Atomic Blonde Red Band Trailer Is Steeped In Violence And Lesbian Sex

Atomic Blonde

I don’t know if the unemployable gender studies moral support groups will see this as a “dude with boobs” flick or if they’ll embrace it as a movie where a woman beats the crap out of a bunch of guys and feel as if it’s empowering, but the new red band trailer for Atomic Blonde has a lot of people talking about it.

From the director who is bringing you Deadpool 2 comes a movie starring Charlize Theron as a resident badass lesbian on a mission to find out who is killing some top secret agents in Berlin. The film is based on a graphic novel called The Coldest City, which was set during the Cold War era.

The red band trailer starts with Theron gearing up and coming out of an elevator looking pensive, but then it proceeds to give us a fight scene where plenty of the action appears to take place in a single take. It’s shot well and looks brutal, and the trailer isn’t afraid to show the aftermath of Theron taking some nasty hits. Obviously it’s stylized enough to give Theron a lot of leeway to take hits and keep on ticking, which has plenty of people comparing it to Geena Lee Davis’ cult classic The Long Kiss Goodnight.

It reminds me of Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire on ecstasy.

Some of the commenters did bring up some criticisms about the fight scenes that I noticed as well: Theron isn’t a trained fighter and you can see where the opponents are waiting for the cue to strike in between her hits.

Theron’s issue was also an issue that plagued Christopher Nolan’s last Batman film, where Bale’s difficulty in quickly executing strikes in his suit made the fight scenes look awkward and staged, especially due to how zoomed out they were so you could see the other stuntment standing around waiting for the cue.

Even still, some of the other scenes in Atomic Blonde don’t look as awkward, especially the quick snippets of the hotel room shootout where Theron appears to handle her hardware well. Even if some actors can’t handle the fighting chops, they can sometimes make up for it with the gun handling. In some rare cases we have Keanu Reeves, Gina Carano, Johnny Strong or Steven Seagal who can do both with expert efficiency.

Anyway, Atomic Blonde is due for release this summer.

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