Baby Driver Trailer: It’s Like The Transporter Movie We Never Got
Baby Driver (Movie)

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is a crazy looking film with an all-star cast and a sweet looking plot. It centers around a young wheelman named “Baby”. He’s a kid with a disability and a penchant to wrench steering wheels for powerslides like mainstream media wrenches the facts to create fake news; both can spin wildly out of control.

The latest trailer for the film is tight, taut and thrilling, giving fans a quick look at what’s to come when the movie drops into theaters… soon.

It follows “Baby” as he preps to do his final heist for his handler, played by Kevin Spacey. He’s teamed up with a psychotic Jamie Foxx and a few other colorful characters. Jon Hamm also drops into the picture in a fairly unrecognizable role. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of JoBlo.

A few people were displeased with the “loud” and “snappy” editing but the whole thing looks great in my opinion. It looks like the action director has a tight grip on the camera work to make that car porn shine like Paige’s skin in those leaks, and there’s a serious sense of giving the movie what looks like plenty of unorthodox action sequences to keep viewers glued to the screen.

Most impressive about this trailer, however, is that it doesn’t give too much away. We have a general idea of what the plot is for the film but they don’t spoil the ending like that Batman vs Superman trailer, and they don’t give away all the twists and turns. We know what’s coming but we don’t know how.

I’m getting vibes of Driver meets Taxi meets Transporter.

I’m all in.

The Transporter could have been a cool series, but the driving sequences were always way too over the top and the action was just usually frequently sub-par.

And while the trailer for Baby Driver may have been spastic, at least it was stylish. If the chase scenes stay grounded and authentic to the capabilities of the cars, then I think that would go a long way in cementing this movie as a new-school classic.

It’s a shame we will never get to see Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man but at least Baby Driver looks legit.

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