Transformers: Forged To Fight Trailer Reveals Tekken-Style 360 Degree Combat
Transformers Forged To Fight

Hasbro and Kabam’s upcoming Transformers: Forged To Fight is actually a heck of a lot better looking than I had given them any credit for. A new trailer was released for the upcoming fighting game, which is due to release this spring.

The trailer showcases the game’s 360 degree fighting system. If you’re used to playing Tekken then you’ll be right at home with Transformers: Forged To Fight.

They demonstrate the different eras of the Transformers that will be available during the game, including the Bayformers and the original animated G1 Transformers that made them iconic back in the 1980s. You can check out the trailer below.

It’s nice to see Soundwave making the cut. We also see the G1 version of Arcee in the game, along with Grimlock, Starscream and Megatron. There are some Bayformers in there but I’m not sure who they are since they look like walking junk-piles sometimes.

The mixture between the Bayformers and the original Transformers will give fans of the series a little bit of both worlds to enjoy. It’s funny that Bumblebee actually seems to be most recognized for his appearance in the newer Transformers flicks as opposed to his old VW Bug form from the old G1 series. Then again, the yellow jacket livery on the Camero is like pure sexy.

We see that players can collect the different generation Transformers while venturing through the world. Battles will commence within 3D arenas and players will duke it out, not unlike Tobal No. 1 and its quest mode.

To be a mobile game I’ll admit that the fighting looks good. It’s responsive, fast and reminds me a lot of Virtua Fighter in terms of speed and combos. There’s also short, mid and long range attacks that will be at the disposal of players, and a few fan-favorite Transformers that have not appeared in Michael Bay’s films.

You can look for Transformers: Forged To Fight to launch on iOS and Android devices starting sometime later this spring. It’s a shame it won’t be a budget-priced title on PC or the Nintendo Switch… it would have been an instant buy for me.


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