Street Fighter 5 Mod Updates Sexy Quiet Outfit From Metal Gear Solid 5
SF5 Quiet

One of the most searched for gaming topics that drove a lot of traffic to One Angry Gamer in 2015 was Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. People were absolutely obsessed with that woman. The silent sniper in the sexy hooker-bikini getup is still making waves in the gaming sphere, this time with her outfit being modded onto Cammy in Street Fighter V on PC.

Sorry PS4 owners, you’re out of luck this time around.

Modder KrizmKazm managed to put together the mod, using a lot of creative influence to completely alter Cammy’s look to match the way Quiet looked in Metal Gear Solid V. He named the mod “Diamond Dog Cammy”. You can check out the images of the mod below to see how she looks as a sexy sniping pugilist.

SFV - Quiet

Street Fighter 5 - Quiet Mod

One of the major things you might have noticed is that Cammy isn’t wearing any shoes. There seems to be a weird fetish in the Street Fighter modding community with removing the shoes from the female fighters, but whatever floats their boats.

The outfit manages to keep the general gist of Quiet’s outfit, basically mixing Cammy’s swimwear with the military getup, complete with the little officer’s cap atop her head.

She also dons the dark camouflage around her eyes and died brown hair. You can see what she’s like in action with the video below from GameplayGuy.

While the mod may have originally released back in August of 2016, KrizmKazm recently updated it for compatibility with Street Fighter V: Season 2. So now you can use the outfit in the game without worrying about bugs, crashing or other problems.

You can get your hands on the season 2 update for Cammy’s Quiet cosplay in Street Fighter V by downloading the MM mod from Mega or the PAK file from Mega.


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