WWE 2K17 Cheats Grant You Infinite Health, Infinite Finishers
WWE 2K17 Cheats
(Last Updated On: February 10, 2017)

Cheating is the way of life for people who can’t be pissed to play through the game the way it was intended. Alternatively, cheating is for people who can’t be pissed to grind through a game with artificial difficulty settings designed to lead you toward the cash shop where they expect you to suckle off the microtransactions as if they’re the developer’s coconut balls dangling from a palm tree.

In the case of WWE 2K17, the game recently launched on PC and a cheat trainer became available to commemorate the launch, giving gamers the opportunity to enable cheats such as infinite health, infinite stamina as well as infinite finisher moves and signature moves. You can check out the full list below or grab the trainer from the Mr. Antifun download page.

• Inf.Health
• Inf.Stamina
• Inf.Finishers Moves
• Inf.Signature Moves
• Inf.VC
• Inf.Pop

Other cheats such as infinite popularity should help set you apart from the rest of the jabronis who will live out life as a jobber on NXT, like No Way Jose.

If you want to be a real player you have to know how to get the crowd on your side and pull off some sweet and sick moves while politicking your way through the locker room like some kind of a bastard offspring of Triple H and Kevin Nash.

Anyway, on the upside at least the game didn’t make you have to go down on Pat Patterson in order to get over. Unless… of course, you’re into pulling off a Depression Quest to get ahead in life. Heck, it wasn’t above Shawn Michaels’ pay grade.

WWE 2K17 is available right now on the pathetic eighth-gen twins and PC. Of course, the PC version is likely the version you’re going to want to get if you want to partake in modding and cheating and all that other good stuff.

(Main image courtesy of Apex Lord)

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