Wired Receives Backlash For Fake News Painting PewDiePie As A Nazi
PewDiePie Racist
(Last Updated On: February 17, 2017)

The media appears to be taking last grasps at control of public opinion by framing situations way outside their narrative truths. Case in point: Emma Grey Ellis’ culture piece for Wired that was published on February 16th, 2017 originally titled “Pewdiepie Was Always Kinda Racist – But Now he’s A Hero To Nazis”. This follows on what’s now become a week long public flogging by enthusiast and mainstream media against PewDiePie for a series of running inside jokes he published on his YouTube channel that involved poking fun at PC culture and the way media handles racism and other politically sensitive topic matters.

The piece starts with Ellis making comparisons between PewDiePie and Donald Trump, and then eventually leads into this paragraph…

“PewDiePie started racking up questionable jokes almost from the start of his YouTube career nearly seven years ago. Given that long tradition, and the fact he recently claimed that YouTube discriminates against him because he’s white, his fanbase goes beyond gamers. PewDiePie has become a bona fide white supremacist hero.”

The Wired piece rounds out by censuring certain forms of free speech, citing a man arrested in Austria for dressing up as Hitler and questioning if the same should be applied to PewDiePie. Really.

Ellis writes…

“In America, satire has always been protected speech—and there are overwhelmingly compelling reasons to keep it that way—but in a time of “alternative facts,” satire becomes increasingly hard to identify.


“You can’t smooth the ripples PewDiePie’s videos created, but you can slow their spread. PewDiePie’s business model revolves around grabbing viewers’ attention, holding it, and keeping them coming back for more. The real #pewdiepieisoverparty will happen when people start clicking ‘unsubscribe.’”

It’s safe to say that the response from the public was not favorable toward Wired’s culture piece. In fact, as pointed out on Kotaku in Action, Ellis later weaseled back in to alter certain parts of the article and ultimately completely change the headline to read: “PewDiePie’s Fall Shows The Limits of ‘LOL JK’”

The readers took Ellis to task for what they called “Defamation 101”.

The social media responses look exactly the same.

Buzzfeed also tried getting in on the digs, with Jacob Clifton writing a piece called “PewDiePie Isn’t A Monster; He’s Someone You Know”.

Clifton rounds out the piece by taking digs at Wikileaks, YouTubers, #GamerGate and hackers, writing…

“[…] the whiny self-importance and self-indulgence of white male rage — from Gamergate to Anonymous, WikiLeaks to the Fappening, all the proliferating forms of alt-right confusion and rage you couldn’t possibly discern from that of even the least radical right — is so repugnant that it’s nearly impossible to see through. But we won’t heal, and they won’t heal, if we don’t try. Their pain is pathetic, but watch how it spreads.”

These bizarre attacks on PewDiePie from the media are as transparent as a Lady Gaga red carpet getup.

Some of the Buzzfeed community was not amused.

While there were people in there spouting the typical “death to white males” rhetoric, there were plenty of non-partisans who seemed to “wake up” and realize that the media is the one doing the damage.

Even those who followed leftist ideology were having a hard time coming to grasp with the connection between PewDiePie and the alt-right, with an Italian university student writing the following.

The media continues to shoot itself in the foot while attempting to claim the moral high ground. They continue to advocate for the restriction of free speech while spouting off all sorts of obscenities and violence aimed at groups they don’t like.

It’s become a battleground of hypocrisy and normies are finally waking up to it.

In the end, PewDiePie did apologize for the joke offending people, but he did not relent or concede to the media’s wiles to force him to their will. He released an 11 minute video responding to the media tirade and their continued persistence in turning him into a political talking point.

Smartly, PewDiePie absolutely tears and rips at the remains of the prolasped rectum that is the media’s integrity, stepping on it, destroying it, and smearing it on the ground like the disgusting, fetid pile of feces it is.

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  • Benjamin Peters

    I’ve always been completely indifferent to PewDiePie, his content was not content that amused me, so I simply didn’t watch it. I didn’t hate him, or dislike him, or have an issue with him. But I’m starting to like him not as an entertainer, he still bores me, but as a person. He seems to be pretty level-headed, even with so much money having come his way in the last several years.

  • Aldous Huxley

    54 million more hearing our message, another donald trump potentially in the making.

    This is the best timeline.

  • Alistair

    As someone pointed out, this could be the death thones of Regression lefts the last gasp.

    The media is going down hard fighting, if this don’t happen then it game over, as the media thinks “hey we survived this let’s keep calling out bullshit” do not let these cunts off.

    They pick on gamers, trump, Pewdiepie alike. In fact the very freedom of speech and expression is under attack.

    I say this again freedom of speech is not a free pass to politeness, “NO SAFE SPACE FOR YOU” you will get challenged you will get the blunt of speech that will trigger you.

    as long it not calling you death threats, & rape threats then everything else is Allow.

  • Disqusted

    If I recall correctly, Wired was one of the many mainstream outlets that attacked gamers who tried to expose their blatant corruption.

    The redpilling can’t happen fast enough. It feels like everywhere I go, people are bitching about Trump over the most ridiculous shit, just because the mainstream told them to. They’re even saying “fake news” is anything Trump doesn’t like, as if the mainstream has never lied, that Trump works for Russia (despite zero proof) and that there’s no proof of anyone else’s corruption (despite tons of it). Either people are stupid as hell, or there are shills everywhere. Both are depressing. There’s no escape, either.

    I’ve been thinking that the West has been raising “special snowflakes” because they’re the easiest to manipulate. Snowflakes believe they’re the best and they’ve never been told they’re wrong, so when they get fed propaganda, they never consider that they’ve been fooled, and would never admit if it were so.

    • Smug

      My uncle, who is pretty anti-migrant and bear enough hate to kebabs/nignogs, still believed the (french) media about the anti-Trump propaganda.

      It’s like some kind of Stockholm syndrome

      • Disqusted

        I think part of it is, if you accept the possibility that the media is lying/has lied to you, then it destroys the illusion of democracy, freedom, etc, and makes you feel insecure and foolish. People probably automatically defend against that by going into denial.

        Especially if it’s someone they want to trust, like celebrities, idols and shit like that. Nobody wants to believe that their heroes are traitorous lying shits.

        • Smug

          Yeah but it went to the point he openly supported Clinton (before the american election day). Shit did not compute

          • Disqusted

            Dunno, could be anything. I’m sure some people just like Hillary because she’s a female who isn’t downright ugly, so they assume she has to be a nice person, especially next to someone like Trump who is too blunt (which people don’t like, because people prefer being lied to), doesn’t smile all the time for no reason like Hillary, and looks like an orange with a toupee.

        • LurkerJK

          I would take a more narsisistic view of that, ppl just dont want to accept they got fooled, just another side of confirmation bias

          On the other hand when these ppl get red pilled they dont just stop believing the media, they FUCKING DIVORCE THEM, the change is so abrupt its funny to watch

    • Keep in mind that everyone who voted for Trump knows darn well that MSM perpetuates and propagates fake news. If the rumor about Twitter throttling is true then a lot of social media are only pushing for certain dissident views of Trump to rise to the top of the crop and give the impression that MSM is right about everything and common sense is a bygone trait of mankind.

      EDIT: Also thanks for inadvertently reminding me to put up something about Twitter throttling people.

      • Disqusted

        No problem. Yeah, social media loves pushing bullshit agenda.

        People really need to be reminded that we are the very first in history to experience widespread social media power abuse, because the technology is new and there are no regulations.

        I noticed earlier that the same assholes smearing PewdiePie are the same assholes who smeared GamerGate and Trump. It’s always the same lying pieces of shit.

    • duder

      if you believe anything of the easily checked lies that have come out of trump’s mouth, then it’s really not the rest of the world that is stupid. Trump spews more lies than any mediaoutlet can even hope to match.

  • MarcDaniel Erasmo

    We need to start a protest; Occupy Wall Street Journal and hold them accountable for their slander.

    This is like Breibart taking that weather lady out of context.

    • PewDiePie could sue for defamation and punitive damages. He has an open and shut case so long as the WSJ original published piece is archived and other articles published repeating their defamation are also archived to show that there’s multiple counts of intended malice for every site that reported on the instance and took the clip wholly out of context.

  • Never mind that the real Nazi party was….leftist.
    Greatest lie ever sold, bar none.

    • Disqusted

      The left/liberals seem to keep trying to rewrite history so that everything seen as good is owned by them, and them alone. The sad part is how many people believe it.

      • Payton Vaughn

        The Nazi party wasn’t leftist, m8.

        • Disqusted

          I don’t care what the Nazi party was. As far as I’m concerned, nothing is completely “left” or “right”. It’s ridiculous to go around trying to associate things with “Nazis” based on perceived “leftness” or “rightness”.

          Many people seem to literally believe that anything that isn’t left/Democrat is an evil lie. You’d have to be immensely simpleminded to completely dismiss anything anyone from the perceived “right” says, just because of their political LEANING.

          I’ve heard Trump was actually a Democrat, but switched to the Republican party for his presidential campaign. Similarly, Ron Paul is a Libertarian, but went with the Republicans for his presidential campaign.

          I wish people would stop trying to simplify everything into basic groups.

  • Pocketmarmots

    “Their pain is pathetic,”


  • m0r1arty

    54 million subscribers and their friends in real life are about to start having a “Conversation” and I don’t think it’s about how PewDiePie is a Nazi but rather how an apparently respectable broadsheet like the Wall Street Journal can run a hit piece on him based on elements of video which were clearly edited out of context by 3 journalists there as they made their own video with his cuts in it.

    If anyone still has stocks in paper mills or ink I’d sell them now.


    It’s 2017. Donald J. Trump is President. I’m beginning to like Pewdiepie. WHAT IS REALITY?!

  • anopolis

    its funny to see their house crumble…people are finally starting to wake up and take notice of just how utterly full of bull shit…utter..bullshit…heh….the best part is, i think its just starting..

  • Grim Cube

    Don’t know why but I find the second title worse, because they did manage to get pewdiepie to apologize. I feel like they succeeded in what they were set out to do, which is limit jokes.

    • I agree. If I was him, I wouldn’t have apologized for the jokes.

      • Disqusted

        Yeah, I would have told them to grow up and f**k off. The same people making a big deal about what Pewdie said are the same ones who make jokes about rape and other far nastier shit. Bunch of hypocrites.

  • Gorgon

    This PewDiePie drama is the most bizarre shit I’ve ever seen. Why do they think will believe them? They only discredit themselves and antagonize a ton of people.

    • Kageyama

      Pie has a lot of haters that are jealous of his success and those people will believe anything negative about him.

      • I’ve never liked PewDiePie but he’s 110% right about the bullcrap the media has been pulling.

        • Never liked Poods either, but I’m so disillusioned that I actively disbelieve anything the mainstream press says.

          • Disqusted

            As far as I’m concerned, the mainstream is fundamentally flawed because they cherry pick what to tell us. They’re also clearly biased because they often only report one side of the story.

            It’s completely different if we’re looking up information ourselves, instead of rely on hearsay from selective sources, or their friends of friends. Of course, the powers that be are trying to make research difficult to do, too.

        • ReubenHood
        • Disqusted

          I don’t like him either, and it’s sorta valid to call him a hypocrite for turning around after being successful, but the fact is only someone who becomes significantly successful is able to turn around like he has. Otherwise the media would just crush him.

      • Aldous Huxley

        Stupid. Envy is stupid. Idiots need to focus on self improvement.