Street Fighter 5 Mod Makes Cammy Super Thick And Jiggly

While third-wave feminists sit around complaining about what they think the average guy likes in a woman’s physical appearance, modders are sitting around bringing fantasies to life in popular games like Street Fighter V. A perfect example of this is the super thick mod for Street Fighter V’s Cammy.

Modder ReliusClover managed to give Cammy ultra physics for super bouncy jiggling, as well as ultra thick thighs and more protuberant and pronounced buttocks. You can download the mod from over on Google Drive.

The mod changes Cammy’s first costume and gives her plus-sized assets for “leg lovers” and boob aficionados.

You can see the mod in action with the video demonstration below, complete with slow motion, courtesy of YouTuber Glorified Games.

It’s hilarious to me that culture critics” like Anita Sarkeesian put out an often repeated myth that guys only like thin chicks with big boobs, but the reality is that so long as a woman isn’t overweight, she’s going to have an ample supply of admirers.

In this case, there are plenty of guys out there who like fit, thick, busty women.

This mod follows on the heels of thick Chun-Li mods (even though Chun-Li is already thick), thick Juri mods, and thick Laura mods (even though Laura is also already thick).


The funny part about it is that plenty of people like Capcom’s design of their women, even though they’re very thick and certainly don’t fit the profiles of women that many of the SJWs have been complaining about. In other words, SJWs just like to complain and nag because they aren’t getting any in real life.

The thick Cammy mod has been making its way around the Street Fighter V modding scene, so you can add it to your game whenever you feel fit to do so.

Also, the mod is compatible with Capcom’s season 2 patch, so you shouldn’t have any problems installing and running the mod.


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