understand why they are actively pursuing the latter.

          • It’s no different than the media going balls out for VR. What happened there? Barely any average consumer can afford it and there are no killer apps for it. A lot of people are led to believe that they should do something because everyone else in a position of authority is telling them to do it.

        • “Nice company you have there, it’d be a shame if it happened to be labelled pro-Trump/pro-Gamer/white supremacist/nazi/etc”

          What you describe is the situation where SJWs have wormed their way into employment. It’s one of the main reasons on why SJWs have control of the biggest organizations and institutions.

          It’s very easy for an SJW/feminist to influence and gain indirect control of a company. For example, all he/she has to do is to ask the employer if he has a diversity policy. If the employer doesn’t have one, then he’s in trouble. The question immediately becomes a threat.

          The SJW can then make it known on Twitter, Tumblr, etc. if he/she wants. And we all know how anything that is supposedly “sexist” or “racist” spreads like wild fire on social media.

          Because employers/company owners are terrified to speak out against Social Justice/feminism/race politics, they’ll just go along and give SJWs what they want in order to avoid hassle and protect that company PR.

          And this is what leads to the SJW take-over. Basically resulting in some self-righteous little SJW-feminazi dictating everything within the company. Disagree with the SJW? You’re automatically a “sexist” and “racist” “homophobe”.

      • Bret Hart

        Last year at PAX I actually got more information from an Ubisoft rep at the show floor about For Honour than I ever could get from a game journo. It was a pleasant surprise.

    • Matthew

      “Journos on the other hand, have a completely different agenda. They don’t want me to buy a game. ”

      Unless of course the game was made by someone they were fucking.

    • Alex Romero

      Hey, check it out, some poor sap got butthurt over your comment:

      • Alistair

        Oh noes my little secret is out on twatter.

      • King of Zeroes

        Oh no, Boony is screenshotting me implying Journo’s are slimier and less trustworthy than the guy just interested in my money.


    • Bitterbear

      The problem with PR guys/gals is that they tend to cross-pollinate with the GameJournos and there examples of companies like Ubisoft that have a history of that infamy.

  • Rod_E_Kelly

    The gamers going should all wear “Gamers are NOT Dead” T-shirts

    • Xien

      Wonder if we can get a crowdfunding page for that going.
      Front text: GAMER
      Back text: “Still Alive” in DOS-font

      • Throw in some M3GA hats and you’ve got yourself some right proper propaganda to make journos cry salt for three days straight.

  • Lyle

    I think I’d rather read PR press releases than trust Kotaku/Polygon/Vice, to be honest.

    • Disqusted

      PR press release: “Our game is good. Please buy.”
      Kotaku/Polygon/Vice: “Gamers are dead!! Kill all white males!! Japanese artists are adolescent lolicons! Buy our lover Christine Love’s perfect game!! Sarkeesian is God!! All Hail Soros!! “

  • Fill the show with Booth Babes and female Go-Go Dancers

    • Clayton Weaver

      SJW: “That is patriarchal values making you objectify women you shitlord!”
      Gamers: “This game is awesome! Wait, there is a booth babe here? Hmm, didn’t notice.”

      • Alistair

        Gamer: “Wait that booth babe on the right, is exposing her left tit.

        SJWs: Grrrrrr

    • Bitterbear

      Make them hire sexy trans like Miss Blaire White. It’s gonna be fun watching the SJWs get an aneurism trying to complain without sounding transphobic.

  • Keystone

    Their wailing and teeth gnashing makes this all the sweeter. But seriously this move is something that will really help dislodge these fucks and their cancerous influence in the industry. Actually getting their unwarranted self importance pushed to the wayside at a major gaming event is a big win.

    Now instead of being surrounded by closet sexual predators, scam artists and rainbow haired landwhales with a grab bag of Cluster B mental disorders the developers at E3 will get to meet their real audience and hear what they really think and feel about their games; and what they think about the “journalists” they had to deal with for the past decade plus.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    You seriously missed your calling as a writer Billy. Some epic lines in this article.

  • SevTheBear

    Most of the tweets seems like trolling to be honest

    • Click through the tweets and read some of their profiles. Notice the persistence of pronouns and those self-identifying as male feminists.

      Even trolls have boundaries they will not cross.

      • Disqusted

        You checked to make sure they weren’t just trolling? Awesome. That’s real journalism. Not saying you’re infallible or perfect, of course, but clearly a world’s difference away from the mainstream media hacks who often leap at the opportunity to spread whatever fits their narrative, without verifying anything. You can tell they have no sense of responsibility as a journalist. Or member of human society, really. It’s appalling that they’re so eager to collapse the world around them, just for a few bucks.

        • You checked to make sure they weren’t just trolling? Awesome. That’s real journalism.

          I checked the profiles before using the tweets. Only reason I didn’t include the profile data was because quite of few of them are attached to the LGBTQ community, and the last thing anyone needs is to broadcast that to the public and then it turns into “GG is a hate campaign targeting minorities” as opposed to simply being about SJWs hating gamers.

        • Volt and others like him have been doing this for years. Sperging at anything Gamergate did and acting like SJWs.

    • EroBotan

      i’ve talked tons of time with them. There are a lot of times when what they says sounds like satire, troll, sarcasm, etc but they’re not. Most of them doesn’t seem to understand meme either.

      • Disqusted

        Yeah, people have become so insane that it’s much more difficult to tell if someone is trolling or being sarcastic. Sad, but true.

      • durka durka

        I have been saying this as since the beginning of GG they are parodies of themselves and the dont even know it.

        • EroBotan

          self parodies, that’s fitting!

    • Hey Arnold

      Well 9volt and the people who converse with him are notorious SJW trolls who go after gamers all the time.