Ubisoft Hiring For Avatar Game Based On James Cameron’s Movies
Avatar The Game

Over on the official Ubisoft website they announced that Avatar is getting another game. They plan on doing a not-so-sequel follow-up to the 2011 game they released based on James Cameron’s 3D movie of the same name. They’re taking a very different approach to the property this time around now that they’re six years removed from the original game.

They have absolutely no details to share on the project other than that players will return to the magical world of Pandora, which defies our known logic and features giant blue cat people running around in loin cloths and tiger teeth.

There are a few big hints that give away what they’re working on and what the scope will be like. First of all, they mention that they’re using the SnowDrop engine that powers The Division. Next up, according to the Massive job listings, they’re hiring online programmers and engine tool engineers for the Avatar project, so it’s likely going to be similar to The Division, especially given that developer Massive Entertainment is still on board to headline development.

An Avatar clone of The Division could work… but one of the big selling points of the movie was how big and how visually spacious everything was. Condensing that down into a linear, instanced-area grind-fest seems like it would be doing a disservice to the concept.

Right now, though, they’re very much hunkered down and in the concept design and hiring phase. Speaking of hiring… they’re so early on in development they’re still looking for concept artists, so that’s something worth checking out if you have the gift of graphics and a penchant for penning cool art.

Another thing that’s mentioned over on the hiring page is that they’re looking for a narrative director. Hopefully whoever steps up to the plate won’t be a stereotypical social justice warrior or a male feminist because that’s the last thing we need. And I’m pretty sure James Cameron doesn’t want his story designed by and for rapists.


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