Weekly Recap Feb 18th: Media Goes Full Retard Promoting PewDiePie Nazism

Weekly Recap

This week was one of those weeks that was a good week for all the wrong reasons. For instance, it was a great week for waking up normies. Why? Because more than 50 million of PewDiePie subscribers were made aware of how crappy the media truly is after they went on a full-out smear campaign against the YouTuber in order to paint him as a full-on Nazi. I only wish I was joking.

The rest of the week played out in similar fashion, with more outlets doubling down on the whole Nazism angle, all while people deplored them for doing so. In other news, Twitch finally admitted to their bias in banning Yandere Simulator from their service, and Twitter admitted to outright shadowbanning people who say things they don’t like. These retarded stories and more in this February 18th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Twitch Offers Hypocritical Explanation For Yandere Sim Ban

If you want to see double standards at play be sure to check out Twitch’s explanation on why they banned Yandere Simulator. It turns out that the game has violence and sexual harassment, and therefore can’t be allowed on Twitch. Oh yeah, and it’s currently in development, and the developer might sneak something in there that they don’t like, so it also has to stay banned. The pseudo JRPG from Midgar Studios Edge of Eternity is due for release in early 2018 for PC and late 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One. To no one’s surprise, Marvel vs Capcom 3 turned out to be the final user pick for EVO 2017’s line-up, filling up the bracket with some top tier games for this year. And Yo-Kai Watch: Gerapo Rhythm will be delayed from spring to some point later in 2017.


Sega Has Big Plans For Sonic

Sega will host a panel at SXSW in order to showcase their newest sonic titles. They will not only showcase the Sonic Mania title for home consoles, PC and the Nintendo Switch, but they will also showcase the Project Sonic 2017 title. NetherRealm unveiled that Swamp Thing has been added to the roster of Injustice 2. And Japan’s version of Resident Evil 7 has actually been severely censored compared to its Western counterpart. It’s one of the rare times where the Japanese version of the game absolutely pales in comparison to its North American release. Censorship strikes again.


Marvel Turning Away From SJW Propaganda

It took a massive hit to their sales and a lot of bad press (from within comic book communities) along with threats of retailer boycotts to finally get Marvel to see the errs of their ways. They decided that come this fall they’re going back to what they do best and leaving the Social Justice Warrior identity politics at the door. Good riddance. Speaking of abandoning SJWs… Playboy is also going back to what they do best: nudes. They originally abandoned nudes and took up SJW progressive viewpoints only to have it fail worse than an empty generator during a lightning storm. Also in SJW news… PewDiePie was attacked by media for being a Nazis because of a ridiculous joke… I kid you not. And we’ve got up a review of Sniper Elite 4.


Media Makes Up Fake news Against PewDiePie

The reputation and integrity of the mainstream media has been jettisoned. They’ve scuttled what little hope of merit they had left down the toilet of the unforgiving, as most readers have given up on them. This was exemplified with Wired painting PewDiePie as a literal Nazi. That woke the normies up. In fact, it was the double dose of Polygon going full retard in combination with the Wall Street Journal and other mainstream media outlets that finally made people snap and say enough. Details on the Ghost Recon open beta was made available for those who are interested. PlayStation Now, Sony’s online streaming service, will be brought to an end starting April 1st for every device save for the PS4 and PC. Oh yeah, and Twitter finally admitted that they’ve been shadowbanning people.

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