Wired Receives Backlash For Fake News Painting PewDiePie As A Nazi
PewDiePie Racist

The media appears to be taking last grasps at control of public opinion by framing situations way outside their narrative truths. Case in point: Emma Grey Ellis’ culture piece for Wired that was published on February 16th, 2017 originally titled “Pewdiepie Was Always Kinda Racist – But Now he’s A Hero To Nazis”. This follows on what’s now become a week long public flogging by enthusiast and mainstream media against PewDiePie for a series of running inside jokes he published on his YouTube channel that involved poking fun at PC culture and the way media handles racism and other politically sensitive topic matters.

The piece starts with Ellis making comparisons between PewDiePie and Donald Trump, and then eventually leads into this paragraph…

“PewDiePie started racking up questionable jokes almost from the start of his YouTube career nearly seven years ago. Given that long tradition, and the fact he recently claimed that YouTube discriminates against him because he’s white, his fanbase goes beyond gamers. PewDiePie has become a bona fide white supremacist hero.”

The Wired piece rounds out by censuring certain forms of free speech, citing a man arrested in Austria for dressing up as Hitler and questioning if the same should be applied to PewDiePie. Really.

Ellis writes…

“In America, satire has always been protected speech—and there are overwhelmingly compelling reasons to keep it that way—but in a time of “alternative facts,” satire becomes increasingly hard to identify.


“You can’t smooth the ripples PewDiePie’s videos created, but you can slow their spread. PewDiePie’s business model revolves around grabbing viewers’ attention, holding it, and keeping them coming back for more. The real #pewdiepieisoverparty will happen when people start clicking ‘unsubscribe.’”

It’s safe to say that the response from the public was not favorable toward Wired’s culture piece. In fact, as pointed out on Kotaku in Action, Ellis later weaseled back in to alter certain parts of the article and ultimately completely change the headline to read: “PewDiePie’s Fall Shows The Limits of ‘LOL JK’”

The readers took Ellis to task for what they called “Defamation 101”.

The social media responses look exactly the same.

Buzzfeed also tried getting in on the digs, with Jacob Clifton writing a piece called “PewDiePie Isn’t A Monster; He’s Someone You Know”.

Clifton rounds out the piece by taking digs at Wikileaks, YouTubers, #GamerGate and hackers, writing…

“[…] the whiny self-importance and self-indulgence of white male rage — from Gamergate to Anonymous, WikiLeaks to the Fappening, all the proliferating forms of alt-right confusion and rage you couldn’t possibly discern from that of even the least radical right — is so repugnant that it’s nearly impossible to see through. But we won’t heal, and they won’t heal, if we don’t try. Their pain is pathetic, but watch how it spreads.”

These bizarre attacks on PewDiePie from the media are as transparent as a Lady Gaga red carpet getup.

Some of the Buzzfeed community was not amused.

While there were people in there spouting the typical “death to white males” rhetoric, there were plenty of non-partisans who seemed to “wake up” and realize that the media is the one doing the damage.

Even those who followed leftist ideology were having a hard time coming to grasp with the connection between PewDiePie and the alt-right, with an Italian university student writing the following.

The media continues to shoot itself in the foot while attempting to claim the moral high ground. They continue to advocate for the restriction of free speech while spouting off all sorts of obscenities and violence aimed at groups they don’t like.

It’s become a battleground of hypocrisy and normies are finally waking up to it.

In the end, PewDiePie did apologize for the joke offending people, but he did not relent or concede to the media’s wiles to force him to their will. He released an 11 minute video responding to the media tirade and their continued persistence in turning him into a political talking point.

Smartly, PewDiePie absolutely tears and rips at the remains of the prolasped rectum that is the media’s integrity, stepping on it, destroying it, and smearing it on the ground like the disgusting, fetid pile of feces it is.


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