Triple X Tycoon Set To Release In June, Will Donate Some Proceeds To LGBTQ Charities
Triple X Tycoon

The porn-centered strategy management game from Joy-Toilet called Triple X Tycoon is set to release this upcoming June on Steam for PC. In addition to releasing on Steam, the developers will also adapt and open their own digital distribution platform that will “supersede” the Joy-Toilet brand.

Triple X Tycoon‘s future expansions will also be handed out to Patreon and IndieGoGo backers, and Joy-Toilet has plans on donating some of the proceeds to various charities. They mention in the press release…

“The company also looks forward to donating 10% of all profits to LGBTQ and female health organizations including but not limited to RAINN, Women for Women International, Someone Cares, Inc and the Human Rights Campaign.”

In addition to using porn to help people, the press release also pointed to the latest trailer for Triple X Tycoon, giving gamers nearly seven minutes worth to check out for the upcoming strategy simulator.

The game sees players building motels, renting out hotels, establishing a foothold in the adult entertainment industry during the 1970s, and then growing it during the 1980s and beyond. Gamers will travel through time developing and establishing their empire from the age of grindhouse cinema to the VHS era, to digital distribution.

Triple X Tycoon landed on Steam Greenlight last year, and unlike some porno-themed games it managed to get through the Greenlight process mostly unscathed. Due to Valve’s tricky policy on sex and pornography, it’s difficult for some developers to get their game approved to appear on the Steam store.

Joy-Toilet managed to overcome the censor-happy crowd and have scheduled their porn management simulator to arrive on Steam this summer. I’m curious if their new distribution platform will be similar to Nutaku, which caters toward gamers seeking uncensored content, or if it will simply host Joy-Toilet’s own games?

You can keep track of development by visiting the official Triple X Tycoon website.


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