Weekly Recap Feb 4th: Gaming Mental Health Disorder And Good Game Shuts Down
Weekly Recap

Lots of small bits of interesting news happened through the week ending on February 4th, 2017. Australia’s broadcasting corp ended up pulling the plug on the decade-old Good Game. The two hosts landed just fine on their feet, though, and took their SJW-views to another network.

Some health organizations want to label hardcore gaming as a mental health disorder, putting together a proposal for consideration on March 31st, 2017 next month for the World Health Organization. Conan Exiles also took the gaming world by storm this week and was even cracked within days of release. Deep Freeze was updated with more corruption issues. And a new Otaku site called Manga.Tokyo has opened up for gamers, nerds, manga fans and weebs alike to get their news about Japan’s nerd culture. These stories and more in this February 4th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.

Deep Freeze Adds More Corruption To The Profile

If corruption is something you like seeing get exposed, look no further than Deep Freeze recently updating the database featuring such corruption rock stars as Polygon, everyone’s favorite click-bait outlet Kotaku, and that ministry of misandry known as The Mary Sue. Each of those outlets were found to have been harboring journalists practicing cronyism. A new arcade game from Square Enix called Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is on the way… but only for arcades. Titanfall 2 is set to receive some new content in March, and Pillars of Eternity II managed to secure $1.1 million with less than 24 hours of crowdfunding.

Good Game Shuts Down

ABC in Australia has officially shut down the Good Game outlet after they lost viewership and tanked their own growth potential by attacking their audience. The news came swift and hard as ABC opted to put the axe to the show, which had been running for a whole decade. Yooka-Laylee has managed to go gold for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game is due for release on April 11th. A new game based on Guardians of the Galaxy is on the way from Square Enix. And there’s a new game called RPG In A Box that lets you build your own voxel games.


Ladykiller In A Bind Manages To Breach Steam’s Rules

Christine Love’s Ladykiller In A Bind managed to launch uncensored on Steam back in October, 2016 and it contains some graphic, sexually explicit content. The visual novel wasn’t forced to be censored like other visual novels, which caused some developers to question why? Well, it was an obvious double standard that’s left many a question mark over everyone’s heads. A massive new update is inbound for The Elder Scrolls Online, featuring the continent of Morrowwind… something that classic Elder Scrolls fans have been dying to play. And there’s a free sample version of Freedom Planet 2 that you can download right now in order to get a taste of the characters and combat in the highly anticipated sequel.


World Health Organization Wants To Label Gaming As A Disease

Hardcore gaming could be a label you’ll want to avoid at all costs if a proposal for the ICD: 11 gets passed on March 30th, 2017 through the World Health Organization. Some academics want to have hardcore gaming labeled as a mental and physical health disease. ZeniMax has managed to step away from their lawsuit against Oculus and end up being awarded $500 million in the process. Madden NFL 18 will be switching off the Ignite Engine and will be following in the footsteps of other DICE games by using the Frostbite 3.0. Also, the Nintendo Switch paid online service will be around $30 a year.


Manga.Tokyo Will Make Otaku Great Again

Weebs rejoice, you’ll now have a real Otaku outlet to journey to after all the other enthusiast sites gave in to Social Justice Warrior identity politics and nerd-shaming. The Manga.Tokyo website offers reviews, news and information on the latest anime, manga and weeb-related culture. And speaking of SJWs… a bunch of SJW developers have come out in opposing Donald Trump on the temporary refugee ban on seven countries, all the meanwhile these developers – including Blizzard Entertainment and Harmonix – have opted to completely ignore the thousands of women in countries taking in the refugees who have been raped by the religious fanatics. This just shows that these studios really do support rape culture. And BioWare revealed that their next big AAA title won’t be an RPG, but instead it will be an online action-adventure title for multiple players.


Conan Exiles Gets Cracked

The Denuvo DRM era is seemingly coming to an end under the brimstone of corporate philosophical pillars crashing down under the weight of their own fiery hubris. This time it was Conan Exiles that managed to get cracked within the span of just a day, offering gamers a 21GB DRM-free copy of Funcom’s latest MMO. Nier: Automata has official gone gold… technically it went gold a while back but it’s just now making it in the news. Final Fantasy XV will receive a PS4 Pro patch that will add a 60fps option to the game starting February 21st. And Atlus sent out a survey as they want to know what kind of game you would like to see next from the Persona series?


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