Twitch Banned Yandere Simulator Due To Underage Violence And Sexual Harassment
Yandere Simulator

The developer of Yandere Simulator finally received a response from Twich after hounding them for more than a year, seeking an explanation as to why the game was banned from the streaming service. In today’s increasingly censorship-heavy social media culture, a lot of big sites are operated by what most people refer to as “Social Justice Warriors”. These people enact double standards and loose rules of censorship on their platforms to block out or censor content they feel is “bad”, similar to how Twitter targeted and suspended conservatives on nebulous grounds, or how Reddit put in a block filter to prevent posts from The_Donald sub from making it to the front page.

In the case of Twitch and Yandere Simulator, they finally responded to the developer and gave him a bullet list of reasons why the game was banned from the service, as seen below.

The developer made a video highlighting how he could easily make changes to some of these features if it’s oh-so-necessary (and he’s already done so in some cases, as acknowledged in the post by Twitch). However,  the developer also points out that some of these reasons are incorrect, such as the fact that you don’t have to kill people to progress in the game, and there is no nudity in the game since it’s obscured.

He also points out that the intent of the gameplay is not to sexually harass people or even commit violent acts. Certain options are simply left available for players to explore, not unlike Hitman or GTA. The real giveaway, however, is that Twitch decided to use an anti-gaming website as a source to back up their position, citing an interview from Vice, a website known to push the SJW agenda, and have repeatedly and continually published easily debunkable falsehoods about things such as #GamerGate. Vice is also known to have run to the defense of Zoe Quinn, who runs Crash Override Network, and despite actually being engaged in an organization that has provably conducted targeted harassment and doxing, as revealed by the Crash Override Network leaks, Vice has still covered for Quinn.

Later on Twitch reveals why they won’t be unbanning Yandere Simulator for the time being, and suggest that he re-submit the game to them for review after he gets rated by the ESRB and after the game is done and complete, with the formal letter from the Twitch community team stating…

“While we acknowledge other titles may have some of these elements, Yandere Simulator was in early development, signaling these first elements of gameplay were core mechanics and themes. As the game is still in active development, there may have been more characteristics added since the title was last reviewed and future features may be added which would further violate our Community Guidelines. Unfortunately, we are not prepared to commit to ongoing, comprehensive re-evaluations during game development. It’s a moving target we do not feel comfortable revisiting until the game is more complete, especially given the circumstances of the initial suspension.


In the future, as Yandere Simulator becomes feature complete, we would be happy to review it again. We also encourage you to seek a rating from the ESRB for additional guidance.”

They also mention over on their community guidelines page that the focus of games can’t be gratuitous or extreme violence or nudity or sexual content, otherwise the content/stream/game will be banned.

The video makes a good point that even with Twitch’s response (which arrived 13 months after the ban of Yandere Simulator and millions of views from videos and articles discussing Twitch’s silence on the ban) it doesn’t explain why a game like Conan Exiles is allowed but a game like the censored Steam version of HuniePop isn’t allowed.

It’s a good example given that if Twitch uses the patch/mod excuse – a game that could be modded to include nudity is prohibited – then they would also have to prohibit games like Black Desert Online, TERA Online, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Senran Kagura (again), since all of those games can also be modded to include nudity. This also doesn’t explain why they would still allow Conan Exiles when it doesn’t require a nudity patch, it just has blatant outright nudity right in the vanilla version of the game itself.

No matter how you cut the custard, there truly is a double standard of policy enforcement going on.

SJWs have defended Twitch by saying that it’s their platform and they can do what they want. They used a similar excuse when N4G was banning pro-#GamerGate articles while allowing some anti-#GamerGate articles.

For now, the Yandere Dev will simply let the decision slide. Yandere Simulator is estimated to be about two years out from completion, and so once it’s feature complete he has plans on re-submitting it for evaluation to Twitch to see if they change their minds. Unless the SJWs from the moderation staff are removed or gain a pittance of self-awareness, it’s doubtful that they’ll change their minds.


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