Street Fighter 5 Thick Gothic Juri Mod Increases Bust Size And Adds Tattoos
Street FIghter 5 - Juri Mod

There’s a thick Juri mod that’s recently made its way into the wild for Capcom’s Street Fighter V. The mod is called the Gothic Juri Beachwear Plus and it puts the resident footsie fighter in little more than a tied-up tank top, some bikini bottoms and an eye patch.

The mod comes from rocklee89 but was posted up by nepafu on the Zetaboards. You can grab the Gothic Juri Beachwear mod from the Google Drive download page.

The mod sees Juri getting a Gothic makeover, sporting a bandaged patch over her left eye, and various tribal tattoos marked down her body. You can see the mod in action with the video compilation that YouTuber Glorified Games put together below.

As you can see, the usually flat-chested vixen has been given a rather large makeover to increase her boob size by an ample amount. The physics for her boobs actually aren’t that overdone given the size. The modder also took liberties with adding Chun-Li’s spiked wristbands into Juri’s hair, which surprisingly match her getup quite well.

And another usual motif for mods is putting the Street Fighter V ladies in nothing at all when it comes to footwear. There are a lot of gamers who seem to show a lot of appreciation for the bare feet of characters like Juri.

Street Fighter 5 - Gothic Juri B

Now the mod itself does modify quite a bit when it comes to the mesh, the textures and some physics, so the pak file is quite hefty, clocking in at a rather sizable 290MB. So make sure you have plenty of space free in your Street Fighter V folder before you plop it in there.

Also, if you’re not savvy with mod installations, you can download the Street Fighter V Mod Manager at your own risk and use it to quickly install mods for Capcom’s game.

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