Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk Rape Scene Removed, Gore Censored
Berserk and the Band of the Hawk
(Last Updated On: March 4, 2017)

It’s weird that the release of Koei Tecmo’s Berserk and the Band of the Hawk had to go through a number of different modifications for the regional releases in Japan and North America. If you have no idea what Berserk is about, there are spoilers ahead, so you’ve been warned.

It was mentioned previously that the Japanese version was going to have its gore censored in order to achieve a decent Cero rating. Over in Japan they’re a lot harsher on violence depicted in games, so Koei Tecmo had the dismemberment and gore censored in the Japanese release of the game. In the West, certain other changes were made, such as turning Casca’s body into a silhouette on the cover of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, and censoring the tentacles that are holding her up. You can see the comparisons in the video below from Censored Gaming.

The censorship doesn’t end there, though.

The most devastating moment in Berserk was when Casca was ravaged by the demon monsters during the eclipse, which preceded Femto raping her in front of Guts to complete his transformation into a demon prince.

In the actual Berserk and the Band of the Hawk game, the entire rape sequence is changed where Casca is simply stripped naked and held up by tentacles, giving the impression Femto is taunting Guts more-so than raping Casca. You can see how the scene was altered drastically in the Western release of the game, thanks to FightinCowboy. The actual sequence in question starts at the 22 minute mark.

Instead of Guts confronting Femto as he rapes Casca, they simply show Casca being suspended while Guts attempts to fight his way close to her, but is then subdued by one of the demon monsters.

The scene plays out more-so for insinuation than inference. They only show Casca imagining Femto as his old Griffith form, and then they embrace in a kiss while Guts goes crazy. In reality, Femto was actually raping Casca while she was restrained by the demon tentacles; Guts had his arm chomped on by the demon meanwhile.

The game also censors lot of the gore during the Eclipse sequence, including censoring most of the gruesome ways in which the Band of the Hawk die. In particular, though, the rape sequence being censored was accompanied by censorship of one of the most gruesome scenes in the entire Berserk series: Guts cutting and ripping off his own arm.

In the game, they use freeze framing and slow-mo to obscure Guts’ own self mutilation. You can see how the actual scene plays out in the video below, courtesy of Cenyce the Black Swordsman, although I should warn you that it’s not safe for work and not for the squeamish.

The real difference between the original scene and Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is that you can see all the bone, sinew, muscle tissue and arteries being ripped apart as Guts severs his arm from the monster’s jaws. In the game, they cut all of that out, only hinting at what Guts is doing with the broken sword in order to get to Casca.

Guts still fails to rescue Casca and is promptly subdued by even more demons. In the original film the demons dig their claws into Guts’ body, and while he attempts to lift his head, the talon of a demon begins to penetrate his right eye. In the film this is shown in great detail, showcasing how he loses his eye and becomes a bloody mess (even more-so than before). The entire end sequence of the Eclipse, which is also not safe for work, not suitable for minors and not for the squeamish, is available for viewing from Youtuber Francesco Gianinalli.

It’s odd because they still kept the attempted horse rape sequence in the game even though they completely altered various other scenes that happened during the Eclipse nightmare sequence. What’s more is that the horse scene still retains lots of gore and mutilation, despite the fact that they censored all of that during the Eclipse scene.

The horse scene is still NSFW but Ichi on PC shows it in full.

It was pretty obvious Koei Tecmo was going to censor some of the more disturbing elements of Berserk given that the source material really pushed the boundaries. They were likely afraid of the all-dreaded AO rating and decided to play it safe by removing the sex. However, it’s also interesting that they also decided to remove more of the gore form the game as well, despite the fact that the Western version still features dismemberment and gore in the actual game.

Baffling decisions.

But then again Koei Tecmo also got scared about releasing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West due to fear of Western feminists and SJWs.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is available right now for PC and PS4 in North America, Europe and Japan.

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  • Disqusted

    Already said this, but I played the PS3 version and thought it was ugly and boring as nuts, it annoyed me I had to do all this tedious crap that was skipped in the original stories, and the combat system wasn’t very interesting to me.

    Personally enjoyed the Titan game a lot more (feels like the same engine), just because it felt really great swinging around and cutting up Titans.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Berserk wouldn’t even be notable without this particular scene and they still censored it. KT’s cowardice is pretty damn annoying at this point.

  • fire lion

    I wish the AO rating wasn’t a kiss of death. The average age of a gamer is 35. Fuck we need adult games.

    • Cinj

      Thanks to “thinking of the children”, you have nothing to look forward to as an adult except working for the rest of your life and paying taxes/bills.

  • MusouTensei

    Yeah not buying it.

  • fnd

    They did this for double dippers, the greedy japajews. Buy the Japanese version for sex, then buy the western version for gore.

    • Both versions don’t have sex scenes.

  • AR7777

    What’s the point of a Sword of the Berserk game with no rape and gore?
    They should have saved the money or made another game

    • Disqusted

      They could have made it for Nintendo DS under the name “Stick of the Berserk” and had Guts swinging a 2×4.

  • Regardless of the reasons for the censoring, I think most people agree that censorship in video games just plain fucking sucks. Yes Japan, you too for being such utter cowards towards violence and gore.

    For the North American version and the sexual stuff they obviously did it in order to not get the AO rating, but let’s not completely exclude the SJWs/feminists from any blame here. Whilst they haven’t really been publicly whining about this (you get the white knights, SJWs and feminists on related forum topics crying about it of course), the climate and atmosphere they’ve created is most certainly very influential, and I’m sure Koei Tecmo thought about this as well, given their previous capitulation regarding Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3.

    • scemar

      yeah basically this

      once again videogames get cucked as a medium
      what’s ok in books, in tv, in movies and in comics suddenly doesn’t get to pass with videogames

      doesn’t matter if it’s government forcing it, or the companies doing it on their own for ratings, or to avoid backlash, doesn’t matter

      regions don’t matter, japan or america or anywhere else

      the buttom line is that videogames still get cucked as a medium and have to make more compromises

    • Disqusted

      I still think they should just include options and let people customize. It’s kinda BS they decide shit for us, like we’re dumb babies or something. The same people probably go off and enjoy whatever they feel like.

      • Well I’ve said this before – regarding SJWs, the best way to solve this issue would be some kind of a “Safe Mode” option in video games that removes the “offensive” stuff (such as blood, gore, tits, etc.), it would be ideal for children as well. To access the full uncensored mode, maybe parents can create a password in the game to lock the uncensored mode out (the game will run on Safe Mode by default). It also gives SJW snowflakes the reassurance that they won’t switch off the Safe Mode by mistake.

        For ratings boards though, it’s pretty much a non-movable area, because it’s actually instigated with the law. That’s why SJWs, feminists and leftist politicians have been known to constantly target this area to further censor video games, because if what they want becomes the guidelines/law, then none of us can do anything about it. It’s virtually impossible to reverse decisions like this, because by the time the guideline is passed, all the normies will have completely swallowed it all up and taken it for gospel.

        For example, take the Snooper’s Charter law in the UK. It allows the government to spy and hack into user’s devices, and forces ISPs to retain customer’s browsing history for up to a year. Despite people warning others of this, endless normies of course, say: “I have no problems with this because I got nothing to hide”. It’s pathetic.

        It’s so easy to convince and brainwash normies though. All a SJW/feminist has to do is: 1) say that video games are sexist and depict women negatively, and 2) show a few short clips of DOA5 with the girls in bikinis fighting each other. That’s it, the normie is now 100% convinced that video games are sexist and misogynistic.

        Moralfags are nothing but a fucking plague on earth.

  • SevTheBear

    I am not surprised the removed the Casca rape scene and a bit of the Ultra-violent gore. I am sure modders on the PC platform can help players in west getting the censored content.

  • Kaelath The Red

    “The most devastating moment in Berserk was when Casca was ravaged by the demon monsters during the eclipse, which preceded Femto raping her in front of Guts to complete his transformation into a demon prince.”

    This is half true, The Apostles never ravaged her they stripped her of her clothes and were about to impale her on a spike, then Femto is born and they give her to him as his first sacrificial offering as a demonic god in which he then proceeds to rape her to restore his dominance over Guts.

    • The Apostles never ravaged her they stripped her of her clothes and were about to impale her on a spike,

      In some of the flashback sequences they seemed to imply that the apostles did their business first before Femto got to her.

      • Kaelath The Red

        Across the manga, 97 anime and the movie they just caught her stripped her and were about to impale her when griffith hatched, which stopped them just inches before penetration and they stopped due to Femto having full control over them as their king. If he didn’t hatch when he did she would of been impaled Vlad The Impaler style

  • Muten

    Kinda interesting that all three main characters in the series were rape at some point. Guts when he was a kid, Griffith by choice (he wanted political power from a pedo king) and Casca at a demon orgy lol.

    • Disqusted

      Griffith is also the only main character who actively did raping himself. I think. Guts almost raped Casca a few times, but stopped.

  • EroBotan

    I’m confused here, so is it like this?
    1. western version has dismemberment skill (uncensored)
    2. western version lost casca rape scene and guts cutting his arms while the japanese version has them (censored)

    is this correct?

    • Dreiko

      I’m fairly sure both of em lost it, they can’t show that stuff on sony systems in the way it is in the manga.

      • EroBotan

        thanks for the confirmation, it’s still within my tolerance then. And unlike Street Fighter V censorship, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of caving to SJW pressure in this one.

        • You’re most likely right. But the thought of SJW whining surely must’ve have crossed Koei Tecmo’s mind.

          • the thought of SJW whining surely must’ve have crossed Koei Tecmo’s mind though.

            After DOAX3 I’m pretty sure every game that has any kind of “objectionable” content now runs through a second phase of considerations at the Koei head offices, where the execs deliberate for hours whether it will trigger some landwhale snowflake into going on a Twitter tirade with their 4,000 bots virtue signaling to the digital heavens while they munch down on Cheetos and soy drinks thanks to mommy and daddy’s trust fund money.

          • Absolutely. Could not have said it any better.

          • Dreiko

            I dunno, am I too naive in thinking they just outright never considered doing a 1 by 1 play of the manga and just moved on by taking for granted that they can’t show everything cause consoles? That course of events seems the more plausible one since consoles are restrictive. It wouldn’t even get to the meeting about offending people, which likely does happen of course, they’d have decided not go all out on that stuff long before that.

            I’m sure Koei saw how many of us imported DoAX3 from playasia as well so if anything their uncensoring the violence for us is a good sign. Imagine those poor Japanese people, they don’t even have SJWs over there and yet they play the more censored game.

          • EroBotan

            I’m pretty sure that they decide to bypass SJW this time and it’s more about rating etc since the 3D nudity + tentacle scene is still there, and that horse rape scene too.

            If their concern is SJW, I’m sure Koei Tecmo will remove those scenes as well beacause unlike rating board who is inconsistent and random, SJWs are pretty consistent when it’s about censorship (unless the dev is one of them lol).

            As for the missing wet cloth DLC, I’m neutral on this one .. maybe they’re afraid, or maybe it’s because it’s an exclusive preorder DLC for PS4 … no one knows for sure.

            Anyway, it’s still not an ideal situation but at least things seems to have improved?

    • Kaelath The Red

      All of the cutscenes in the game are the same across the western and Japanese releases, the only difference is in the dismemberment.

      • EroBotan

        ok, thanks for the confirmation 😀 !

  • Well fuck it, I wanted this game badly, I was very excited about this game, but if they are catering to SJWs then this is not the game for me, I will not buy games who follow Anita Sarkeesian instructions, this is just me, but also this is my money and I will not spend it in game developers who hate gamers like me.

    • EroBotan

      i’m still not sure after reading the article but i think the game is uncensored when compared to the japanese version. But both version are censored when compared to the movie?

    • I don’t think it’s necessarily that they’ve catered to SJWs (most don’t even know this game exists), but I think they were terrified of the rating system, so they butchered it and hacked it down to avoid an AO rating or the Cero Z rating.

      • Alistair

        I wrote in another article about this. So it been confirmed.

        And thanks as it another product I won’t buy. Because the dev simply out right lied to it consumers.

        Saying the game won’t have any furthers changes like the Japanese version.

        Yes they upped the gore, but then it not being consistent, as to censored a graphic scene but then why as it already a PEGI 18.

        The removal of rape horse is another as you said in months back it seems to be in the game.

        Now that is remove making this a heavy censored product that Devs blantely lied. Not worth getting.

        And I see all the hands of regression lefts on this title.

        • well I be damed but still a rather odd decision but rape horse is left intact but the other rape scene remove.

          Because heterosexual men are worse than animals remember?

    • Smug

      >wanted a shitty musou with only 8 playable characters
      >skull knight not playable
      >no mention of moth loli, mozgus’s angels, etc

  • Ghost

    Don’t play the game. Read the manga. Or at least don’t only play the game without reading the manga or watching the 97 anime.

  • Dreiko

    I wasn’t expecting those scenes to make it so I was prepared, they didn’t make it in the older ps2 game either (they do show his eye being gouged, just not it actually occurring, as that game treats the eclipse as a flashback), though that one had a lot more gore than this one. Maybe do a comparison between how the old game treated it and this one? 😛