Syberia 3 Launches April 25th; Hands-On Previews Available At GDC
Syberia 3

Microids announced that Syberia 3, the point-and-click adventure game that they’ve been working on for the past couple of years will finally launch on April 25th. While the majority of games media have ignored Kate Walker in their incessant rants about females in gaming and sexism because they’ve been too busy trying to get the stains out of their chairs and inseam from the other indie devs living under their desk, Microids has been consistently working to put out a quality product that isn’t just another token adventure game to fulfill an insatiable quota setup by sociopolitical gender-studies activists.

The trailer starts with Kate in a mental institution trying to recall her memories. We see how she has flashbacks of a grand adventure taking place elsewhere. You can check out the trailer below, entitled “Discover”

Graphically the game is serviceable. Microids has been making it a point to divulge aspects of the game’s design to the gaming community at large. One of those aspects includes the all new engine switch to allow for fully immersive 3D environments.

The classic puzzle-solving, NPC interactions and progressive storytelling will still make their appearance in the game.

Various people also pointed out that Kate Walker looks a lot like the way Lara Croft used to look… before they stripped her of her visual identity and turned her into a soft looking, whiny baby.

Anyway, Kate Walker doesn’t waste time whining, she has things to do, so players will spend that time talking to people of interest and exploring various environments designed to incite wonderment and a sense of fantasy.

Console gamers rocking the eighth gen twins will finally have a chance to play the Syberia series. Although, I don’t know how well they’ll take to it given that it’s a fairly old franchise that’s just now getting a bit of a spotlight in gaming after so many years on hiatus. Hopefully they’ll do a decent recap at the beginning to help the newbies get caught up.

As mentioned in the headline, you can look for Syberia 3 to launch on April 25th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Nintendo Switch version of Syberia 3 is due out at some point later in 2017.

Between February 28th and March 2nd there will be hands-on demonstrations of the game available at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California this year.


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