Wall Street Journal Writer’s Anti-Semitic Jokes Gain Support From Neo Nazis

Following the Wall Street Journal’s smear campaign against YouTuber PewDiePie for old jokes they took out of context and tried turning into a story about PewDiePie supporting Nazism, some users began digging into the Twitter histories of Wall Street Journal writers and found some anti-Semitic jokes that they’ve made in the past. This resulted in a neo-Nazi website becoming the Wall Street Journal’s number one fansite.

The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi online publication, declared themselves to be the number one fansite for the Wall Street Journal following tweets unearthed from years ago by Wall Street Journal writer, Ben Fritz, who covers tech, entertainment and Disney.

The site jokingly changed their banner to reflect their support for the Wall Street Journal in light of the anti-Semitic jokes that Fritz made, some almost a decade old.

The tweets have surfaced into the public arena due to the Wall Street Journal leading a smear campaign against PewDiePie. Fritz made various jokes about Jews being fried, and having a hard-on for Nazis.

People began taking Fritz out of context in the same way that the mainstream media took PewDiePie out of context in hopes of damaging his brand.

In fact, PewDiePie recently did another video about the media’s attempt to destroy his livelihood and get all his videos demontized.

In one segment of the video, he explains how he had tweeted out that the Wall Street Journal attempted to contact his brands first before coming to him for comment. The implication was that they were focused on getting his brands pulled and costing him his sponsorships. Wall Street Journal’s Technology columnist Christopher Mims responded on Twitter claiming that that wasn’t true.

Mims is then questioned about the chronology of events and whether or not the Wall Street Journal did attempt to contact PewDiePie’s sponsors first in order to get his funding pulled before contacting him about it. Mims replied with the following.

PewDiePie’s original tweet was literally stating that they didn’t contact him first before going to his sponsors.

Mims literally misconstrues PewDiePie’s comment, and there are plenty of people who give Mims the benefit of the doubt, despite the fact that PewDiePie’s whole point was that Mims’ intention was to get his brands to pull out.

Simply put: if Mims really thought the whole issue was something that could have been resolved amicably, why didn’t they reach out to PewDiePie first before going to Disney’s Maker Studios and YouTube in order to get funding pulled.

Nick Monroe, an infrequent contributor to One Angry Gamer and Escapist Magazine, also asked another Wall Street Journal editor, Rofle Winkler, about the chronology of who was contacted first: PewDiePie or his sponsors.

As more people began asking Winkler the same question as a way to verify if what PewDiePie said was true or not, Winkler responded by protecting his tweets.

Essentially, the general impression is that what PewDiePie is saying is true (and so far, between him and the mainstream media, he actually has a track record of being honest). Some people feel as if The Wall Street Journal should be held accountable for costing PewDiePie his business relationship with Maker Studios and his YouTube Red show.

The Daily Stormer even posted up the Wall Street Journal’s advertisers’ contact info for people who were inclined to let them know about Ben Fritz’ anti-Semitic jokes.

Advanced Data Processing has the following public relations contacts:
Michael Schneider [email protected] 973-974-5678
Steve Cross [email protected] 973-974-5744
CME Group has a huge list of important corporate communications executives available here.
American Express has a bunch more important executives listed here.
F5 Networks has press contacts listed in the right side column of this page.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s US PR lead is Caroline Nolan at +1 202 258 1946.
London Stock Exchange Group contact list is available here.
Deloitte has an extensive contact list on this page.

However, despite sites like the Wall Street Journal, Wired and Polygon purposefully smearing PewDiePie, some people have declined to go after the Wall Street Journal’s sponsors, feeling as if that’s taking a move out of the playbook of the corrupt mainstream media.


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