Anti #GamerGate Journalist Arrested For Cyberstalking, Harassing Ex-Girlfriend

31-year-old Juan Thompson from St. Louis, Missouri has been arrested by the FBI for harassment, cyberstalking and making death threats as a way to get back at his ex-girlfriend. Juan Thompson was originally a writer for The Intercept, until he was fired back in early 2016 for fabricating stories in order to push an agenda, as reported by Mashable.

Before being fired from The Intercept, Thompson was responsible for the piece “Online, Black Writers Confront Racist Backlash” published back in May of 2015, which ventured to point out racism in online social media. Thompson also took that opportunity to take digs at #GamerGate, writing…

“The online racism directed toward Butler and other black writers is similar, in its scope and severity, to the online misogyny exposed by the Gamergate controversy last year. Many people were shocked to read about the torrent of misogynist hate directed at video game developer Zoe Quinn after a jilted ex-boyfriend falsely accused her, in a blog post, of having used sex to advance in the gaming community. The threats got so bad that Quinn eventually fled her home out of fear for her safety.”

These claims of #GamerGate being a misogynistic harassment campaign were debunked by an FBI investigation, and several reports investigating the hashtag.

Even still, Thompson wasn’t afraid to run with the narrative until he got fired for it.

Recently he’s been charged with cyberstalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend. According to ABC News

“Juan Thompson, 31, is accused of what federal prosecutors called a “campaign to harass and intimidate.” He’s charged in New York with cyberstalking a New York City woman by communicating threats in the woman’s name. Prosecutors said Thompson appears to have made those threats “as part of a sustained campaign to harass and intimidate” the woman after their romantic relationship ended.”

Thompson made at least eight death threats to Jewish community centers, schools and the Anti-Defamation League.

According to the New York Post, Juan Thompson also attempted to use revenge porn as a way to get back as his ex. They explain…

“He also e-mailed her naked photos of herself and threatened to expose them publicly, according to the papers.”

One thing that should be made clear is that Mediate and ABC News clarified that Juan Thompson is not the prime suspect in the original bomb threats sent to Jewish community centers and the Anti-Defamation League. They believe he’s a copycat, and has been using the news about the Jewish death threats as a way to get back at his girlfriend. He’s been attempting to frame her for the threats and get her arrested.

Despite the evidence and the charges, Thompson has a message at the top of his Twitter feed defending himself and his actions that reads…

Thompson is yet another journalist and media personality who has been charged with a serious crime that has ties to #GamerGate. Before Thompson there was Jian Ghomeshi, and later there was Matt Hickey, the latter of which is facing a lawsuit from the Attorney General and facing multiple counts of rape and sexual assault.

More recently, another anti-#GamerGate journalist, Jamie Kilstein was forced to resign from Citizen Radio based on accusation of sexual misconduct. This followed on Devin Faraci, another anti-#GamerGate journalist and male feminist, who also had to resign due to accusations of sexual assault.

As reported here before, there has been a growing trend of male feminists in the Social Justice Warrior community who have been involved with misogynistic behavior and many claims of sexually abusing women.

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