The Lack of Casino Console Games

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The online casino is more popular than ever in 2017 with millions of people logging on to play their favourite casino games every day. There are so many platforms that now offer their own online casino options so whether you are a desktop or mobile player, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Players can play casino games from their iPad, PC or Android mobile phone and either play for fun or for real cash but what options do you have if you are a console player?

It must be said that casino games haven’t really taken off on console and this could be put down to a number of key factors. The main point that sticks out to us is that casino games are normally played for real cash in a lot of cases and consoles do not really allow the player to gamble for real money.

Some console casino games do exist but are purely simulated gaming experience whereby you play with demo credits. While some of these games offer an authentic casino playing experience, the absence of real cash doesn’t allow them to compete with the online casino games.

We also feel that there is an age gap that plays a prominent role in the availability of casino console games. Some of the best UK online casinos allow for a diverse range of bets with resources such as helping players find the elite. However, many console games appeal to kids and we feel that perhaps a lot of online casino developers do not see as big a potential market on consoles as they do for the online channel. In contrast, some even consider playing games consoles to be slightly more retro which may contribute to the notion that online casinos should be kept for PC and mobile devices.

Legislation is also important. Gambling regulations are stricter than ever due to the need to ensure that players are playing responsibly and creating console online casinos games could result in the need for new legislation.

Additionally, the laws for gambling in one country may not be the same for another so cross country platforms such as PlayStation Network or Xbox Live would have to consider all these conditions before releasing console casino games. Security is also an issue and console manufacturers would need to be able to guarantee player’s security if real money was involved.

These are just some of the reasons while we feel that consoles aren’t particularly suited to online casino content but with developments such as PlayStation Home Casino on the horizon we may see some changes in the future so keep an eye on our site for future developments if you are both a console and casino lover.

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