The Wild Eight Cheats Give You Infinite Health, No Hunger, No Cold
The Wild Eight
(Last Updated On: February 14, 2017)

Finding it difficult surviving in the stark Alaskan cold in Eight Points’ The Wild Eight? Well, the survival game recently received a cheat trainer that allows you to overcome the odds and survive against the elements with a bit of help from exploits.

The cheat trainer is available right now over on the Mr. Antifun download page.

The cheats include the following.

  • Inf.Health
  • No Hunger
  • No Cold
  • Inf.Stamina

Infinite health means you won’t die during fights against the wildlife or other hazards. However, infinite health has nothing to do with dying of cold or hunger, which is why it’s important you can utilize the no hunger and no cold cheats so that you won’t have to worry about starvation. Obviously, infinite stamina means you can get more done throughout the day as you attempt to survive in the harsh conditions following the plane crash.

Before using the cheats make sure you start a game world first and then move the character a few feet before you open and activate the cheat trainer. For the infinite health cheat, open the trainer after starting a world in The Wild Eight but don’t activate the health cheat right first. First find an enemy and get hit by that enemy and then activate the health cheat.

The Wild Eight entered into Early Access on February 8th. The game has already gained quite a bit of positive praise as the developers garner feedback and continue to move through the development phase toward completion.

The title is a single or multiplayer cooperative survival game following eight passengers on a flight that end up stranded in the far north of Alaska. Players must work together to gather resources, stay warm and hunt animals while fighting the bitter cold. It’s not just another standard survival game, though… there’s actually a story entrenched underneath the basic need to live.

The game is available in Early Access right now for $19.99

(Main image courtesy of Winchan)

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